Your co-ruler, Saturn, has been Retrograde since mid-February.  This period has been a bit of an easement for you when it comes to your goals, reputation, career, fame, achievements, and dealing with bosses, parents, and other authority figures.  You’re in a learning curve about how you handle power, shared financial matters, sex or triangles, and divorce so these easements are important so you can recoup and recharge readying for the next round of ambition and leadership here.  That comes on July 8th as Saturn turns Direct and you head off into the months ahead with fresh new slow and steady ambition.  You may note a change with one of these areas of life as the energy shifts now.

The 8th is a big day for another reason as well, it’s the NEW MOON in Cancer and opens the best 2 week window you have to launch forward in new directions or take things to the next level when it comes to paperwork, health, your job or job search, co-workers, people you hire to help you, services you provide, or pets/animal interests.  You may find that where you live or who you live with, real estate, or family colors these fresh new beginnings.

If you need added energy to make things happen it arrives on the 13th with Mars moving into Cancer.  Over the weeks ahead you may have a younger male on the scene that pushes this for you or you will just experience more passion, drive, anger, or fighting spirit as you motivate on the job, paperwork, health, and animal interests.  Just take care that you don’t get into unnecessary arguments in these arenas.

Uranus Retrogrades on the 17th, your primary ruler and a day when you will likely feel your energy shift a bit.  This is about your thinking and who you want to be when you grow up, your ideas, vision, agreements, sales interests, writing, talks and meetings, siblings and neighbors, moves, vehicles, electronics, and decision making.  You’ve been in an unpredictable, up and down phase in all of this over the  past months and this shift will give you some ease and allow you to catch up to changes that have come thus far.  You may experience one last shift now as the planet turns.  Note this since it could urge you to make a spur of the moment decision to break free of something or bring you news of equal energy.  If you’ve been waiting on an offer or news it may arrive now.

The GRAND TRINE that is so influencing growth and solid foundations in certain areas for everyone this summer perfects between the 17th and 20th so you may see things fall in place nicely now around work, paperwork, co-workers, employees, health, or pets and any legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or wedding interests here.  There are solid goals being reached or something ending or committed to long term regarding a goal, career, status, or some authority figure, and more inspiration and artistry around earned income flowering.

MERCURY goes DIRECT on the 20th and all that facing of past issues, people and situations involving your work, health, paperwork, services, or animals is wrapping up.  You should have spent the past few weeks reworking, revising, releasing, or reclaiming in these areas through meetings, talks, writing, agreements, sales, and decisions.  Now you are ready to make new choices based on what you experienced.  You are in the all clear to start making new purchases of electronics or mechanical items or to sign new offers after today.

The 22nd will be a big day because there are 4 different events occurring.  First, Mars and Jupiter embrace and fire up some big action on the work front, with the paperwork, co-worker, employee, health interest, or pet.  You may have experienced this yesterday as it built to this aspect today.  It bring passions into the mix and may color it all with Jupiter themes of legal, travel, foreign, educational, media, marketing, publishing, or wedding concerns.

Next Venus moves into Virgo where she begins to smooth things out around big financial matters, your sex life, reproductive needs, or the divorce.  She may bring a female onto the scene that helps you in one or more of these areas or she will help you attract love or income through efforts here.

Third the Sun moves into Leo where he will shine a spotlight on you over the next 30 days involving your romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, and competition.  This puts you in the lead, urges that you pour more personal or physical energy into these relationships, and helps you to stand out.  If you need to creatively tend to your needs, brand, body, or identity through them, do it now.

Finally, the 22nd is the FULL MOON in your sign!  This is a high point of your past year as something reaches critical mass and you celebrate your achievement or mark an ending.  Again it will be about you, your needs, body, image, brand, or identity.

Venus will be active on the 26th as well when she arrives as a woman or focuses your day on love or making money.  You will be interested in the big financial matters, sex or divorce needs and one-on-one with someone over inspired income opportunities or dealing with possessions or acquisitions.  There is an open door to something solid being achieved, career aims furthered, or positive dealings with an authority figure and endings or commitments.

The end of July is bound to be quite the bottle rocket of energy and may be intensely driven.  Plan on setting the days between the 27th and 31st aside for an overload of activity.  For you this will be about Mars spurring things forward through paperwork, a job, a co-worker, employee, your pets, or over a health interest or concern.  Mars is amping up the motivation, passion, anger, or fighting spirit here.  He is activating the Uranus/Pluto square so you will be dealing with someone who is either involved with Karmic balance, working behind the scenes, with a hospital, addiction, clandestine romance, artistic or spiritual pursuit, or hidden agenda.  You will be dealing with last minute changes or decisions, new directions with agreements, sales, writing, or short trips, and possibly siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, or electronics.  Careful on the road out there!  Let the energy inspire you to change but take care with some of it’s volatility.  If you have reached the point where you want to know how all this is affecting your unique energy patterns in your birth chart and what that means for your opportunities and overcoming obstacles, you can email Zoe to get rates and dates for a private reading at



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