Make November your month to break out of your rut, to make the changes that you truly desire. Ask the question, who am I or who do I want to be? It is about revolutionizing your life and it starts with you. Focus on your image, body, name, identity, and personal goals. Be willing to try something different or free yourself from stifling situations. It begins on the 1st with an energy wave that carries through the 24th. It is by far the biggest boost for personal evolution you will get this lifetime. Period. So be proactive.

A huge focus of this change has to do with life goals, career, reputation, and those people around you who hold power or authority like the boss, parent or judge. Is there something you need to do regarding this course, person or situation? Is there something involving a financial matter, divorce or your sex/reproductive life that is evolving in some powerful way?

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 3rd will give you the grand boost from the cosmos to take things to the next level or find brand new avenues to travel when it comes to these financial, sexual, reproductive, or divorce needs. This is 3 times the energy usually given for new beginnings so use it to eclipse out something not working and head into new territory regarding loans, debt, investments, bankruptcy, insurance, inheritance, taxes, alimony, child support, commissions, a partner’s money, or any other outside resource. Use it to kick start divorce proceedings or fire up your sex life, get reproductive matters in hand, face any mortality issues, or welcome a birth.

Venus moving into your Midheaven on the 5th is just what you need to smooth things out with authorities, career or major goals. Over the weeks ahead you are in a good position to catch the eye of your superiors on the career front, to make money more easily or spend on career needs, to fall in love with the boss or someone established or set some major goal with your current lover, and women should be beneficial in helping you reach your aims.

Jupiter, the planet of growth and good fortune, turns Retrograde on the 7th and will remain in backwards motion until the first week of March. This means all that growth involving home, family, real estate, parents, roommates, moves, or renovations will slow down and give you time to catch up with that expansion. You should be able to figure out how to deal with what has occurred legally, through travel or with foreign interests, educationally, in media, or with wedding plans that affect these situations. You may be drawn back to a past abode during this phase or back to your family and if so it is a good time to revisit opportunities for happiness or prosperity there.

Mercury Retrograde ends on the 10th and you are finally ready to release what is past and move forward where those financial, sexual, reproductive, mortality, birth, or divorce matters are concerned. It is ok to sign agreements or make purchases now related to these matters after today. If you prefer to wait out the shadow for complete safety in the matter, it ends on the 26th.

Neptune wakes from his slumber mode on the 13th and slowly begins to move forward again. This is a wonderful awakening for you as things begin to move again artistically, spiritually, with time away from romance, in research, with hospitals or other institutions, in dealing with bad habits or addictions, with rest and retreat, and with projects in development. Your imagination is back on track, plug in.

The FULL MOON on the 17th is bringing a climax to your income, possessions, purchases, or with a gift. This is when something comes through or when you wrap things up and mark an ending. The week leading up to this you will feel the momentum building as you achieve goals here or finalize what is going on.

Chiron goes Direct on the 19th and asks that you again move into territory that opens up your vulnerability or is about facing wounds to gain healing. Your mystical guru within is ready to come back out and play, there are people you can touch again because the inner work you’ve been doing has paid off. So step it up in the magical healing arena, you have mojo.

The month’s major shifts wrap up on the 21st as the Sun moves into Sagittarius and shines his light on you for the next 30 days in travel opportunities, with legal matters, any learning or teaching you wish to do, your media, marketing, publishing, or broadcasting projects, wedding plans, or sense of adventure. You may step into more political situations or become more interested in your religious pursuits as well during this phase. It is a great time for you to step up, take the lead and except the spotlight in these areas so plan accordingly!



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