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Today's number's have several portal points.  While some are focused on a holiday today, whatever we need to further reclaim Soul and remembering our Divine heritage, continues in earnest.  
There is a soft shedding today, of what guards us against knowing and sharing our fullest Selves.  Sharing doesn't need to be overt or obvious. Today is about a gentle release of where we may still hold back from Love.  When we our open as Love, when we do share in an obvious way, it has a particular quality. The smallest gesture holds the power of the Universe.
It's not always the quantity or visible do-ing, giving, that matters most… rather the quality of Love that extends into what we give.  Are we inJoy in our giving. Are we giving in a way that's alive, courageous enough to respond to the moment. And are we strong enough to receive when more is given to us than we expect.  
We have these precious few days of this more than full year, to notice our honesty, purity, in giving and receiving.  Perfection isn't necessary. Authenticity, intention to move ever closer to Higher Love, is enough.

Cosmic Numerology for December, 2018

The numbers of this month bring a distinctly different cycle than last.  We emerge now from last month's daily 11:11 Stargates, loaded to the gills with Cosmic Light.  Light code packages and brand New activations that we will use December to get familiar with, to stabilize further into, in prep for the New Creation cycle of the coming Year.
As we make our way into the early part of this month, we will be trying to focus and adjust our eyes to the New Cosmic Light, which we have effectively anchored here on the Earth (insert applause and cheers).
We can "see" it before we can see all that it means.  As we finished November we could see changes in the Light, in the sunlight, in our Light.  And while it has just permeated the denser levels of the dual realm, we can see that the Light is here. to. stay.  
December is about what we do now that we have completed the first phase of anchoring this profound Light.  What changes for us going forward in subtle and obvious ways. Every December is a '3' month. And here we enter a '3' month in our '11'(2) year of Mastering Light living in the Dual realm.
Through all of the (11:11) background 2:2 Stargates last month, the ongoing infusions of High Light made their way through the '2' halves of our Human Being, increasing our inner male/female balance.  We are each in our own place with this, which is a good thing… our unique positions allow us to comprise a living bridge from separation back to Unity.
Wherever we are at in our respective perfect places, the increased inner f/m balance that we achieved last month, stabilizes toward inner m/f Unity this month.  We may be arriving at this inner Unity state permanently, or we may have visitations with more to come.  The purified Union of our two halves, gives rise to the Divine 3rd… the Christ/Sophia child.
In our natural state as Divine Humans in form, we are each a Trinity unto ourselves.  This IS the state of Being true Creators.  Sustainable Creation in alignment with Universal Love/Light, comes from the Soul infused Divinity of the Christ/Sophia child.
While every December is a Holy month of the trinity, this is the first December in thousands of years, in which a large number of us have been purified and prepared to Become a Self contained trinity again.  It will take the full month of December, every moment and day, to orient to this potential fully. There may be Heartful release of what we've carried that became heavy and held us back. There may be Grace-filled reconciliation with parts of Self that imbue our every moment with Love.
This entire year of non-stop prep and change, topped off by last months daily stargates, has put us in the Cosmically aligned position to birth and bring forth our Creator Light within.  To be the vessels for this Light throughout the month, and allow the Sacred results of all we've accomplished to hold us in this final month of the Mastery year.

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2018

In looking at numerology for a period as long as a year, it helps to have some context for how we engage the life spectrum frequencies of Numbers.  Numbers are in everything, everywhere, all the "time".  Part of the fabric of existence. Our conscious engagement of numbers already there, aligns us with us with their fuller potential.  
Even without knowing technical numerology, if we open our HeartMind to feeling, resonating with numbers, we will experience them in both defined and fluid ways… and we can see how numbers communicate our dynamic relationship with our Universe.
Upon noticing numbers that get our attention or that we are curious about, we can pause for a breath and feel what those numbers are offering us;  in the more linear way that we've been accustomed to, and as multi-dimensional building blocks... codes of sacred geometric Light. Numbers organizing the energetics of all we experience.  The codes that give rise to form, spur it's evolution and dissolution.
2018 is an 11 year, (2 + 0 + 1 +8 = 11).  The basic geometry of '11' is the hendecagon, which gives us a sense of 11's dimensionality, and how it works with other elements.  
The shape itself is not often found in nature, and suggests a level of creation that is beyond what is known.  And still, it has form that is in many ways, basic, relatable.
'11' brings the energies of Mastery.  We have only been engaging this energetic directly for a few decades.  There are many more insights related to the shape above, which will be presenting as we move further through this '11' year.
 We can explore '11' by first regarding it as two '1's.  The single digit one, as a stand alone, relates to Unity and New. '11' gives us two pillars of experience that we are invited to Unify with, in New ways, in their own right.
In this year the two pillars of '11' are experienced as:   
  • the Human/physical, asking to be aligned with from the knowing of Source, and
  • our Infinite potential; whatever calls that is beyond known boundaries or current definition: what it 'yet to be' Created in the Earth realm  
Much of the year is themed by moving from one pillar, then to the other.  The Mastery potential in this is to allow ourselves to have Newly aligned experienced with the physical and infinite, going back and forth as needed.. Ultimately holding a bridge consciousness, so that even as we are experiencing the pillar of human/physical/karmic, the infinite is still there, and even as we expand into unlimited Light, we remember it is our task to ground it in the Earth plane.  Through this, we are granted access to: the portal between the two pillars, the place in which their energies have begun to merge.  
Here we cross the threshold into another place entirely, without losing any essence of the two pillars that brought us there.  We find Mastery in accessing that "other" place which taps our full potential, is beyond karmic story, and binds us to nothing.  This place of Mastery through the '11' portal takes all we have survived, created, learned, and turns it into a New Golden treasure.  
The individual numbers comprising this particular '11' year are meaningful as  well. Looking at the '2' and '0' in 2018 may seem mundane, as we are in for a long stretch of years beginning with these first two digits.  But it's what they express in harmony with the other individual numbers that illuminates. The energetic through the year calls us to anchor Source (0) into the dual realm (2) while Unifying (1) with infinity (8);  toward The Mastery Gateway of '11'.    
And zooming out for a glimpse at the longer view, this eleven year of Mastery precedes a year which is a numerological '3' = Creation.  This year includes prep for the next by resolving misaligned patterns of Creation.  Every miraculous detail of how we wield Love/Light in the world of form will be shifting, revising, germinating in preparation, or already shining with New.  This is a year to expand the Love we bring to how we exist.  What we choose to engage and how is more important than quantity or final results this year.  
At times this year may feel like a lot of prep, more than we knew we needed.  2018 brings compressed cycles of personal change and cultivation of our skills.  Skills that we set out to learn, but more essentially, the skill of sharing our Unique Soul gifts.  
2018 includes relentless anchoring of Source Light into the dual realm, with all the resulting revisions of separation. This can get heavy and confusing,  especially as we become more aware of our Higher potential.  This year of back and forth, between: revisions of karmic history and New world prep may try our patience, as if we have passed exams and rather than graduating to the full bloom of potential, continue taking more classes.  But undeniably, there are increasing windows of the full '11' experience of Mastery; where there is nothing to get, nothing to avoid... an open landscape in which the expanse of our Being stretches out before us.  Inviting us to explore, remember, and Create; something completely Love based and entirely New.  

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