As April kicks off there is a good vibe to the air involving opportunities for you to move things along financially, in your sex life, with a divorce, or through travel, legal, media, wedding, or educational means. Embrace the chance to do something about these topics in the first week of the month.

Late on the 6th/early on the 7th Mars and Venus embrace. This means that this particular weekend may be one that is five star rated for you when it comes to wish fulfillment and your love/passionate life or with any plans you have to further your income. The thing is this is playing out in the social part of your chart so your best bet will be looking for ways to move on these interests through friends, a group activity or affiliation, online, through social networking, a charity, astrology, or party/event. It should be a positive experience.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 12th taking you back into past financial, sexual, death, or divorce issues from now through September 20th so you can wrap up loose ends and deal with anything still left hanging out there. This period should ease up on your for a bit over these subjects while you tend to anything still on your plate and may bring past people or situations back around so you may do so. Today Saturn adjusts to Uranus so you will also be at a turning point in adjustments with work, paperwork, health, or pets and the structures, limits or ambitions here as you do what you can to break free or reinvent yourself through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or social networking.

Mercury moves into Aries on the 13th and news or information kicks into gear over the friends, groups, internet, astrology, charities, and aspirations. Over the next weeks you will see more communication, information, writing, sales, offers, and decisions around these people and situations so get ready to get busy!

Venus moves into her sign Taurus on the 15th where she kicks off a new Love and Income Cycle and begins to work her magic behind the scenes for you. This is a great period for what you work on developing, any strategies, research, retreat, and pursuing the muse. You should be able to attract more love or money flow through the arts, your spiritual interests, institutions, research, investigation, development, and private romantic time and find that you have an added sparkle and charm that inspires others when expressing yourself here.

The Sun follows Venus into your behind the scenes arena on the 19th where he will tour for the next 30 days so you will now be more personally or physically active on film, music or artwork, in spiritual pursuits, at hospitals or other institutions, in retreat or with a clandestine romance, developing projects, in research or investigations, and in strategies. It is a great time to attach your image, brand or identity to anything you are working on here. Mercury inconjuncts Saturn today so you may hear information regarding what transpired on the 12th or you will be making some adjustments regarding a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, and your work, paperwork, health, or pets.

Mars moves into Taurus on the 20th bringing more passion, anger and action to what you have been doing clandestinely, on artistic or spiritual projects, with institutions, behind the scenes, in development, through research, involving a clandestine affair or private time in romance, or with investigations. This is what you needed to get things moving to the next level.

Mercury kicks off a 2 day active period as well on the 20th when he comes to Uranus and finishes on the 21st as he squares Pluto. This means some news, offers, information, talk, meetings, writing, agreement, sale, short trip, or local activity will pick up big time now involving a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or a social event or network. You can expect surprises, changes and something powerful happening tied to sexual sparks, divorce or a big financial matter. Evolve.

The FULL MOON on the 25th is a LUNAR ECLIPSE. Think back to March 28th for clues about what is either ending or reaching a high point of achievement or celebrations now on the work front, with paperwork, co-workers, employees, organization, health interests or concerns, pets, or environmental interests. This is a powerful peak that will amp up emotions and may involve some things going on behind the scenes with another person that trigger events. Wanna go deeper? The best way to understand your own potential and where the obstacles and opportunities await you up ahead is a personal reading into your unique birth chart. To inquire about dates or rates for a private reading with Zoe email



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