Choose love, creative projects, recreation, or children during the first 3 weeks of August, chances are you can have a lot of what you want with a little effort here. The New Moon on the 6th is your official fresh start giving you 2 weeks to meet new people or start new projects that can have real impact or you may decide to take something current to the next level, all good. Look for love to blossom, creative offers to come through or ideas to get you there on the 8th when Mercury moves into this zone. You may write that masterpiece or propose, meet someone while out and about locally or on a short trip that brings more love into your life or opens up the creative doors to you. Children are benefited by talks and agreements from this day forward as well. If you are trying to make a sale on a creative project put it into play now. Note that at month’s end, on the 27th, your ruler, Mars, will enter into these matters and things will heat up decidedly. This may mean something quite passionate is about to stir for you with your love life or you may see momentum pick up on the creative path or with the kids. It may get you more physically into recreational pursuits but it can also bring up anger issues if there are any in these areas so tread lightly.

August will give you more energy for work or the job hunt. You will feel this mostly in the last week of August as the Sun and Mercury pour into this arena on the 22nd and 23rd. You may get the job assignment you’ve been after, a raise or land that job after interviewing. You could write something up at work that sets you apart or start making sales after a dry spell. You will likely stand out above others so put your best foot forward. You may also choose to hire some help or become more involved with a co-worker over the weeks ahead. Paperwork is under this rulership so it could be that August will be important for you when it comes to getting something signed or written up, negotiated or off of your desk. These dates will also mark a period you are now entering with more energy around your own health and what you do with animals. Therefore it can be a good time to begin working out again or add more to your daily activities. You may want to hire a nutritionist, see a doctor, hire a trainer, join a gym, or start eating raw or going green. All of this would work well for you now if you begin with the intentions of kicking it up even more in September. If you want to adopt a pet or get involved with an animal organization or charity, by all means look into it now. There will be 3 days when you will be dealing with someone else over work, job, paperwork, health, or pet needs. Note that this arrives on the 1st, 25th and 29th and make every effort to put in the time, make the effort, tend to the details, and be of service if necessary, it’s all important now.

Relationships get a new boost of energy with Venus moving into this zone on the 16th. This may bring a woman onto the scene that acts in partnership or as a representative, specialist, client, or advocate for you. Venus in relationship will help smooth out rough corners with romantic or business partners, or any of these other people. She will also help you connect with them over love or income needs. Although she is a good influence for you now in helping with your allure or helping you get what you want more easily, there will be a challenge on the 23rd/24th when she tangles with Pluto. This will either stir some of your deepest passions or obsessional energy over someone else or it will push you with that partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, or other relationship regarding a financial interest such as a loan, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance policy, tax situation, commission, alimony, settlement, or the like, or a sexual situation, divorce, or third party matter. Keep to the high road and do your best when third parties are involved.

There will be 2 days this month that are key when it comes to your property needs or something going on with a parent, roommate, the family, renovations, a move, or your security. The first arrives on the 7th when you will be dealing one-on-one with someone over the goals you have involving finances, divorce or intimacy. Expect to be in there with the powers that be and to do what you can to bring about something big. The other day that is important will be on the 21st when again the big things going on with home, real estate, family, a parent, move, the family, or roommate will influence your direction. Today it will align with behind the scenes activities, healing, spiritual awareness, artistic integrity, romance, hospitals or other institutions, research, and shake you up enough that you do something different or awaken, break free or radically shift your image, identity or needs.

The FULL MOON on the 20th is a big one for you when it comes to your dreams or aspirations. This moment in time marks a year long trek and you can take the time to see how far you have come in pursuit of those dreams now and choose to either celebrate your high points or mark an ending to some or all of them as you can now see you are ready for a new dream. This period is also a peak for celebrations, parties, events, or social gatherings so you may be invited to some group activity or social event now as things culminate. Your friendships are ruled by this sign so you may be noting an achievement of a friend or how far you and your friend have come or you may be saying good-bye to a friend for one reason or another. The internet, astrology and charities are under this benchmark as well so there may be something hitting its stride in these areas as you achieve or wrap things up. Take some time to think about what you do that is original, how you are different, if there is anything inventive you would like to get into, and how you feel about your freedom, it’s part and parcel to this peak moment for you and you may be ready to turn a corner here as well.

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