You’ve had plenty of time now to figure out what you need to do about the legal matter, wedding, trip, marketing idea, publishing interest, educational pursuit, or media need.  You are in a phase where mastering some new level of personal leadership and learning how to deal with third parties, finances, divorce, life and death situations, and sexual attractions are all playing out in these fields.  Come July 8th you can un-stick the situation and begin to make your moves again.  This marks the next chapter of tests and ambitions that will get you there so slow and steady wins this race.

The 8th is also big due to the NEW MOON in Cancer and an opening up for you with fresh starts and next levels over the next 2 weeks in your creative projects, with your lover or in the pursuit of love, with children, and any recreational needs.  You may feel like revamping your home or making a move, opening up family or real estate interests, or dealing with roommate situations in the name of this fresh beginning with love, kids or creative potential.

If you need back-up in the form of more energy here it comes on the 13th with Mars move into Cancer.  This may mark a younger male arriving on the scene in the form of a lover, your son or on the creative project or recreational venture that spurs things on.  It may also just be that from here forward you have more drive, passion and fighting spirit to make things happen so it does.  Just watch the Mars tendency to make everything a battle because during this period these fights would affect your love life, kids or creations.

Uranus Retrogrades on the 17th and the months of unpredictable ups and downs around income or a possessions ease a bit.  There may be a noticeable shift now as this turn happens and a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, or some social gathering may color the shift.  You are meant to innovate and bring some visionary energy into your way of making your money or around how you deal with possessions, now you get a bit of a breather so you can be ready for the next round at year’s end.

The GRAND TRINE that is helping to bring growth and stability to everyone in certain areas of life perfects between the 17th and 20th.  For you this is about growth through what is going on in your love life, with your kids or through creative channels.  The Jupiter themes will likely apply so look to legal, travel, wedding, media, marketing, publishing, or educational interests in the mix.  There should be opportunity to cement things in these areas through commitments, endings or ambitions.  You will be aligned with all of this through your imagination and how your are inspired to further your needs, participate artistically, romantically or spiritually, involve your brand, body, image, or identity, and evolve emotionally.

MERCURY goes DIRECT on the 20th.  You have spent whatever time you needed to revisit past love, kids or creative matters, rework them, release them or reclaim them, and tend to the agreements, sales, writing, talks, or decisions with them, perhaps tending to transportation needs, electronics, siblings or neighbors in the mix, or moves.  Now with Mercury Direct you are ready to move ahead with new choices or further the choice you can now make having worked through all of this.  You are in the all clear to purchase new electronics or mechanical items or sign new documents after today.

The 22nd will be an active day with 4 events occurring.  First Mars and Jupiter get together to supercharge some action with the child, lover, recreation, or creative project.  This will push things along, spur passions or the fighting spirit and may involve some Jupiter themes of travel, legal, media, educational, or wedding interests.

Next, Venus moves into Virgo where she will begin to smooth things out with your partners, reps, clients, specialists, or other key relationships.  Here she may bring a woman that is beneficial to your aims or help you attract money or love more easily through these people.

Third, the Sun will move into Leo and throw a spotlight on your work, paperwork, organizing, services, health, and pets for the next 30 days.  This is where you will shine and where you will be most likely to pour more personal and physical energy into what you want.  It’s a place to take the lead, lend your body, image, brand, or identity, and go for it.

Finally, the FULL MOON in Aquarius is on the 22nd so this is all about a climax going on behind the scenes, with rest, recuperation, hospitals, a film, music or art project, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic interests, spiritual pursuits, a clandestine romance, research, investigations, or something you’ve had in development.  It will be a time of achievements, celebrations or endings here.

Venus will be busy on the 26th so you may be focusing on a woman, love or income this day.  For you it will be about a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, or other key relationship and put you into something that is inspired or magical for you (whether you see it or not on this day).  It opens up potential for you to cement something one way or the other through legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, wedding, or educational channels.

The end of July is going to be hectic and possibly volatile.  Between the 27th and 31st Mars will be bringing it by way of your child, lover, creative outlets, or recreational interests.  This means more action, passion, anger, or fighting spirit is at work here and may influence what is going on in your home or with property, family, or moves.  You will be dealing with someone else and powerful changes that tie into your aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or some social gathering.  Here it will mean third party situation, finances, sex life or divorce influencing what is up.  And you can expect some last minute surprises or excitement when it comes to income, possessions or acquisitions in the mix.  The push is on!  If you have reached the point where you want to know how all this is affecting your unique energy patterns in your birth chart and what that means for your opportunities and overcoming obstacles, you can email Zoe to get rates and dates for a private reading at



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