June is going to be major for you in the new direction of hope and expansion that are about to open up to you.  It begins on the 2nd with Venus moving into Cancer and starting to smooth things out and help you attract what you want in your love relationships or the quest for love, with children, creative projects, and recreational interests.  You have her here through July 27th and may benefit from women on your creative efforts or with the kids or pursuit of love.  Know that she is just paving the way for what is coming so start now.

The final Trigger date for last month’s Solar Eclipse arrives on the 6th so you may have another chapter to that story show up now regarding an offer, sale, agreement, writing project, speaking role, meeting, talk, short trip, local activity, vehicle, electronic matter, or big decision.  If so you get another push now and may be ‘eclipsing’ out a bit to do so.

Venus gets working for you on the 7th so set it aside for love, fun, kids, or creative projects.  You are in the spotlight and it looks good.  Any travel, legal, media, educational, or wedding plans should go well with them too. Neptune Retrogrades today and will backtrack through November 17th so you may experience a shift now regarding your own needs, your body, image, brand, or identity.  This period is about you pulling back a bit and reconnecting with who you are so nudge your muse, reclaim the magic in yourself.  If you feel anything coming up within you now note that it is likely important as part of this period to work on.

The NEW MOON on the 8th gives you your best 2 week window of the year to launch forward in new directions or take current situations to the next level when it comes to your home, renovations, moves, real estate, property interests, family, roommates, nurturing, or security.  Decide what you want to set in motion and begin now.  Today there will be the need to adjust around travel, educational, legal, media, or wedding needs and to field some sudden change or surprise involving income and your kids, lover or creative project so stay sharp.

Chiron Retrogrades on the 16th and will shadow Neptune’s Retrograde through Pisces from now through November 19th.  Since Chiron rules our wounds you may feel something wounding coming up now to let you know what should be focused on during this cycle for healing.  It may also be the moment when you begin to go to your inner guru and pull forth abilities to teach or heal others stemming from personal wounds of the past.  This energy is as well working it’s way through you and your body, image, identity, name, brand, and ego desires so put some thought into what you wish to heal and how you can step away from wounding experiences.

The 19th will likely be a big day as you get a very big push from the universe regarding your home, real estate, a move, renovation, roommate, or family matter.  You are in a position now to step up, take the lead, and expand your horizons and it may be flavored with legal, travel, media, educational, or wedding interests.  Mars will be poking Chiron today so any wounds or healing in the mix will be felt as you move through this.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st marking the Summer Solstice and putting the spotlight on your love life, kids, creative projects, and recreational interests for the next 30 days.  This is where you will want to pour more personal and physical energy, step up, take the lead, and align your image, brand, body, or identity.  Get in there, things are only just starting to take off and are about to get much bigger, what do you want?  The light is on YOU so let yourself be seen out there in the name of love or on your creative field or for the kids.

The final Trigger date for last month’s Lunar Eclipse arrives on the 22nd so if there is to be another chapter to that story it may be felt today.  For you this would be about a big goal or career matter peaking, something with a parent, boss or other authority figure hitting a high point, your reputation or fame cresting, or an ambition hitting the next level.

The very next day, the 23rd, is the FULL MOON and another major high point!  This one will be about something social, a big gathering, a breakthrough or ending with a friend, something involving group activities or endings, any internet or astrology interests peaking, a charity or foundation climaxing in some way, or a big aspiration of yours hitting a high.  It’s a time for achievements, celebrations or endings here.

And then the big shift begins, Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, prosperity, and happiness, and may I add a co-ruler of your sign, is changing signs, moving into Cancer, where he will tour for an entire year!  He hasn’t been here to help bring this kind of growth for you in 12 years.  And now you know why Venus and the Sun have turned your attention towards the 5th house, Jupiter is now beginning a process that will bring you the biggest growth you can have when it comes to true love, children, creative projects, and recreational interests.  Dream big, go big.

The very next day, the 26th, Mercury Retrogrades in this same area so the cosmos thinks it’s a very important part of this process that you slow down for a few weeks at the start and go back over the past.  Mercury will be Retrograde from now through July 20th so take this time seriously to review, rework, release, or reclaim anyone or anything from the past involved in your love life, with children, recreation, or creativity to see if it has merit moving forward or should be left there.  Was something said, agreed upon, written, sold, or decided that you can work through now, is there a do-over or purge needed?  As with all Mercury Retrogrades try to hold off on agreements, purchases of electronics and vehicles until after the cycle if you can do so without harming your situation.  It is ok to go for it if it involves the past coming back around and if you do feel forced to go for something new during the cycle just know something will change and prepare for it, like buy the warranty or give yourself a bit of wiggle room.

The last energy shift this month arrives on the 27th with Venus moving into Leo where she will now tour through July 22nd.  This is going to begin to smooth things out at work or in the pursuit of work, may bring a woman co-worker or employee onboard that is good for you, start some income flow or bring love on the job site, help you with attracting money or love through healthy life style and your own health, and bring good times with animals.  For those of you that would enjoy a more fine-tuned look into your own unique birth chart, you can email Zoe for rates and dates here zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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