Well here you go Capricorn, a month that should have you smiling!  It begins on the 2nd with Venus moving into your significant relationship zone where she will tour until the 27th.  This is just the beginning gambit regarding how things are going to begin to go for you with romantic and business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, and other key people you are connecting with or that share aims with you.  Venus will help you smooth things out, attract love or income more easily and may bring a woman onto the scene that in some way benefits, so start connecting with others, they are where it’s at.

The final Trigger date for last month’s Eclipse arrives on the 6th and may bring another chapter to that story.  If so it will be about a lover, child, creative project, or recreational interest and feeling valued or money flow going on here. 

Venus will be getting busy for you on the 7th so mark this day for those partners, reps, clients, or other key relationships.  You should be able to have some talks that illuminate the situation or inspire, sign documents, make sales, come up with some stellar ideas, and cement something of an aspiration or involving social people or situations.  Neptune Retrogrades today and will remain in backtracking mode through November 17th.  You may note some shift in perception or feeling today as something comes up to point out what you will be reviewing and reworking during this phase.  The focus will be on talks, meetings, writing, agreements, sales, decisions, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, short trips, local activities, the way you think, and electronic needs.  With Neptune here you should look at all Karmic balance with people, hidden issues, addictions, research, the need to retreat, isolation, hospitals, film, music, art, spiritual needs, and romantic attractions that are private.  Work on what you can to understand how these things are working/not working for you and when the fall comes you will be ready to move ahead.

The NEW MOON on the 8th is about fresh new directions and taking current situations to the next level on the work front, with co-workers, people you hire, any paperwork you are dealing with, organizational needs, health interests or concerns, and what you do with animals.  You have the 2 best weeks of the year to launch forward so join the gym, see the nutritionist, trainer or doctor, start the diet, interview for the job you want, introduce new ideas at work, tackle that closest mess or attic and clean it out, meet the new co-worker or hire help, start some new project with someone at work, adopt a pet or donate time at a clinic, and get that paperwork off your desk!!!  Today will bring the need to adjust around some of this with a friend, group, internet matter, charity, or aspiration.  You may also be fielding some home, real estate, family, or roommate change last minute that requires some action from another person so stay on the toes.

Chiron is Retrograding on the 16th and will shadow Neptune’s Retrograde through Pisces through November 19th.  Chiron is about our wound so you may feel something coming up that is painful right now pointing out what you will be dealing with in the months ahead and where healing needs to take place.  It may also be a time to renew your ability to tune into your own spiritual guru to help others going through similar situations you’ve experienced in the past.  It will focus on brothers, sisters, neighbors, moves, electronics, vehicles, local activities or short trips, writing, agreements, offers, sales, meetings, or decisions.

The 19th may be twofold with a very big and expansive opportunity for you to step up on the work front or over health or pet needs and put yourself out there.  You may be signing some big contract today or receiving a big offer, speaking at some event or taking the lead on something at work, making a significant and positive change to your health or for animals, and putting yourself more personally or physically into the mix.  It’s likely that legal, travel, media, educational, or wedding needs will influence this in a big way.  The other side of the equation is that Mars will be poking Chiron so you may have to contend with that wound, heal something or step up to that guru ability on some level today.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st marking the Summer Solstice and putting his spotlight on your relationships for the next 30 days.  Venus is already here and now with the Solar vitality following you will be pouring more of you into the partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, competition, clients, advocates, and other key relationships.  It’s time to be physically present, amp up the brand, image or body, and go for what you want.

The final Trigger for last month’s Lunar Eclipse arrives on the 22nd so you may have another chapter to that story now and it would involve Karmic situations, isolation, retreat, clandestine romance, addictions, hospitals, research, spiritual pursuits, film, music, art, investigations, or something in development.  Things would be peaking in achievements or endings here.

The very next day, the 23rd, is the FULL MOON in your sign!  This is a high point for you when you reach some personal goal, are recognized for your efforts or being, end something that has been going on with your body or identity, celebrate some personal coo, or in some other way bring a peak around you and who you are.

And finally comes the big news which is Jupiter moving into Cancer for the first time in over a decade bringing his luck, expansion, happiness quotient, and prosperity making ways into your key relationship zone where he will travel now for a year!  Venus and the Sun have paved the way and now you begin to open up to a year that is going to bring almost ALL of your luck and growth opportunities from serious romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, advocates, and even your competitors will go a bit easier on you or you will find some ways to meet them on their own turf.  To this extent, be ready to embrace others gifts and look at anyone that exits now as protection for you to clear the way for what is meant to be in this fruitful year ahead.

Mercury will Retrograde the next day, on the 26th and will backtrack until July 20th and he is doing it in the Jupiter field of key relationships SO the cosmos believes you still need to go back to someone or review the decisions, talks, agreements, sales, writing, or ideas that colored the past with one or more of these people and see if there is something still to be worked out, revamped, released, or reclaimed before you are sent soaring out into new territory.  So, do you need to talk to someone, revive an old idea or choice, purge a bit more, take this period seriously so you are ready for this golden year.  As with all Mercury Retrogrades if you can hold off on purchasing new electronics or vehicles and the signing of new documents in a way that won’t hurt you, you are advised to wait until the period is over but you are ok to sign or purchase anything coming back around from the past.

The last energy shift of the month occurs on the 27th as Venus moves into Leo and begins to smooth things out for you in your sex life, with divorce issues or any big financial matters  you are addressing.  Here she will help you attract more love or money and may bring helpful women on board.  Look to the loans, investments, settlements, or other finances if you need them, choose this time to address harder issues in the divorce when things will be a bit more easy, and if you are interested in love/intimacy, this period bodes well for you.  For those of you that would enjoy a more fine-tuned look into your own unique birth chart, you can email Zoe for rates and dates here zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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