There is a new dawn in December that starts on the 2nd and gives you 2 powerful weeks to launch in new directions or take things to the next level with your health, work, animals, organization, people you hire, or people at work. Use this period to tend to the details and motivate on opportunities. Mercury joins this push forward on the 4th and will stay here through the 24th so now you will have the offers, agreements, meetings, talks, writing, sales, and decisions focused on these matters coming through. Put your mind to the task, ask for help, state your case, interview, audition, talk it out, it’s that time of year and it counts.

Mars usually speeds through a sign in weeks but on the 7th he will enter Libra and tour through this sign for 8 plus months! You will be hosting the action planet here motivating you to do something regarding home, family, a parent, move, renovation, real estate deal, roommate, or your security needs. You may expect more passion, drive, and energy over these matters but it will also from time to time bring up any anger you may need to deal with so that you can move forward on these themes. Note that this will be amped up on the 25th and 27th. The 25th will bring something unexpected or surprising around goals, career, a parent, boss, or other authority figure into the mix and ask that you balance something with another person. The 27th will bring up any wounds or healing involving legal, travel, educational, wedding, or media needs in the mix.

The FULL MOON on the 17th is a big one focusing on things coming to a head at a hospital, with an addiction, a film, music or art project or interest, your spiritual path, meditation or yoga class, romantic getaway or clandestine affair, secret, research, investigation, or isolating period. This is when things end, wrap up, come through, or are celebrated in these areas. Uranus shifts directions today as well so his Direct motion will mean that things can finally move forward again with career, the boss, a parent, judge, your personal goals, or achievements in some unique way. Expect changes in these matters to point the way.

The Sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st marking the Winter Solstice and opening up a 30 day cycle that will see you pouring more personal and physical energy into relationships. That means you should take the lead with romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, or other key people. Venus Retrogrades in these same areas today and will be taking you back over the past with key relationships to review the love or money matters and get it right. You may have someone from the past coming back around or someone you are currently involved with could exit the scene, at least temporarily. It’s important to review what you can and work out the details.

Mercury joins in this gathering over relationships on the 24th and will bring offers, proposals, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, and decisions over the weeks ahead. Note that this will amp up big time between the 29th and 31st when you will be dealing with career, the boss, parent, judge, or personal goals, changes, wounds, healing, and any legal, travel, wedding, media, or educational needs in the mix, and what needs to happen at home, with the real estate, family, parent, move, renovation, roommate, or security need.



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