This month is simply gangbusters for you when it comes to your aspirations and friendships, the groups you belong to and internet interests, astrology and charities, any gatherings, parties or events, and your freedom to be who you are and shine your originality for others to share in. It is in full gear as the month opens and begins moving towards that Grand Cross. You can initiate new beginnings or take things to the next level.


Offers, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, speaking roles, or decisions begin to pick up from the 7th forward. And it will be these matters that are focal for you during the major changes and motivating expansion going on between April 20th-23rd. A woman may become important to your career or goals on the 5th or in the days afterwards. All goals will smooth out and you will find you are out there in the spotlight more making money or over your love life. Whatever has been going on with your major financial interests, sex life, divorce proceedings, or third party situations, turns in a new direction or shifts somehow on the 14th. You may need to slow down a bit here or go back and start taking care of any third party or controlling interests in these areas over the months ahead. By the Lunar Eclipse on the 15th you will feel the emotional peak climax in your love life, with children, any creative projects, or a recreational pursuit as things wrap up, come through, end, or are celebrated. Expect this to be about another person in the mix as well and for something to be ‘eclipsed’ out to make this high point occur. Today you have news or a talk that is about major change and involves all that social energy and aspirational thrust that has been pushing you as well as the new direction you find your finances, sex life, divorce, or third party situation going in. The information now is what will be part of that Grand Cross between the 20th and 23rd. On the 19th you get a spotlight on the retreative side of your chart that will keep a focus here for the next 30 days. This is your cue to begin pouring more personal or physical energy into rest, retreat, research, imagination, healing, hospitals, art, film, music, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic interests, romantic interludes, and development. You can take the lead here and stand out. There will be more news or information kicking up in these areas on the 23rd and days that follow, and by the 29th you will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse that gives you a very powerful fresh start from these topics. It as well will ‘eclipse’ something out to make way for that new beginning. You will find that at this time there will be at least one, possibly several, key people who are beneficial to this start so look to partners in romance or business, your agents or attorneys, specialists or advocates, clients or competitors, and set up meetings, deal with agreements, sales, writing, offers, or decisions that will take this to the next level. The Grand Cross on the 20th-23rd is all about pushing you to expand your value, to go for something that would make you happier or more prosperous with income potential, to do something big with possessions or purchases, and as I’ve said earlier in your report, to involve any changes or turns with aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, causes, gatherings, your freedom, originality, inventions, sex life, divorce, big financial interests, or third party situations. You may find from here forward this year you are on a new level. Please read the general overview up top since it breaks down the Grand Cross for everyone in more detail and will give you added information about this month. For a direct look into your unique astrological blueprint and how this important month may affect you on a more specific level, email Zoe at to inquire about a private reading and the going rates and dates that are available.


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