August is set to be a defining month for you when it comes to work. This may mean a new job or new responsibilities in your current job, a great window to interview or audition, a new co-worker or hiring people to help you, or it could be about work at home, organizing your space, de-cluttering and cleaning things out, with an accent on simplicity or being of service. Your health is the other area of tremendous new possibilities this month so if you want to start a diet, join a gym, see a doctor, hire a trainer, go vegan, overcome an illness, or in any other way get more fit and healthy, start on the 6th when the New Moon will open up a powerful 2 week window for work and health for your year. The more proactive you are in pursuit of these things during this 2 week period the better. There is another area of interest under the auspices of this New Moon and it regards your pets or what you do for animals. It’s a great time to adopt or get involved with an animal charity or start doing something different with your animals.

Two days will tilt the scales in your favor as new energy floods into these topics other than the 6th and these fall on the 8th and 27th. On the 8th Mercury moves here to open up talks, meetings, bring offers, sales, writing, and agreements into the mix so if you need to set up appointments, pitch ideas, take the meeting, or make the sale, etc, for work, health or animals, then start now. If you have been waiting on news or searching for the idea, it should come through during the weeks ahead. Mars moves into these areas on the 27th so this is when things heat up and more action takes place. You may be entering on the job training now or getting into a physical activity with a co-worker, feeling some passion spark or facing anger issues, as you motivate on work, health or pets. A younger male may enter the picture now that is pivotal to what is happening here.

The other area of life that will get a boost this month is your key relationships but this will kick off in earnest the last week of August. The focus here will be on romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, clients, competitors, opponents, specialists, advocates, or other significant people. The Sun moves here on the 22nd followed by Mercury on the 23rd so you will likely be pouring more personal attention and physical energy into the balance as well as turning the talks, meetings, writing, agreements, sales, offers, and decisions to this dynamic.

Most of the energy with these relationships amps up at weeks end but 3 days in particular stand out and they are the 1st, 25th and 29th. These 3 days will be about you and this other person looking at the wound and doing what you can to heal it, mastering your guru energy of teacher/healer, and trying to find a Karmic balance between you as you look at the job, health matter, animal need, co-workers, employees, or paperwork that needs to be dealt with now with them or through them. You may approach this from a love or money position on the 1st and really get into the negotiations or decision making on the 25th and 29th.

Venus moves into Libra on the 16th and from here she will begin to smooth things out in your sex life or help you attract the love/intimacy balance you seek, she will ease things around loans, debt, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, investments, commissions, a partner’s money, or some other financial resource, and she will bring more ease to any divorce proceedings during her tour here. A woman may enter the picture that is beneficial to your sex, divorce or financial life now or you may see you are having an easier time of attracting the love or money. Although the outlook is good in these areas there is one day when things may challenge or get intense, that is on the 24th. On this day the interests you have over finances, sex or divorce will be amped up and involve a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, social networking, a social gathering, or your aspirations. This energy combination can be controlling, about upheaval and rebirth, obsessional, or power hungry. It will also likely point out any tests you have in the situation over the love or personal stake in the finances. At it’s best it will help you make changes that evolve the situation.

Jupiter will be active on the 7th and 21st this month so there is potential for something big to happen on these days involving your kids, lover, creative projects, or recreational interests. On the 7th this will push you to do the legal, travel, educational, media, or wedding idea in the name of love, the child, fun, or creative interest, and on this day it will involve another person. Look to empowerment, change, and something financial, sexual or divorce oriented tied to a friend, group, the internet, a charity, social occasion, or aspiration in the mix and seek balance and growth. On the 21st any wounds you feel yourself or ability you may have to heal and shine your light as the guru/teacher/healer will come into play. Again your love life, kids or creative projects are where this plays out. There is a wild card involving your income, possessions or an acquisition so you can expect some last minute change or surprise here today.

The Full Moon on the 20th is bringing a climax in a most magical part of your chart. This may mark an end to a period of retreat or recuperation, a high point with a film, music, art, poetry, or dance interest, something from a past life Karmic matter culminating, a matter at a hospital or other institution peaking, an addiction or bad habit coming to a head, a clandestine romance or private romantic period climaxing, meditation, yoga, magic, or psychic interests cresting, a research project or investigation wrapping up, or something in development culminating. It will be a time of achievements, celebrations or endings in these areas as things do come through or wrap up. Your independence and visionary approach to life are in the mix.

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