It’s all about the balance you are seeking, justice you pursue, or anything important you have on your slate involving romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, or other key players. That is because the month begins with New Moon energy pushing you into new territory here or helping you take things to the next level. You can expect more information to arrive or some special meetings, negotiations, pitches, offers, agreements, sales, writing, or decisions regarding these people or topics from the 7th onward.

As you focus on your new beginnings note that these relationships and fair and balanced energies will be all caught up in something big around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th when something comes through, wraps up, ends, or is achieved and celebrated. Something will be ‘eclipsed’ out to help you reach this summit that will truly focus on you, your needs, identity, image, brand, body, name, or title. Part of what these people will be climaxing over for you will involve home, real estate, family, parents, moves, renovations, or roommates. There will be one other time this month when these relationships will key in over big themes and it occurs around the Grand Cross that plays out between the 20th-23rd. Again you will see changes and big events around them and your home, property, move, renovation, family, parent, or roommate, and any goals, career needs, or authority figures in the mix. There is a nice energy moving in on the 5th which will help to smooth things out on the work front or over health or pet needs in the weeks ahead. This may bring a female onto the scene that is beneficial in these matters or you may also find that love is blossoming here or that you can now attract income through these involvements more easily. It is also a good period to take care of paperwork, organizing, or get into positive interests with co-workers or people you hire. There is a turnaround on the 14th in the direction you have been moving with home, family, parents, roommates, real estate, moves, or renovations. You may note that the big changes slow down or that the way financial, sexual or divorce proceedings were affecting things here shifts somehow. It can also help you start to go back and handle anything in these matters that are still left undone. This energy is going to play a big part in the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th so whatever shifts now will help bring things to a head now and during the Grand Cross of the 20th-23rd. The spotlight will amp up on the 19th on your sexual interests, financial needs, divorce proceedings, or third party situations and will remain this way for the next 30 days. You will want to pour more personal and physical energy into these matters. As you get things underway here, note that there will be more offers, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, talks, or decisions about these matters starting on the 23rd and by the 29th you will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse pushing all of it out into new territory or helping you take things to the next level. You will have 2 weeks to move on these things, note that this is stronger than a normal New Moon and that again, something will be ‘eclipsed’ out to make way for your fresh start. So finally, the Grand Cross on the 20th-23rd will be about growth around goals, career, reputation, fame, the boss, parent, judge, or other authority figures around you, sudden change or excitement around partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, or other players, and deeper change and evolution around home, family, moves, renovations, real estate deals, roommates, or parents. Please read the general overview up top since it breaks down the Grand Cross for everyone in more detail and will give you added information about this month. For a direct look into your unique astrological blueprint and how this important month may affect you on a more specific level, email Zoe at to inquire about a private reading and the going rates and dates that are available.


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