While everyone else is winding down the social scene after the Holidays your sign is just gearing up! January brings lots of invitations, time with friends, group activities, attention to your internet interests, aspirations, astrology, charities, social networking, and events. Mark the 6th as the day you will hear something important about these people or interests regarding media, marketing, publishing, travel plans or visits, higher education, legal interests, or weddings. If you want to book a flight to see a friend, welcome one in from afar, sign a legal agreement with a friend or sign documents to join the group or do the internet project or charity event, get your media or publishing event out there with the group or online, or you and a friend want to start teaching something or you sign up for a class online or with a group, all good.

The 7th will be amped up and a bit push/pull. Mars wants you to do something, express your passion or release anger, but motivate behind the scenes. This may be about film, music, art, spiritual interests, a clandestine romance, hospital, addiction, research project, investigation, or something in development that you are pushing on. Saturn in the mix is trying to point out responsibilities, limits, commitments, or endings involving that trip, legal matter, media, marketing, publishing, educational interest, or wedding. So you may be pulled between the two arenas or need to get serious about what is going on and find some way to make it all work.

Now back to your social interests and aspirations! The 8th and 11th will be important dates to watch as things shift on these days and open up new levels here for you. The 8th is about Venus moving into this part of your chart. Here she may bring a female into your life today that has a big influence on your social interests or aspirations or she can help smooth things out and attract what’s good through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and events. Venus is kicking off a new LOVE CYCLE today so this means that love will now flow through friend introductions or you may find a friendship turning towards love, you will find love online or out in a group activity, while working on the charity, following your astrology or at an event or party. If you are in a love relationship already then you and your partner will want to do more social or cause oriented things together now. Since Venus also has a say in your income you will want to notice that some earning opportunities may come through these realms as well.

The NEW MOON on the 11th marks your best 2 week window to launch or get fresh starts in these areas. New friends or starting new projects or interests with current friends are favored, you can join or start a group, get a group project off the ground, start your web page or sign up for a web design class, get into social networking or take yours to the next level, start a charity or join one, get your foundation out there on a new level, take up astrology, plan the event or attend an important one for your aspirations, or choose some new dream you want to work towards. There is something exciting or different about what is happening at this New Moon so be open to unusual approaches or people and situations that aren’t your norm.

The 19th is a big day as Mercury and the Sun take their leave of the social scene and thoughts turn to retreat, rest, film, music, art, spiritual interests, hospital matters, dealing with addictions, research, investigations, clandestine romance, and development. You may have more meetings or talks, writing or agreements, sales or decisions here and you will be more physically or personally involved in these arenas. Since the New Moon is still in affect you want to find a way to weave this around what you wanted to start there.

The FULL MOON arrives on the 26th and this is going to be a peak for you at work as things reach a high point or you end a job you’ve been doing. It can mean a co-worker or employee exits or you are celebrating some achievement with them. It can be about your workload at home or elsewhere and getting that wrapped up, an organizing project completed or some recognition for your employer about your efforts. Health is under this Full Moon so you may be reaching a health goal, see results of the diet or work-out, or you could be ending a health issue or wrapping up what you’ve been doing to get healthy. Animals may mark a high point in your life now as well with an adoption coming through with a pet or something your animals have been involved in ending. There is something expansive and possibly lucky for you in this Full Moon as Jupiter is bringing something big into the mix at home, with a move, real estate, family, or roommates.

Jupiter has been Retrograde since Oct. 4th last year and on the 30th will finally go Direct. This means the period of releasing, slow-downs or tweeking is now over at home, with real estate or property matters, moves, roommates, mom, or family. From today until June 25th you have the biggest growth cycle of 12 years moving you forward in these areas. You may get into real estate, make a big deal, buy or sell your own property, move someplace new that brings more happiness or gives you more space, have a roommate move out opening up your space or one move in bringing more happiness or prosperity, your mom could have something big happen with her or you could be involved in a big family project or activity, you could renovate or in any other way grow where you put down roots. The only challenge today as this shift occurs is that the Sun squares Saturn. This will point out any limits, responsibilities, commitments, or endings involving legal matters, travel plans, people at a distance, media, marketing, publishing, higher education, or weddings. You need to look at where you are in retreat, film, music, art, spiritual pursuits, a hidden affair, research, development, strategies, dealing with addictions or hospitals, or with hidden agendas. What can you get serious about? A look into the year ahead or into the heart of your chart is available via a private reading with Zoe. If you are ready to look deeper and want answers to what is going on around you now, you can write to schedule a reading or inquire about the process of setting one up zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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