February brings you in with strong energy behind the scenes so you may be pulled back working on something in development, into some artistic project or interest like film, music or fine art, on a spiritual quest, with a romantic tryst/union, delving into research or investigations, or dealing with hospitals, other institutions, addictions, rest, or healing. You have New Moon energy from the end of January propelling you forward on these themes and should maintain your focus here through the first 2 weeks of February.

It’s good to also be aware that as Mercury Retrogrades this month he will dip back into these themes between the 12th and 28th. During this period you may have people or situations from the past show back up, current involvement shift, or some slow-downs, but this is all part of you fine tuning and rethinking anything that can help you in your forward growth here. To that end, make sure you are looking at past choices, offers, agreements, sales, writing, ideas, or decisions and reworking, releasing or reclaiming any of it to carry forward up ahead.

Venus is in Direct motion as the month begins which will feel good after being Retrograde all of January. For you this means you are going to see more movement with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings/events, your original concepts, inventions, or aspirations this month that have some money making side to them or are focused on love or women.
Mercury Retrogrades on the 6th so between now and the 12th the Retrograde is occurring in your sign. That means this small window is about you revising any choices or needs you have regarding your body, image, name, identity, title, brand, or personal goals. Do you need to rethink something or is there a way to let go, reclaim or rework it? You may feel a strong pull to visit something or someone who defined something about yourself in the past during this period, if so within reason, you may wish to follow through on this to see if it has something to teach you. As with Piscean themes, trusting your gut on this one is advised.

The FULL MOON peaks on the 14th bringing a peak for you involving work, health, pets, paperwork, co-workers, or people you hire, Happy Valentine’s Day! This is when things come through, wrap up, end, or are achieved and celebrated. There is action on the shared financial matters, divorce, sex life, reproductive needs, or third party situation today that should have you feeling good.

The Sun moves into your sign on the 18th and for the next 30 days will highlight you and your needs, your body and image, your name, brand, identity, and title, as well as your personal goals. Aren’t you glad you took the time to rethink between the 6th and 12th? This puts a lot of attention on you so take advantage of what you can do, others will notice, and make it sure you are showing up for you, it will be worth it!

One of the most important things occurring in February is the change of energy fields with the North Node of Destiny and the Karmic South Node. Think back to what occurred for you with your own evolution and key relationships between Aug 1995 and March 1997. Although outer influences are different now, you are about to embark on a similar journey of Fated events between Feb 18, 2014 through Nov 2015. For you this means starting now, Destiny will call you via other key relationships over sexual attractions, reproductive matters, births, mortality issues, divorce, and all major financial matters such as loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance policies, settlements, investments, commissions, royalties, or a partner’s money. These people may be key in helping you achieve in these areas or you may meet Fated people due to what is playing out in these areas.

Karma, on the other hand, will show up around matters pertaining to your income, purchases, possessions, gifts, and values/being valued. This is where past life people will enter to either carry something forward that was cut short then or to balance the scales one way or the other. If you find you experience any losses or limits here turn focus to the Destined side of life. Again, noting what occurred the last time this occurred will give you some clues as to what may come round again.

The 2nd of 3 Jupiter/Uranus squares arrives on the 26th and is part of an ongoing trend meant to open up your love life, children, creative projects, or fun side of life, while shaking things up around the way you earn money, your income, possessions, purchases, or values. Whatever is happening at this time around these themes is half way through.

Mercury goes Direct on the 28th and you are ready to move past the reworking or releasing stage and head forward when it comes to hospitals, institutions, addictions, research, investigations, film, music, art, spiritual practices, romantic getaways, or developmental projects. Take care today since it can be confusing or glitchy on the day energy shifts. There is good energy today around love, creative projects, kids, fun, and your own needs.

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