May offers you some strong focus on creative projects, your love life, the kids, and any recreational activities you are interested in, and this begins right from the 1st with Mercury heading into this territory. Now through the 15th you will have more news, offers, writing, agreements, pitches, proposals, sales, short trips, talks, meetings, local activities, and decisions involving love, kids and creative outlets. This will get even more of a boost on the 9th with the New Moon Solar Eclipse and a powerful 2 week window that starts then around fresh starts and new directions in these areas.

Note that on the 1st Mars will oppose Saturn so you will be feeling geared up to do something but be face to face with someone over a ‘no’, limit, responsibility, ending, commitment, or ambition involving your aspirations, a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity. Do what you can to get real and take the lead on this so you can gear things up in the fun zone.

Venus moves into Gemini on the 9th where she will help smooth things out a bit at work or in pursuit of work, with paperwork, co-workers, employees, health interests, and pets in the weeks ahead. Your love and income needs will be bouncing around these topics and your ability to attract what you need here will be higher. A woman may be helpful on the job, with paperwork, health, or animals now.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE is also on the 9th so this marks the beginning of your powerful 2 week window to fall in love, take love to the next level, start some new interest with your lover, have a child, do something new with a child, get a fresh start over any issues with kids, launch your creative project out there, start some new creative interests, or get going on that recreational interest. Expect to eclipse something out to make way for the new.

Mercury moves into Gemini on the 15th through the 31st. This energy here will bring more sales, writing, agreements, meetings, offers, and decisions at work, get you into more interviews or auditions, help you pitch work ideas, open up more talks or decisions about your health, get you out there locally with your pets or on a short trip with your animal, and help you make the choices before you or talk things out.

The 3rd of 7 Uranus/Pluto squares arrives on the 20th and will be another chapter in the ongoing upheaval and rebirthing that started in 2012 and finishes in 2015. This is about you shaking things up, doing it differently, awakening, infusing your originality, and freeing yourself up when it comes to home, family, moves, real estate, renovations, roommates, or security needs. It is also about a powerful transformation that is occurring within you and may be manifesting in your body, image, brand, identity, name, or personal goals as they evolve along these lines. Wherever you are in the process know that today is a marker on the journey and change is what it’s all about.

Mercury squares Chiron on the 21st which will bring wounding news, talks or decisions, or push you to step up your inner guru to teach/heal others through experience of past wounds and these are coming through talks, writing, agreements, sales, ideas, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, short trips, local activities, or decisions. Expect them to impact work, paperwork, health, or pets. Choose words that show your wisdom.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 25th brings a very big ending or achievement around a hospital, addiction, film, music or art interest, spiritual matter, romantic interlude, research project, investigation, or developmental process. You will see the climax here and note that there may be a legal, travel, foreign, educational, media, marketing, or wedding slant to what culminates.
Mercury moves into Cancer on the 31st turning thoughts to relationships. This will take you into June and bring the talks, writing, meetings, agreements, sales, short trips, local activities, and decisions to the romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, or other key people. It’s time to communicate. If you feel ready to look more deeply into your personal chart with Zoe for some added clarity or insight about what is ahead you can email for dates and rates here


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