September is taking you into the deep territory of life and giving you a key to open things up in some powerful new way, sweet! This begins as soon as the 5th with the New Moon and is all about fresh starts in your sex life, reproductive life, or through dealings with death or birth, divorce, or any major financial matters such as loans, insurance, taxes, settlements, investments, alimony, child support, commissions, royalties, bankruptcy, inheritance, or other outside resources. You have 2 solid weeks to set things in motion and move ahead with what is going on here or with what you would like to see happen, make it count.

Energy begins to pour into your adventure zone on the 9th as well and this will help you to deal with any decisions, writing, sales, agreements, meetings, or talks about legal matters, marketing, publishing, education, travel, foreign interests, weddings, or broadcasting. You should see more offers or ideas swirling around these themes between now and the 29th. The Sun will join in on the 22nd and contribute here for a full 30 days so you have quite a long cycle ahead with these themes. Once the Sun is here you will be pouring more personal and physical energy into these topics so you could find you are making choices in the beginning and then with the Sun’s arrival you are on that plane, walking down the aisle, in the courtroom, at the campus, in front of the camera, etc. There will be one side-step to all of this and it falls on the weekend of the 14th/15th when you will have to deal with adjustments involving income, possessions or purchases and the partner, rep, client, specialist, competitor, or other key person involved. Look at any wounds or healing and then do a bit of give and take.

Venus moves into your career Midheaven on the 11th where she will bring a woman on board that has some influence on your career or personal goals, or where she will grant you the ability to attract love or income more easily through career efforts, the boss, judge, parent, or other authority figure, and help you smooth out any issues that are going on here. This gives your status or reputation some sparkle and amps up your charm factor so pour it on when out in your spotlight. Mercury will join her here on the 29th so you may get the career offers or make the sales, get the writing out, or hear news and make decisions from this date forward. It will affect your personal goals and decisions from authorities with the same timing. Note that the 21st is looking like quite the positive day for reaching some goal that seems a bit fated.

The 17th is a day of FATE. The North Node of Destiny moving clock-wise around the zodiac reaches a point in the sign of Scorpio after an 18 year journey. At the same time, Saturn moving counter-clockwise around the zodiac reaches the same point in Scorpio after a 29 year journey around the zodiac. They are running smack dab into one another and marking a moment in time when Destiny and commitment, endings, leadership, authority, structure, limits, and ambitions come together in the most powerful sign of the zodiac. So…what do you want? This is as well playing out in your career Midheaven so set your goals high, reach for career interests, launch businesses, deal with the boss, parent, judge, or other authority, embrace fame, expand your reputation, or take on a leadership role, it’s in the stars.

The FULL MOON on the 19th is bringing a peak for you involving your income, possessions or purchases. This is when things come through, wrap up, end, or there is cause for celebration and an accentuation on achievements or recognition. For you it will revolve around your earning potential, the money flow, what you own, what you buy, the objects themselves, or how you are feeling valued.

Pluto has been Retrograde since mid-April and this has been cause for you to deal with anything in your past tied to clandestine romances, addictions, film, music, art, magic, meditation, yoga, hospitals, prisons, psychiatric wards, retreats, research, investigations, dreams, or projects in development. You have been tasked with purging or evolving over these past sexual, divorce or financial connections in these areas and that is coming to an end. On the 20th Pluto goes Direct and you are now ready to face forward and begin to evolve and transform these areas in new directions. Look at how you claim your own power and how you give it away, if you are sharing and if others are sharing with you, and how any third party situations are serving your greater growth. Shall you use the power of attraction and your ability to manifest fully armed WITH the available knowledge of the cosmos to make your moves up ahead? If you are ready to avail yourself of that personal knowledge and delve into your own unique chart a private reading with Zoe will give you an amazing jump on what is there. Email for more information about rates and available dates to get started!


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