Feel like shining your light? Got an added bit of moxy in your pocket, ready to let the world see what you’re made of? Well dear Leo, August has your name all over it. This kicks in with vigor on the 6th with the NEW MOON in your sign and gives you an incredible power window of 2 weeks to do something that is all about you or your needs that can open things up for you in the year ahead. It is all about your body and any improvements or updates you would like to give yourself, your identity and any upgrades with your name, brand or image that come to mind, and setting your personal goals high knowing that most of the world will be responding kindly to your presence if you are proactive about what you want.

Two days will kick this into even higher gear and they arrive on the 8th and 27th. The 8th brings Mercury into the mix so from now through the 23rd the messenger god will be bringing you offers, helping you with sales, writing, agreements, meetings, pitches, proposals, interviews, auditions, short trips, local activities, vehicles, electronics, moves, siblings, and neighbors. Need anything here? Reach out! Or open up and ask for it, sell it, send it off, meet about it, you get the idea. Mars moves into your sign on the 27th and he is bringing the heat baby. Oh yeah, that’s right 🙂 Mars in your sign gives you added fire and motivates you big time, your energy will rise or you will feel the passions stirring within (something others will undoubtedly notice). It will also bring up any anger you may be harboring so deep breathe, don’t take their heads off, pace yourself and do be careful around sharp objects, fire and over zealous outlets. This energy will help you go after what you want and make you a force to be reckoned with, have fun!

The other main focus this month will be on making money, dealing with possessions or making acquisitions. This will really kick into gear the last week of the month but you will get an inkling about what is brewing from the beginning. The Sun moves here on the 22nd followed by Mercury on the 23rd so you will be pouring more personal and physical energy into earning and purchasing as well as focusing more of your thinking here and amping up the meetings, talks, interviews, auditions, writing, agreements, sales, short trips, ideas, and decision making aimed at money flow. If you are waiting on an offer this is when it comes in. Note that you will be one-on-one with someone over these matters on 3 days this month and they will involve dealing with any wounds, healing or Karmic balance over joint finances or outside resources, divorce proceedings, third party situations, or intimacy needs. These days arrive on the 1st, 25th and 29th. Tune into your higher power.

Venus moves into Libra on the 16th where she will start to smooth things out with your siblings or neighbors and perhaps bring a woman onto the scene that is beneficial to you. She will bring more accord to your writing and agreements, help smooth out sales and meetings, and bring an ability to attract love or income through your words you speak or in these areas of agreements, sales, writing, short trips, local activities, your siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics. While you will be the loved one when it comes to what you say or ask for there is a period that will challenge and it arrives on the 23rd/24th as Venus tangles with Pluto. The Venus/Pluto combo can bring intense passion and love in an explosive moment and for you would play out at work or in pursuit of work, while doing something health related, walking the dog or doing something for your pets, or dealing with paperwork. The challenging side to this can be very challenging so if you see it going that way then don’t get dragged into it. This would mean challenges involving jealousy, obsession, control, manipulations, or third party situations and again would play out over your job, the paperwork, health needs, pets, or the co-workers or employees. It could be love or money oriented so do your best to perceive what it is you have going on here and then rise above it as best you can.

Two days stand out this month when your efforts behind the scenes or on some artistic interest like a film, music or art project, with a spiritual pursuit, dealing with a hospital or other institution, tackling an addiction or helping those with abuse issues, holing up in private with a romantic partner, researching, on investigative work, or in development, will be important. These days are the 7th and 21st. The 7th puts you into the situation with another person and pushes for big things and involves the work, health, paperwork, or animals. There is potential for powerful change or transformation with them today. The 21st will again put you into one or more of these areas but today it will help you deal with wounds or healing in the financial arena, with the divorce, third party, or intimate need, and bring about something sudden or changeable with the legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, wedding, or publishing interest. These days hold Karmic energy and moments when your inner voice should be heeded.

A major climax arrives for you on the 20th with the FULL MOON in Aquarius. This is a high point of your year with at least one key relationship. Look to what is culminating with a business or romantic partner, your agent or attorney, a specialist or client, a competitor or opponent, it will be these types of relationships that will be hitting a high mark in your life right now as you celebrate or note achievements, mark endings or wrap things up. Something about your aspirations or freedom, originality or unique vision will be tied to what is peaking. Do it your way.

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