If ever there was a month that held promise for at least one key relationship, September is it Pisces! This is about fresh starts with current relationships in new directions or brand new potential arriving and the relationships in question are focused on romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, opponents, advocates, and any other key players that may impact your growth up ahead. They will be finding you or you may just run across their path when out and about, if you have someone in mind start the efforts to connect from the 5th forward. The New Moon is giving you your best 2 week window from this day forward to make it count.

Energy will also be pouring into your 8th house starting on the 9th which means your thoughts will be turning to the deeper topics in life: sex, reproduction, divorce, and the finances. Between now and the 29th you can have more talks, meetings, sales, agreements, writing, ideas, and decisions focused on these themes so get the ball rolling now. By the 22nd the Sun shows up getting you more personally or physically involved in these themes so from this date you will have a solid 30 days where you are more sexually active, getting pregnant, in the divorce court, or getting the loan, paying off debt, dealing with inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, settlements, buyouts, resales, investments, alimony, child support, commissions, or some other financial matter. See why it’s good to get the choices out of the way up front?! Note that there will be one adjustment period in all of this and it arrives on the weekend of the 14th/15th when you will need to look at any wounds or healing in the situation and then do something about the efforts, job, paperwork, health, or animals so things can move forward.

Venus moves into your 9th house on the 11th where she will start helping you to smooth things out in legal arenas, with marketing strategies, media or publishing interests, educational pursuits, wedding plans, or travel agendas. Here she is golden for you so you can think that you are more charming and able to attract more love or income through what occurs here or that your love or income will be flowing unobstructed through these themes now. A woman may be the focus of some of this or be able to help you achieve your ends more readily now. Mercury will join Venus here on the 29th so the last few days of the month may bring meetings, offers, sales, agreements, writing, talks, or decisions about these topics. Note that the 21st seems to be a highpoint when things open up.

The 17th is a day of FATE. The North Node of Destiny moving clock-wise around the zodiac reaches a point in the sign of Scorpio after an 18 year journey. At the same time, Saturn moving counter-clockwise around the zodiac reaches the same point in Scorpio after a 29 year journey around the zodiac. They are running smack dab into one another and marking a moment in time when Destiny and commitment, endings, leadership, authority, structure, limits, and ambitions come together in the most powerful sign of the zodiac. So…what do you want? Again this is occurring in the area of travel, weddings, law, education, media, marketing, publishing, beliefs, religion, politics, and adventure. What is it you can commit to or end, how can you partner with Destiny?

The Pisces FULL MOON on the 19th brings a high point for you. This is when something is coming through for you or about you, when your name or identity is culminating in some big way, you see results with your body, brand or image, you wrap things up, celebrate the reinvention of yourself, note achievements, mark endings, and let the energy carry you higher. All in all this little period this month seems very big for you, Fated and magical.

Pluto has been Retrograde since mid-April and since then you have been dealing with any major financial, sexual or divorce issues involving a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, social networking, or some aspiration of yours. It has been a time to look at what needed to be purged, what should be transformed and how you handle your own power. On the 20th Pluto goes Direct and you are now ready to move ahead into new territory with these friends, groups, internet, charity, astrology, or networking interests, and to look at new ways to empower yourself or evolve. It’s about how you share with others, what it is that is original or independent about you and how you can utilize this in your growth, and how things are being released so they can move onto the next chapter. I pointed out the 21st was special, part of that is because this energy will now be moving ahead for you and experienced on some new level now. Shall you use the power of attraction and your ability to manifest fully armed WITH the available knowledge of the cosmos to make your moves up ahead? If you are ready to avail yourself of that personal knowledge and delve into your own unique chart a private reading with Zoe will give you an amazing jump on what is there. Email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com for more information about rates and available dates to get started!


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