October kicks off with a fresh new beginning for you on a personal or physical level. This means that from the NEW MOON on the 4th you have 2 powerful weeks to put things into play that will either lead you towards new goals, help you elevate your identity or brand, reinvent who you are, get your body in shape or in better health, introduce a new name into the mix, or spruce up your image in some interesting way. Eyes are on you so make it count.

There is a big outer adjustment going on in your life now that peaks on the 5th and asks for ways to adapt around income, possessions, purchases and the partner, agent, attorney, clients, specialist, competitors, or other key players. This may come at you out of the blue or you may feel like shaking things up and getting real about some shift in the paradigm.

Your ruler, Venus, moves into new territory on the 7th so you will likely feel this on a somewhat personal level. In her new energy field you will be pursuing love or money through more local activities or in nearby places, through writing, sales, agreements, offers, connected to siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, moves, ideas, and decisions. Her presence here will smooth things out and help them flow more easily in these realms and you may find you are attracting what you need more easily here or that women in particular are more helpful to your aims. There are 2 days where you may have an issue though and they arrive on the 10th and 16th. On these days you will need to deal with issues pertaining to work, paperwork, co-workers, people you hire, health concerns, or animals.

Mars enters a new energy field as well this month, moving into Virgo on the 15th and bringing more action, passion and anger focus behind closed doors for you. Here Mars will strive to make things happen in film, music, art, spiritual practices, magical arenas, psychic pursuits, hospitals, dealing with addictions, clandestine romances, romantic getaways, research, investigations, strategies, with the imagination, fantasy, and development. Expect this to really amp up on the 19th and 31st with some other person over work, health, animals, or paperwork. Be willing to heal wounds.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE arrives on the 18th, think back to September 20th for clues about what is going to culminate in a BIG way now! This is about bringing an achievement, celebration or ending around a significant relationship. Look to high points with romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, opponents, managers, producers, advocates, and others. Something comes through, wraps up, is ‘eclipsed’ out and hits it’s peak.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 21st and begins to take you back over past territory for revisions, releasing or reclaiming in the areas of income, possessions, gifts, purchases, what you build, or feelings of value. This backtracking energy continues through November 10th and gives you a chance to rethink things, slow down, tend to the shared facets of the situation and how you wish to go deeper or transform things. Past people, situations, issues, or opportunities come back around to see if you want to carry forward in some way. It’s not great to sign documents or purchase electronics or mechanical things during this period if they are new to the time frame but if they are coming back around for a second chance you are ok to do so. The Sun follows Mercury into this territory on the 23rd and will travel through Scorpio now for the next 30 days. This means you will be pouring more personal and physical energy into making money, dealing with possessions or making purchases. You may tie in your name, identity, brand, or image to make things move ahead and it will be your leadership that pays off.

The last major aspect of the month arrives on the 28th as Pluto and Chiron dance together. This is about an opportunity for powerful change involving the home, family, roommate, move, renovation, real estate deal, or security need and opening up the wounds for healing involving work, organization, cleaning out, paperwork, health pursuits, or animals. It’s time to evolve. For a more in-depth look at your unique patterns in play you can schedule a private reading with Zoe by emailing for rates and dates at zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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