February is bound to get your focused on more inspiration and original ideas and this will be playing out in two different areas of life. One will be focusing you on the higher mind where travel plans, foreign interests, education, media, marketing, publishing, publicity, weddings, and legal matters hold court. The other will be focusing you on the deeper more shared arenas of life like your sex life, divorce issues, reproductive needs, or shared financial interests such as loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, investments, alimony, child support, commissions, or partner’s money.

The 1st will see Mars moving into Pisces where you will get more action, drive and determination to do things in the legal, media, marketing, publishing, educational, wedding, or travel arenas. He will be sparking lots of passion, anger or motivation over these topics the rest of the month. Venus moves into Aquarius today and here she is going to get more experimental, make changes, express originality, and look for independence in those financial arenas, through the divorce or with the sexual interests or reproductive needs. This will bring love into these arenas and also help you attract income while focusing here.

Note that the 4th is the day when Mars meets with Neptune so you will either feel greatly inspired, romantic, artistic, or spiritual around those trips, legal agreements or offers, educational opportunities, media, marketing, publishing, or wedding plans, OR you could find that actions in these areas are deceptive, confusing or hold boundary issues around them, take care.

Mercury enters Pisces on the 5th amping up talks, meetings, agreements, sales, ideas, and decisions over travel plans, foreign interests, legal matters, education, media, marketing, publishing, or wedding plans. This will be the trend for the rest of the month and may bring news or offers today over these topics. Mercury will meet with Neptune on the 6th and bring information to light over what happened on the 4th. Again this may be inspired or shady, take note.

The NEW MOON in Aquarius on the 10th will be your best 2 week window of the year to get a fresh start in your sex life, find solutions to sexual issues, take your sex life to the next level, find reproductive answers or make decisions about it, set a divorce in motion or find ways to stave off a divorce, go after loans, settlements, commissions, or deal with inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, investments, or partner’s money in new ways. The CHINEESE NEW YEAR of the BLACK SNAKE begins today so your year ahead should focus on the details, work, organization, healthy approach, and animal needs tied into writing, agreements, decisions, short trips, local activities, sales, vehicles, electronics, siblings, or neighbors.

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th putting a spotlight on you in travels, legal matters, media, marketing, publishing, educational interests, or weddings over the next 30 days. This period will see you pouring more personal and physical energy into these topics and your identity or body, image or needs will be here. Take the lead. Saturn Retrogrades today through the first week of July. This is going to ease up on the limits, responsibilities or ambitions around your love life, kids or creative projects during this phase. It gives you a chance to go back and attend to any past ambitions or goals here and any structures you need to work on or leadership you can take here.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 23rd through March 17th. This is going to bring any miscommunications, technical breakdowns or transportation glitches up around the travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational interests, legal matters, or weddings. It will also give you your do-over to rethink, rewrite, revisit, release, or reconnect over these topics.

The FULL MOON in Virgo arrives on the 25th and will mark a peak time for agreements, writing, sales, meetings, talks, ideas, decisions, siblings, neighbors, local activities, short trips, vehicles, or electronics. You will be noting achievements, garnering some recognition, ending something, or celebrating over these topics. Venus moves into Pisces today smoothing things out in the legal, travel, educational, wedding, media, marketing, and publishing arenas. A woman may arrive on the scene that is beneficial to you in these areas, your love life will play out more over these topics and your earnings will hinge on what you do here. For further information of a more personal nature into your chart a private reading with Zoe may be just the thing for you! To schedule or inquire more about it email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com or call 818-613-6067.



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