Fresh starts from day one of March are opening for you at hospitals, with healing, dealing with addictions, getting into your spiritual practices like yoga, meditation or reconnecting with the magic in life, romantic getaways, your artistic talents or projects, research, and development on projects of interest. You have 2 weeks to move ahead on these themes, get into something new or take it to the next level.

March 1st has your ruler, Mars, Retrograding and moving backwards through Libra from now until May 19th. It’s time to slow down your passions or anger and look at what you did or still need to do when it comes to your personal needs, body, image, identity, title, name, or brand. You have 80 days to go round this world, how do your actions benefit you? Do you need to motivate? Is there something to release or reclaim? If you are drawn to some past version of yourself or feel like revisiting the past then it’s ok, take this time to do so, there may be something left undone.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 2nd and will be backtracking from now through July 20th. This is a very important period to really fine-tune things and make commitments or end what’s going on and it revolves around finances: loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, commissions, alimony, child support, investments, or partner’s money, and around personally shared energies like sex, reproductive needs, divorce, mortality issues, third party situations, or birth. Once Saturn moves out of Scorpio in December you will only get one last window to care for these matters between June and July 2015, then it will be another 29 years, so take this period seriously, get real about what you have to restructure, limit or get more ambitious about.

Venus moves into Aquarius on the 5th and tour here through April 5th. That means love and income needs as well as the women around you will now be working through inventive, outrageous, freedom-loving, shocking, exciting, surprising, changing impulses. It’s a time to try something new or do it differently with the old, to break free, become more social or find these needs within social situations, and to follow your own drummer when it comes to what you want here.

Jupiter goes Direct on the 6th and you are now officially ready to move ahead into more happiness, growth or prosperity when it comes to your home, real estate, roommates, family, a parent, move, or renovation. Look at ways to tend to any legal matters here or to chose a foreign land, travel, market things, educate yourself, teach, broadcast, publish, open up your beliefs, wed, or get political about these topics. You have until July 16th to make it count, then this kind of luck will not return to these themes for another 12 years. Even baby steps in the direction you want over these themes taken now will yield fruit in the years to come.

The FULL MOON on the 16th brings a peak around your job, work ethic, co-workers, people you hire, paperwork, the details, organizational needs, a clean-up, health matters, pets, or environmental concerns. This is when things come through, are achieved, celebrated, or you wrap up or end what’s going on here.

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 17th and thoughts turn to hospitals, healing, addictions, bad habits, retreat, rest, romantic getaways, spiritual practices, artistic ventures, dreams, research, or development. Over the weeks ahead your mind will ponder these themes, you will come to some agreements or decisions, hear of some offers or proposals, write, sell, or make short journeys to bring things to fruition.

The Sun moves into your sign on the 20th and illuminates what you need, your body, image, identity, name, title, or brand for the next 30 days. This means you will have more shine, feel like taking the lead on these matters and getting more personally or physically involved in what it takes to further things. The NEW MOON on the 30th is a whopper and also in your sign. It gives you 2 weeks from this day to really move things to the next level or do something completely different with a universal push like you haven’t seen in a while. Expect all kinds of dynamics with specialists, partners, reps, opponents, clients, and the like, more big things occurring in the home or over real estate, family, moves, renovations, roommates, or security needs, and for some powerful transformations with the goal, reputation, status, career, boss, parent, judge, or other authority figure. Be proactive and be ready for amped up energy.

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