January has some real interesting energy for you around your work life, any organizing you need to do, paperwork piling up, your health, and your animals. If you want to find a new job, introduce new things to your current work environment, get your body into better shape or take care of some health issue, or adopt a pet, this is your month! Note that the 6th will bring some news or opportunity for you in one or more of these areas and it looks like your best bet today will be around what you do at home or with a renovation, move, real estate deal, roommate, or family member. Look at what you can commit to or end here to further your aims (example throw out all the fatty food from your cupboards and replace with healthy choices).

The 7th will bring some push/pull energy that will likely have you running in two different directions or figuring out what you want more. The amped up energy is in your key relationship zone so something going on with or about a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, or other significant person. The structured, limited or serious energy is around home, moves, real estate, family, renovations, or roommates. So you will be dealing with this and wanting to do what you can to figure out how to get around any issues and bring ambitions to bear.

Getting back to your work, paperwork, health, and animal interests, the 8th and 11th are key dates. The 8th marks Venus’s move into this zone and kicks off a new LOVE CYCLE. Here she is going to help smooth things out on the work front, with co-workers, employees, paperwork, health, and pets. You may fall for a co-worker or find that by going out after work with them you meet the love of your life, or you could find love through a gym membership or out hiking, walking the dog or at the vets. Since Venus has a hand in personal income as well this time will help you smooth out paperwork tied to income or land the job you’ve been searching for so you can earn, or she may spur you to spend on more healthy interests or the animals. The weeks ahead definitely give you more charm while working or pursuing work, getting into health or helping animals.

The NEW MOON on the 11th is your best 2 week window of the year to land the new job or put things in motion that will lead to the job of your dreams, to pitch work ideas, ask for the raise, get a new co-worker or hire someone to work for you, to find solutions from doctors or trainers about your health, join the gym, hire the trainer, start the diet, adopt the pet, or start some new interests involving animals. There is something exciting or different about what happens now and you should be open to new opportunities or ideas, be spontaneous and try new approaches. A friend may surprise you in a way that aids your interests in these areas or you may come into contact with a new group or online interest that does it for you.

The 19th will be an energy shift for you on some levels as thoughts turn to key relationships and you find that starting now and into the weeks ahead you are in more talks, meetings, getting more news or offers, signing agreements, making sales, taking more short trips, writing, and pouring more of your personal and physical energy into partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, or other key relationships. You may get news today involving one of these people or make a decision that takes you into new territory with them or towards them.

The FULL MOON on the 26th is bringing a peak moment for YOU! This is a Leo Full Moon so you are at the apex of some moment that should be special for you. This is about an achievement, recognition, a celebration, or marking an ending. Your name may be in lights, your may be reaching something on a physcial level like a goal in the diet or work-out regime or you may be wrapping up something that has been going on with your body, recovering from an illness or operation. It is a high point for your brand, image or identity as well so you may be celebrating a new name or breakthrough with the brand or shedding an old look while celebrating the new. It’s a lucky configuration with Jupiter today that makes this moment so special and potentially big, reach for the stars. If something ends today that you are not happy with try to remember that Jupiter is in the mix doing everything here to make it protective and for your growth, but my bet is that most of you have something really great to celebrate now.

Jupiter has been Retrograde since Oct. 4th last year and on the 30th of this month will finally go Direct! This is great for you when it comes to your aspirations and social interests. From now through June 25th you have the biggest growth cycle of a 12 year period to make new friends or do something big with current friends, to join groups or start some big group activity or project that should bring joy or prosperity, to get your internet presence out there on a bigger level, make social networking work for you, to hone your interest in astrology, become part of a big event, or take a charity to the next level. It should be a very rewarding period for you where the only limit is your own energy reserves when all those invitations start rolling in again. The only challenge to this is that as this great energy starts to move ahead for you, today, there is a Sun/Saturn square that challenges you to look at any limits or responsibilities, commitments or endings, involving home, moves, real estate, family, mom, roommates, or renovations. You will need to get real about where you are in this with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, or other key person. Focus on what you can realistically do here. A look into the year ahead or into the heart of your chart is available via a private reading with Zoe. If you are ready to look deeper and want answers to what is going on around you now, you can write to schedule a reading or inquire about the process of setting one up zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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