January will have you pulled back, working behind the scenes or just having some alone time to rest. You will do well in research or investigations, film, music, art, spiritual interests, psychic interests, magic, yoga, meditation, hidden romance, hospitals, dealing with addictions, or development. Mark the 6th as a day when you may hear news about something here or when you may have an opportune talk, meeting, sale, agreement, merchant interest, short trip, or idea that involves this and helps you to achieve a goal or set your career direction in solid ways. You could have an authority figure involved in supportive ways as well.

The 7th will be a hot potato because Mars is going to amp you all up Aquarius. This will put a fire beneath you to motivate you physically or personally and help you express passions or anger. You will be dealing in a more frictional way today with career, the boss, authority figures, goals, reputation, or ambitions and the motivating factor driving you forward is about what you are trying to achieve. Look at any limits or endings, commitments or responsibilities in the mix and do what you can to reach your aim.

Now back to your focus on the arts, spirituality, hidden romance, hospitals, addictions, research, investigations, and development behind the scenes. The 8th and 11th will be pivotal days when turning points come as new energy is shifted here. The 8th is about Venus moving into this zone. She is going to smooth things out here and help you attract what you desire more easily. She marks a new LOVE CYCLE now that will point to a more clandestine feel to your love relationships or you will just feel like hiding out with your lover and watching movies, going to concerts, museums, appreciating the lovely things in life, or enjoying some spiritual pursuit. If single this time will offer love attractions while out at those concerts or museums, films or yoga classes, in nature or at the hospital, while training addictions (probably not the place to kindle love but maybe later), or while doing magical things, fantasy oriented activities, or researching something. Since Venus has a hand in income you may see some opportunities to earn come through some of these outlets as well in the weeks ahead. The only caution is if you meet a new lover during these weeks there may be something secretive about them so keep a keen eye to what is behind the curtain.

The NEW MOON on the 11th is your best 2 week window for launching new hidden romances, starting a new film or interest in films, taking up music or booking tickets to a concert, getting involved with a museum or getting a gallery showing of your work, starting a yoga or meditation class, taking up magic or psychic interests, get yourself into a hospital, go to rehab or plan an intervention, get into a research project, start an investigation or take up detective work, go on retreat or disappear to rest and recharge your batteries. It’s a good time to look back at what you’ve accomplished this last year since next month brings your fresh start. There will be something unexpected or exciting to this new beginning this month, look for new or interesting approaches, people or offers in the mix and try it out.

The 19th will mark an energy shift as both Mercury and the Sun move into YOUR sign! This means thoughts now turn to you and your needs, your brand, image, body, physical pleasures and health, identity, and ego needs. You will be meeting and talking about this, making decisions, writing or getting into sales, taking short trips, and getting more personally and physically active in your own needs and well being. Do you want to be married, single, a student, or some other identity that you’ve been thinking about? Is your brand out there enough, do you want to freshen up your image, get a make-over, buy a new wardrobe or hire a stylist? It’s your turn, what do you want?

The FULL MOON on the 26th is bringing a peak for you with a significant relationship. This may be in your personal or business life but it will definitely be a major moment as you see a climax with a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, opponent, or other key player in your life. Celebrations, recognition, achievements, or endings loom. The really great thing about this particular peak is that it is accompanied by lucky Jupiter. This means something big is in the wind here and that however this plays out it is about protecting you and bringing more happiness, prosperity or growth now or in the near future via this climax. Dream big!

Jupiter has been in Retrograde since Oct. 4th of last year and now on the 30th he goes Direct. This means that the releasing, tweeking or slow-down that you have had in your love life, with children or in creative ventures is now over. You are ready for the biggest growth spurt of 12 years from now through June 25th here. This means you want to do what you can to get out there and put yourself in the path of new love if single, let go of bad relationships if you find yourself bond in one so that this positive energy can bring the right lover to you up ahead, or to take things to the next level with your current love if things are good. It will help you to take your creative ventures to higher levels and if you’ve wanted to have children this period should help you find solutions or opportunities. You may also just take on something big for kids that brings happiness or prosperity. The only challenge today as this energy shifts to start working for you again is that there is a Sun/Saturn square. This will point out any limits, responsibilities, losses, commitments, or endings around goals, ambitions, career, authority figures, or reputation. Look at what YOU want for YOU, again, identity, image, body, brand, or personal needs. Then, what can you get serious about to make it happen? A look into the year ahead or into the heart of your chart is available via a private reading with Zoe. If you are ready to look deeper and want answers to what is going on around you now, you can write to schedule a reading or inquire about the process of setting one up zoemoonastrology@gmail.com


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