New ways to earn, new opportunities within your income bracket, new purchases, new ways to make acquisitions, new doors opening regarding your possessions, and new ways to be valued, that is what September has in store for you if you take the bull by the horns and make your move from the 5th forward. The New Moon is giving you your best 2 week window of the year to move ahead in new directions or take things to the next level so go for it.

Energy begins to pour in on the 9th that will have a direct affect on your offers, sales, writing, agreements, meetings, interviews, auditions, short trips, local activities, brothers, sisters, neighbors, moves, vehicles, electronics, and decision making. It becomes a highly communicative and transportational period now through the 29th, one you should jump into with your ideas and put into action via partners, reps, clients, and other key players. You may hear news now you’ve been waiting on or find the door is open to you when it has been shut up until now. The Sun will move into this territory on the 22nd and by then you will be more personally or physically involved in all of this and this trend will last a full 30 days so amp it up! Do note that the weekend of the 14th/15th will bring some issue for you to work around and likely this stems from a sexual need, divorce, third party, or the financial picture. You will want to look at any wounds and healing around this situation and adapt.

The 17th is a day of FATE. The North Node of Destiny moving clock-wise around the zodiac reaches a point in the sign of Scorpio after an 18 year journey. At the same time, Saturn moving counter-clockwise around the zodiac reaches the same point in Scorpio after a 29 year journey around the zodiac. They are running smack dab into one another and marking a moment in time when Destiny and commitment, endings, leadership, authority, structure, limits, and ambitions come together in the most powerful sign of the zodiac. So…what do you want? Is it time to buy a house or put your home up for sale? Do you need to renovate, get into flipping homes or interior design? Is a move long overdue? Do you want to take in a roommate or ask one to leave? Is there a line in the sand that needs to be drawn with family or a parent, or do you need to commit to something serious and long term here? What is home to you? Destiny calls you to your next chapter.

The FULL MOON on the 19th brings a climax to these matters so you can expect a peak with your sex life, reproductive needs, a death, birth, divorce, or with the loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, settlement, investment, alimony, child support, or other financial interest. This is the time when things come through, wrap up, end, are celebrated, or achieved.

Pluto has been Retrograde since mid-April and now on the 20th Pluto goes Direct. This means that the backtracking and slow-downs are over regarding the paperwork, job, health, or pets and any major upheavals, financial needs, sexual issues, triangles, divorce matters, and control issues you’ve been working through. You are now ready to move ahead to the next level of power, change, upheaval, rebirthing, and evolution regarding your job, the paperwork, co-workers, people you hire, health, and pets. Look for new ways to work through third party situations, ask for more perks on the back end at work, put paperwork in order to care for health needs, animals or your retirement, etc. Someone may show up now that is part of this new direction. Shall you use the power of attraction and your ability to manifest fully armed WITH the available knowledge of the cosmos to make your moves up ahead? If you are ready to avail yourself of that personal knowledge and delve into your own unique chart a private reading with Zoe will give you an amazing jump on what is there. Email for more information about rates and available dates to get started!



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