Aspirations and social interests should be your calling card as May begins. This is due to Mercury’s move here from the 1st opening up more invitations, talks, writing, agreements, sales, decisions, and information exchange with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, and any social events. This will be followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse in this area on the 9th that will eclipse something from the old out here and open up a very powerful 2 week window to launch in new directions. It’s time to come out of your shell, dream big.

Note that on the 1st the Mars/Saturn opposition may bring some action in one of these areas that meets with a ‘no’, limit, added responsibility, or puts you into a situation with someone over creative projects, your love life or kids and amps up the ambitions, long term commitments, or endings.

Venus moves into Gemini on the 9th and takes your focus on love and income behind the scenes. There may be more energy spent on hospitals or other institutions, on artistic interests or spiritual pursuits, behind closed doors in some romantic way, in research or investigations, dealing with addictions or bad habits, or resting, letting the imagination flourish and developing projects. It will be these areas where you are earning money or expressing love the most now.

The 9th is also the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE so from today you have 2 of the most powerful weeks of the year to set new aspirations into motion, to make new friends or start something new with a friend, to join or form groups, get your group interest out there on some new level, to start internet projects or take your current one to the next level, to get into astrology or further your interests here, to get involved with a charity or start one, to take charitable interests to the next level, to plan or attend parties or social events that may open some new opportunity for you, and in all of this to be willing to eclipse out anything or one that you have outgrown to make way for this new direction.

Mercury follows Venus into Gemini on the 15th where he will spend the next 2 weeks helping to get the talks, meetings, decisions, agreements, sales, writing, or ideas flowing in the behind the scenes strategies or development, with the hospitals or other institutions, over addictions or bad habits, with clandestine romantic time, in film, music or other artistic venues, with spiritual needs, retreat, rest, and development.

Uranus squares Pluto on the 20th marking the 3rd of 7 squares between these change makers that began in 2012 and end in 2015. Expect to note another turning point in the shake-ups, deconstruction and rebirthing going on involving goals, career, parents, the boss, a judge, other authority figures, your own leadership abilities, ambitions, reputation, and status, and the powerful third party situations that are playing out involving partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, competitors, opponents, clients, and other key players. Look at where you feel your freedoms or originality are in question and how you can evolve through other people to reach goals.

Mercury squares Chiron on the 21st which may bring wounding news or ideas, decisions or talks, agreements or writing, sales or short trips that focus on the hospital, addiction, artistic project, spiritual interest, clandestine romance, hidden agenda, research, investigation, or Karmic connection and point out any legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or wedding needs. With Chiron it is important to note that where the soul wound is tapped in this today is also your greatest potential for healing and for reaching others through your own experience for teaching or healing on their behalf so try to access this part of yourself now, it may be the most important part of this active aspect.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 25th brings an ending or powerful achievement to a health matter, work situation, paperwork you have been dealing with, something going on with a co-worker or someone you hire to help you out, a pet or other animals you are caring for, a service your provide, or with an organizational matter. Again, this is about things culminating one way or the other and something begin eclipsed out as it peaks. You may be eclipsing out some illness as you finally see it end or you may be eclipsing out some old physical way of being as you achieve your goal of fitness, ditto the job may end as you finish your work there or you garner some recognition for work completed.

The 31st Mercury moves into Cancer and thoughts will turn to your own needs, your identity, body, image, brand, or goals. This will take you into June with the choices you are now ready to talk about or make, agreements you can sign, sales you get into, local activities and short trips that take up your time, and the talks and meetings that you are interested in promoting. Mars moves into Gemini today and you will begin to take action behind the scenes, to amp up passions with private trysts with your lover, to motivate on the film, music, art, spiritual pursuits, magic, psychic interests, research, investigations, and development behind the scenes, and to do what you can about any bad habits. If you feel ready to look more deeply into your personal chart with Zoe for some added clarity or insight about what is ahead you can email for dates and rates here


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