As March begins your backtracking into the past over home matters, real estate deals, mom, family, security needs, roommates, moves, or renovations will be center stage. The Mercury Retrograde is asking that you rethink things, revise, rework, release, or reconnect over these topics with past people, situations or ideas. It’s so important that you take the time to wrap things up here, tweak them and revisit what you can because on the 11th the NEW MOON is opening the best 2 week window you get this year to launch new interests or opportunities in these areas. If you launch between the 11th and 17th then something from the past will be part of that fresh start, if you want to make new home, move, real estate, family, or roommate decisions, meet new people, or start new situations, then start on the 18th forward.

Mars moves into Aries on the 12th bringing more fire and energy around your creative projects, love life and children. This period will motivate you to do more recreational activities, get your creative juices flowing and moving ahead, express your passions or anger, and motivate with your love life, lover or kids. A younger male may enter the scene now that benefits your aims in these areas.

Mercury goes Direct on the 17th so you now have the green light to sign documents, purchase vehicles or electronics, and say yes to new ideas, people or situations. You should now have a clear idea about who or what goes forward with you from the past and what stays behind.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 20th marking the Spring Equinox followed shortly by Venus moving into Aries on the 21st. This means that from here forward you will be taking the lead, pouring more personal and physical energy into your creative projects and interests, your love life or lovers, children, and recreational activities. It’s your time to shine and you may see your creative brand move ahead, your name change due to love or some physical interest with the kids take off. Venus here will smooth things out, help you truly attract more love with lovers or kids and more income with creative efforts, and may bring a woman onto the scene that is beneficial in these areas.

Note that the 22nd will be active for you with more excitement and surprises involving kids, lovers or creative projects, or something shocking and changing with them. Passions and anger may be in the mix but motivating and being in the moment is everything.

Be ready to make adjustments or adapt on the 23-25th over serious matters involving hospitals, addictions, research, investigations, film, music, art, spiritual interests, clandestine romance, retreat, or development. You need to look at commitments, endings, authority figures, ambitions, limits, structures, or responsibilities here and work on anything involving partners, representatives, clients, specialists, competitors, opponents, creative outlets, love, or kids.
The 26th will again be an amped up energy day over lovers, kids or creative projects. Key other people will play a big role here in positive ways but there is something big to overcome or change involving income or values.

The 27-29th will see Chiron coming into play so wounds or healing will be the focus and these will play out over home, family, mom, moves, real estate deals, or roommate situations. Look to balance Karma here and communicate needs. A partner, representative, client, or other key relationship is in the mix.

The FULL MOON on the 27th brings a major peak for you involving an aspiration as you achieve it or wrap things up and mark an ending. This may also be a time of celebrations, achievements or endings with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, a social gathering or party, social networking, or event. If you are ready to look more deeply into your own unique chart you can schedule a reading with Zoe by emailing or calling 818-613-6067.



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