Use the first part of March to take advantage of this backtracking energy around your work, paperwork, organization, health, and animals. It’s important to rethink any of this now, revise, rewrite, meet with past people or opportunities, deal with past issues, and either release or reconnect so that when the NEW MOON arrives on the 11th in the same exact arenas you will be ready to grab hold and move ahead with the best 2 week window of the year for fresh starts here. From now through the 17th any new jobs, work ideas, co-workers, employees, health interests, or animal needs will have part of that past energy around them but be on strong new footing. If you want to launch with completely new people, situations or ideas, make it from the 18th forward so that you give Mercury time to go Direct.

Mars moves into Aries and stirs your key relationship axis on the 12th so you will now see much more passion or anger with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, or opponents in the weeks ahead. This energy will motivate you to make things happen with these key people so get ready to connect or move ahead.

Mercury ends his REtrograde on the 17th so you now have the green light to sign papers, purchase vehicles or electronics and say yes to new people and situations. You should now know who or what from the past moves ahead with you and what you leave behind.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 20th marking the Spring Equinox followed closely by Venus moving into Aries on the 21st. For you this means you will now be pouring more personal and physical energy into partnerships, clients, dealings with representatives or opponents, and any other key relationships in the weeks ahead. Your body, identity, ego, brand, and image will be strongly connected to what others are doing so reach out. Venus here will bring more charm and help you attract love or money through relationships with these people, she will smooth things out and help you go with the flow.

Note that the 22nd will be amped up with fire energy around that partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, or competitor and this is going to either bring some excitement and surprise that awakens you or a shock or change that takes you by surprise. Be in the moment.
From the 23-25th you should be willing to make adjustments or adapt to any serious income issues or needs playing out. Look at commitments, endings, structures, limits, authority, or ambitions here and get serious about what you can do through those key people and any legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or wedding plans.
The 26th will be another active day as partners, representatives, clients, and opponents again are amping up, you see lots of energy playing out involving them, the passions or anger is stirred, and you motivate as you deal with some issue at home, with real estate, property, family, moves, or roommates.

Chiron is active from the 27-29th bringing wounds or healing to the surface at work, with co-workers, employees, health, paperwork, or pets. Look at ways to balance Karmic energy here and to transform. Again the travel plans, legal interests, education, wedding, media, marketing, or publishing is somehow tied into what comes to pass.
The FULL MOON on the 27th will bring a peak for you personally or physically. This is your Full Moon in Libra so a high point arrives around you, your name, brand, body, image, or identity as you are celebrated, mark achievements or end something. Have you reached a physical goal, are you ending some illness, is your brand getting out there, is your name changing? These are examples of peaks for you now. If you are ready to look more deeply into your own unique chart you can schedule a reading with Zoe by emailing or calling 818-613-6067.



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