It hasn’t been boring, has it Leo? The 3 year ride to shake things up and rebirth you in some brand new form between 2012 and 2015 hits its peak between November 1st and 24th this month! This is it, time to awaken and excite things when it comes to travel plans or foreign interests, educational pursuits, legal matters, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, politics, religion, and weddings. This will be the strongest influence you are likely to get this lifetime to do something about something here or to react to what is coming at you towards evolving your situation.

Pluto is involved so it will be down to the job you do or go after, the people you hire or work with, the paperwork, details, or organization, your health, or the animals. Pluto is all about the financial side of this or how third parties are involved, the controlling interest or power plays, any sexual tension or divorce in the mix, and how you are sharing. Again, it’s time to empower and change.

The NEW MOON on the 3rd is opening up fresh horizons at home, with family, a move, real estate deals, renovations, a parent, roommates, or your sense of security. You have 2 strong week to implement things by looking at ways to take things to the next level or getting a whole new perspective.

Venus moves into Capricorn on the 5th and this is good news for the Pluto part of your Uranus/Pluto square since she will help smooth out those work, health, paperwork, or animal needs. She may arrive as a woman who can help or you may now see that the income and love are more readily available in these areas. You have several weeks of this so enjoy.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth opportunities, is Retrograding on the 7th so you will now see things slowing down as far as more expansion is concerned around film, music, art, spiritual practices, romantic getaways, clandestine romance, hospitals, addictions, research, investigations, retreats, rest, or developmental projects. It is more about working on what you have achieved thus far now and also doing any internal expansion to catch up to where you find yourself.

Mercury goes Direct on the 10th and you are now ready to make choices, sign documents, purchase electronics or mechanical items, and move ahead at home, with real estate, family, moves, renovations, parents, roommates, or security needs. You’ve had plenty of time to wrap up loose ends and revisit or revise past choices so take this as your cue to shift the paradigm and move on. If you’ve been waiting on word or offers about any of these things it comes now and in the weeks ahead.

Neptune goes Direct on the 13th after months in slumber mode. This is good news for your artistic, romantic, spiritual, research, and healing side of life. That magical energy is back up and running and wants to do something for your sex life, divorce proceedings, financial picture, or third party situations. Get inspired. Chiron has been Retrograde in the same areas and goes Direct on the 19th so you may now be ready to face a wound, do some healing, bring out your inner guru, or be more vulnerable in the name of these themes.

The FULL MOON on the 17th is bringing a climax for you on the career front, with a boss, over a big personal goal, with a parent or other authority figure, with your reputation or fame, or around some achievement or recognition. This is a time when things come through, are celebrated, wrap up, or end.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 21st lighting up your love life, children, creative projects, and recreational interests for the next 30 days. This is all about your stepping it up, putting more personal or physical energy into these themes, and being noticed! Take the lead.


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