December is your month to kick-start any travel plans, engage in legal negotiations or pursue legal interests, attend weddings or plan your own, take a class or teach what you know, amp up your marketing knowledge, get involved in media or publishing, reconnect with your religious purpose, or take a political interest in things. The New Moon on the 2nd sends you off in these directions and gives you 2 strong weeks to launch. Mercury moves into this territory as of the 4th to add more talks, meetings, agreements, writing, short trips, sales, sibling or neighbor interactions, attention to vehicles or electronics, and offers to the mix, open up!

Relationships are about to get much more important in your life and this is a trend that is going to occupy your energy for the next 8 months! It starts on the 7th with Mars moving into Libra and wraps up in the last week of July next year. That means it is going to be about what you do with romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, clients, specialists, the competition, and all other key players that will count. Mars is your ruling energy so you are going to be all over this. Expect more action, passion, anger, and motivation through and with them and it starts now. Two days to watch will be the 25th and 27th this month. The 25th will bring a sudden change or surprise between you and another. This could be a chance meeting or an unforeseen event. The 27th is about adjustments and involves film, music, art, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic interests, hospitals, healing, a wound, addictions, hidden agendas, retreat, a clandestine romance, or romantic getaway. Give and take.

The 17th is a powerful day with a FULL MOON in Gemini and some big news, agreement, meeting, talk, idea, writing project, speaking role, audition, interview, offer, proposal, sale, or decision climaxing for you. This may also bring some high point with a brother, sister, neighbor, vehicle, electronic, short trip, neighborhood activity, or move. It’s a time when things come through, end, or are celebrated. Today is also the day when Uranus goes Direct after many months in slumber mode. This means you are ready to make a clean break from something or to reinvent yourself again, to move into a new identity, image, physical workout, healthy lifestyle, or find new interesting ways to promote your goals, brand or name. The excitement is back, you awaken.

The Sun marks the Winter Solstice on the 21st by moving into Capricorn and getting the ball rolling on some pretty hefty ambitions. Over the weeks ahead you will be more personally and physically involved in career needs, personal goals, dealings with the boss, parent, judge, or other authority figure, your reputation, fame, achievements, and responsibilities. It’s time to take the spotlight here. Venus Retrogrades in the same territory on the same day so something from the past is coming back around, something from the present is retreating or slowing down, or you are being given a do-over when it comes to the love or money here. Between now and February 1st next year you get the chance to figure it all out.

Mercury joins the Sun and Venus here on the 24th and in doing so will bring more talks and meetings about these themes, will get you more involved locally or in short trips, may bring up some offers, sales, agreements, or proposals, or bring the siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, or electronics into the situation. Note that between the 29th-31st this is going to heat up bit time. Expect some surprises, excitement, last minute changes, or turnabouts and for this to be part of a big transformation taking place around these themes and involving at least one of those key relationships.



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