June is due to hold a lot of opportunity for fresh conversations and ideas, meetings that will open up the rest of the year for you in some way, writing projects, speaking roles, sales, or agreements that get you out there in some fresh design, and an emphasis on home, real estate, property matters, family, or moves.

This begins on the 2nd with Venus entering the root of your chart.  Here she will spend the rest of the month helping to smooth things out at home or with family, bring income flow more easily around the house, real estate, renovations, property matters, moves, or roommates, and attract the love from these vantage points.  A woman may become important to you this month in or about the home or property matter.  You may take in a roommate or get a good real estate agent as examples.  She should be good for you so be open to who shows up now.

Note that the 6th is a trigger date for last month’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus.  If there is to be another push from the cosmos for you regarding your income potential, some acquisition, valuables in the balance, something you are building upon, or your own sense of value, then expect it to show up now.

The 7th stands out as a day when she may hold some meaning for you or you may be looking at income or love tied to home, property, moves, renovations, family, or roommates.  Neptune Retrogrades today so there is a powerful shift going on that may be felt through dreams you have, your artistic realm, your dealings with institutions, any addictive issues around you, your research or investigations, any strategies you are involved in, your spiritual interests, the time you’ve had in retreat or isolation, or what is going on with a private romance.  Neptune will remain in Retrograde until November 17th so you may go back to past interests or people in these realms and rework things, or free yourself to just work on your own needs here for a while.  You may also see a turnaround with a film, music or art project, spiritual pursuit, hospital or other institution, addiction, clandestine romance, or research project.  If so the time period holds for working in that direction until things turn back around in November.  Your intuition and the signs along the way around this date should be quite strong so tune in.

The NEW MOON in Gemini arrives on the 8th and is your cue to launch into new talks, to pursue new ideas, to take any writing projects to the next level or to begin writing, to push ahead on a sale, get into sales or take sales to the next level, to negotiate or deal with agreements, and to get out there in your local community or visit nearby towns to add some new interest to your life or take you further.  This New Moon is also about any fresh starts you would like with a brother, sister or neighbor so you may want to plan something with them or extend the olive branch if things have been discordant.  If you are in need of a vehicle or want to get into something transportation oriented, this 2 week period is great for what you do, and any electronic needs can be furthered now as well.  The 2 weeks ahead are your best window of the year to seed things in the right direction with all of this so speak up, share ideas, make choices.  Once caveat: today there is a somewhat frustrating adjustment to Saturn so you may have an issue with the bigger financial matter, the divorce, someone’s passing, a birth, your sex life, a power struggle, or a third party.  Remember that you have 2 weeks to move on your stuff so don’t get heated if you can just get motivated.

Chiron Retrogrades on the 16th and will be in backtracking mode from today through November 19th.  If there is any wounding or healing issues going on around hospitals, addictions, prisons, isolation, depression, or some artistic project like a film, music, painting, dance, sculpture, any spiritual interests like meditation, yoga, magic, psychic interests, a clandestine romance, your research, investigations, a strategy, or something you have in development, you will see things shift around that wound or healing now.  With Chiron Retrograde you have a long period to lick your wounds and to work on an internal level over healing yourself or any matters pertaining to these themes.  Is there a guru in you that touches on one or more of these topics?  Can you bring that out and be ready to step into something that allows you to teach or heal others through your abilities here in the fall?  Then work on that in the months ahead.

The 19th may be a testing day for the above mentioned Chiron themes so be ready to be active if you are consciously motivating on any of these topics.  The 19th is also a big day for you as the Sun and Jupiter come together pushing you to stand out in some vocal or personal way.  You may be speaking to a large number of people, writing something, sharing a big idea, making a large sale, or you may be involved in some community matter, a sibling or neighbors interests, or something regarding vehicles or electronics.  There is growth in this and it may tweek your legal, travel, media, educational, political, religious, or wedding needs in positive ways as part of the combination.  Feel like writing your political salvo?  Signing some legal agreement?  Voicing something in the media or through publishing?  Selling/buying a car or electronic?  Today may push this and more.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st marking the summer solstice and putting a spotlight on home, real estate, moves, renovations, family, roommates, security needs, nurture, parents, or property needs in the 4 weeks ahead.  This is about spotlighting you in these areas.  It urges you to pour your physical energy and personal goals here, to be present, take the lead and shine.  So knowing this you may want to plan for this period to be about what you do in your house, any interests you have regarding the real estate market or property matters, if you are planning a move this is the beginning phase, or if you want that fresh start with family or roommates, renovations or security needs, go after them now.

The 22nd is the second Eclipse Trigger date, this one for last month’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius so you may have another chapter of that story peaking today, look to legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, publicity, wedding, or political interests culminating in some way.

The FULL MOON in Capricorn arrives on the next day, the 23rd, and brings a peak wrap up on the career front or with some serious goal.  It may be about a boss, parent, judge or other authority figure and something big happening with/through them, or it could be about an ambition culminating in achievements or you are ending this story are ready to move on.  Whatever it is for you it does again put you out there in the spotlight as you feel things peak.

One of the biggest pieces of news this month is Jupiter’s move out of Gemini and into Cancer and it arrives on the 25th.  This is also a major move into your home, real estate, family, roommate, moves, renovations, property needs, security interests, and grounding but this is from the lucky, protective, growth-oriented lord of happiness and prosperity and he is going to be staying for a year!  This bodes for all kinds of lucky things moving into these areas of life for you so if you have wanted to put on that addition or move across country, rent out a space or fill your empty nest, get into real estate or settle a deal on property, learn interior design, all about mortgages or flipping houses, mend any fences on the property or with family, or start some family or in home business, this is your year!  Get moving while the Sun shines on this arena.

Interestingly, Mercury Retrogrades on the 26th and will remain in backwards motion through July 20th in the same zone of home, property, family, moves, roommates, and renovations.  This means that you can go back and claim something from the past or put it to rest so it does not hinder you as you advance in this expansive area up ahead.  You may need to rethink something about a property or family matter or reconnect with someone from the past that holds influence here.  It is about reworking what you can, releasing what you must and reclaiming something so you are ready for this next phase.  If any changes occur in these areas during this period they are your protection to get something right that would have hurt you up ahead so take your time, go over details, revisit past people, issues or opportunities, and know that it will turn again in July when the Retrograde ends.  If you must sign documents during this period double check everything because something will change, if it is at all possible to wait it out without losing out then do so.  It is ok if you are signing something that was signed in the past however.

The last move of the month comes on the 27th when Venus enters Leo and brings some joy back to your love life, time with children, creative projects and interests, and recreational outlets.  She will move here through July 22nd helping you to relax, smooth things out, attract more love or money in these areas, and possibly connect with women who are beneficial to your aims here.   For those of you that would enjoy a more fine-tuned look into your own unique birth chart, you can email Zoe for rates and dates here zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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