You are probably already feeling it as the month begins but you will definitely see signs of what is opening up for you big time from the 6th forward. This is going to involve your aspirations, friends, group activities or interests, the internet, social networking, gatherings or events, astrology, charities, causes, your freedom, inventions, visionary ideas, and original approaches. You have 2 powerful weeks to launch or take things to the next level and should be open to invitations and meetings that lead to more social interaction or dreams coming true.

Two days will stand out as more energy pours into these arenas; the 8th and the 27th. On the 8th Mercury arrives and you will see more offers, sales, agreements, meetings, writing, talks, short trips, local activities, sibling interaction, moves, transportation, electronics, and decisions over these social interests and aspirations. It’s a good time to ask for it, pitch it, sign it, agree upon it, or demand it. On the 27th Mars joins the fray and kicks in more action, passion and ability to get to the core of any anger issues. In the weeks ahead you will see more motivation and be able to make things happen.

The other areas of interest for you in August will be in the mystical, Karmic part of the chart so you can expect to focus in on spiritual growth, psychic abilities, magic, meditation, yoga, romance that goes on in private or secret, time with hospitals, retreats, rest, or dealing with addictions, research, investigations, film, music, art, poetry, and dreams. These topics will take on more life the last week of the month, notably from the 22nd and 23rd as first the Sun and then Mercury move into these fields. This will give you more ability to take the lead, shine, stand out, have your needs met, push your brand ahead, get the meetings, agreements, sales, writing, talks, or decisions made, that can forward these matters.

There will be 3 days that show up this month having an intense affect on these subjects and they fall on the 1st, 25th and 29th. On these days you will be dealing with another person over one or more of these matters and it will either be confrontational or working for balance. The wounds, healing, guru energy, and Karmic scales will flavor what is going on and you will see this play out through work, organization, people you hire, co-workers, paperwork, health, or animals.

Your ruler, Venus, moves into your sign on the 16th. This is fortuitous for you, an energy that now will help you attract more love or money and urge you to spend this on yourself. It’s a time when you have more charm and know how to use it, when you may see the world runs more smoothly or is easier to handle and when you can care for your body, brand, image, identity, or personal goals via women or joy-filled experiences. There is one day that may challenge you though, and it falls on the 24th. This day your needs or abilities will be called into play over what is going on at home, with a move, renovation, real estate deal, property need, the family, a parent, a roommate situation, or your security needs. This is likely to involve third party situations, control, change, or evolution and may be colored with financial, sexual or divorce needs.

Two big career days stand out or they may be days when a major goal is the focus, your boss, parent, a judge, or other authority figure commands attention, or your reputation or fame is on the line. These fall on the 7th and 21st. The 7th will put you into a situation with another person over this and again focus on home, real estate, property needs, family, roommates, a parent, move, or renovation. Change, evolution, deconstruction, power struggles, control, finances, sex, divorce, and third parties will be part of the balance with them. The 21st brings healing, the wound, your guru energy, and comes through work efforts, organization, being of service, health or animal needs, to get you into alignment with the career, authority figure, or goal. There will be a sudden change or surprise involving a partner, rep, client, opponent, or other key relationship in the mix so roll with the punches.

A FULL MOON on the 20th brings a climax for you with a creative venture, recreational interest, child, lover, or love-related topic. Expect things to wrap up or come through, for celebrations, achievements or endings, and big moments in these arenas. Originality is favored, a need for space or freedom possible, and unique approaches definitely part of the day. You may also see something social tied to what is culminating.

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