There is so much coming your way by month’s end Cancer and the first part of June is all about giving you some time behind the scenes to get things together to go for it!  This starts on the 2nd with Venus moving into your sign.  It’s always a wonderful period when Venus smiles on you and here she does.  You can find more love or earn money through efforts you make on yourself so look to getting fit and in shape, healthy and in tune with yourself.  Make-overs and new styles may call your name or you may be considering changing your name in the name of love!  It can bring good opportunities for your brand to monetize or help you with personal desires so leap into the flow, it’s good times ahead.

The final Trigger date from last month’s Solar Eclipse arrives on the 6th so you may have another chapter to that story show up today involving fresh starts and eclipsing out with aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or social media.  Look at what evolves as part of the cosmic clock.

The 7th sees Venus getting amped up in her new placement and pushing you to move on any legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, wedding, love, children, or creative interests that benefit you.  Keep communications open with partners, reps, clients, or other key people, it looks powerful.  Neptune Retrogrades today and will backtrack between now and November 17th.  This period will be about revisiting past inspiration or confusion with media interests, legal matters or offers, publishing deals, marketing, higher education, a learning curve, travel plans, weddings, or foreign interests.  You may have something artistic to develop, a spiritual path to take here, some Karmic romance in the balance, hospitals or other institutions to consider, addictions to release, research to do, or development behind the scenes.  Use this time to work on an inner level so you are ready in the Fall when things move forward.  You may see something come up today fitting this description that gives you a clue as to what it is you need to go back and rework or release.

The NEW MOON on the 8th is your best 2 week window of the year to launch forward or take things to a new level in the areas of film, music, art, dance, yoga, meditation, magic, psychic interests, dreams, research, investigations, hospitals, prisons, retreats, work behind closed doors, development of projects, time away with your lover or some clandestine romance, and letting your imagination shine.  Take advantage of offers coming in and be proactive in moving ahead here.  Today there will be a need to adjust around creative issues or commitments, your love life or kids.  Expect to have something pop up that you weren’t expecting when it comes to career, goals, reputation, fame, bosses, parents, or others in charge, and ready yourself to respond on the spot.

Chiron Retrogrades on the 16th and will backtrack in Neptune’s tracks between now and November 19th.  This period will help you work on any wounds you feel and healing work you can do for others over artistic, spiritual, or romantic needs, hospitals, addictions, hidden agendas, secrets, dreams, research, investigations, and development.  It’s a time to revisit the past and develop anything of merit here.  You may note that something painful comes to your attention now that points to what this will be about for you or you are called to utilize your guru energy in helping others.

The 19th will have 2 different high points to concern yourself with, the first being a big moment with the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in your 12th house.  This puts you in the spotlight, points to your body, brand, image, or identity and something going on with that hospital, addiction, time with a romantic interest behind closed doors, research, investigation, film, music or other art interest, spiritual pursuit, meditation, magic, psychic interest, or yoga.  This combo can help you step up and take the lead through media, education, legal channels, weddings, or travel.  The other transit today involves Mars pushing that Chiron wound/healing energy so you may feel something push you over the top a bit involving Chiron’s Retrograde phase today and motivate on it.

The Sun moves into your sign on the 21st marking the Summer Solstice and putting you in the spotlight over the next 30 days.  This period will elevate you and help you pour more personal energy and physical action into your image, brand, body, and personal goals.  It’s time to step out into the light after much time behind closed doors.  Take the lead in your own play and expect others to notice you now.

The final Trigger date for last month’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius arrives on the 22nd and you may have a final chapter peak around health, work, paperwork, co-workers, people you hire to help you out, services you provide, an organizational situation, or pets.

The following day, the 23rd, is this month’s FULL MOON and a climax coming for you regarding romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, advocates, opponents, or competitors.  You will see one or more of these relationships culminate in celebrations, achievements or endings now.  Much of what happens is based on commitments, ambitions and the direction you are going.

And it’s finally here, the beginning of one of the most expansive times you’ve had in over a decade begins on the 25th as Jupiter moves into your sign to take up residence for a solid year.  This is your year of growth so if that means taking on another name or identity, seeing your brand leap to new levels, getting your body into better physical condition, discovering any illnesses or weaknesses in the body so they can be healed, getting that new image together, or pursuing some big dream you have for yourself, today’s the day to commence.  With the Sun just recently in this arena you can be sure this first period of the year long transit will favor your efforts.

Interestingly, Mercury Retrogrades in this same zone on the 26th and will backtrack through your sign until July 20th so the universe believes there is some gold in going back and rethinking or reclaiming something, releasing or reworking it.  Put some thought to past people, situations, issues, or offers and any writing, sales, agreements, talks, or decisions you can have to get this all straight so you are unencumbered and ready for the big launch in new directions after the Retrograde ends.  It’s best to hold off on new electronic or vehicle purchases or the signing of new documents during this period if you can do so without harming your interests.  You are ok to sign or purchase past agreements or mechanical things if you feel compelled to do so now.

The last energy shift this month arrives on the 27th with Venus moving into Leo and adding charm and attractive abilities for you to earn money, make acquisitions, deal with possessions, and feel valued.  She will tour here through July 22nd so look for easier times with money flow or women that may be able to help you.  Love may percolate around objects of affection as well.  For those of you that would enjoy a more fine-tuned look into your own unique birth chart, you can email Zoe for rates and dates here



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