October kicks off with a NEW MOON on the 4th that opens up 2 strong weeks for you to move ahead on any travel plans or start some new direction with someone at a distance, to further the legal interests, educational pursuits, media, marketing or publishing needs, wedding plans, political agenda, or religious interests. Put plans into action and be open to new influxes of people or opportunities that are meant to expand your mind or horizons.

A major background adjustment perfects on the 5th as something serious comes into view on the career front, with a personal goal, reputation, fame, a parent, boss, judge, or other authority figure, and you shake things up or respond to sudden changes involving news, agreements, talks, meetings, writing, sales, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, moves, or decisions.

Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 7th where she will begin to bring more love, income opportunities and women through friendship, group activities, online, astrology, charities, social gatherings or events, and the pursuit of your aspirations. This is a good time to enjoy what happens in these areas and to attract what it is you need. There are 2 days that may challenge you here or at least push you to deal with something and for you that will involve income, possessions or purchases and show up on the 10th and 16th. There could be great imagination behind it but it may also be unclear or confusing.

Mars moves into Virgo on the 15th and here he will start to light a fire in your sex life, over divorce needs, third party situations, and any major financial interests. You will see a whole lot more action happening now in these areas or amplified passions or anger over what is going on here. 2 days will stand out this month and will involve someone else over one or more of these topics and they land on the 19th and 31st. Expect that something about the income, gift, possessions, or purchase will be in the mix.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE arrives on the 18th, for clues about this think back to September 20th. Now you will see the big offer, agreement, proposal, meeting, talk, writing project, speaking engagement, short trip, community activity, sale, move, or interest involving a brother, sister, neighbor, vehicle, or electronic come to a climax. This is about something coming through, achieved, celebrated, wrapping up, or ending. Something will be ‘eclipsed’ out to make way for this high point to happen and it should be quite powerful.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 21st and will travel backwards through November 10th. This period gives you a chance to revise, rework, release, or reclaim ideas, agreements, sales, proposals, writing, talks, meetings, or decisions focused on career, personal goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, a parent, boss, judge, or other authority figure, or your leadership abilities. Look at how you can reconnect with past people, situations, opportunities, or issues to work your way through this. Hold off on signing new agreements or making new electronics or mechanical purchases if you can do so without hurting opportunities but you are ok to sign or purchase when it comes to the past coming back around.

The last major aspect of the month arrives on the 28th between Chiron and Pluto, opening up the opportunity for deep change and healing of wounds. This will focus in on your income, possessions, gifts, or purchases and what is going on behind the scenes, in development, with research, investigations, strategies, imagination, film, music, art, spiritual practices, romantic getaways or secret romance, hospitals, prisons, dealing with addictions, or Karmic relationships. Look for ways to evolve the situation. For a more in-depth look at your unique patterns in play you can schedule a private reading with Zoe by emailing for rates and dates at zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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