You are going to be busy in January in talks and meetings, writing or dealing with agreements, in sales or pitching ideas, learning, making more short trips or getting more active locally, and you may have some more energy around brothers, sisters, neighbors, vehicles, and electronics as well. It’s all about communications and transportation amping up and getting serious. Mark the 6th as a day when you get news you’ve been waiting on or when a serious meeting, talk, sale, agreement, or decision opens something up for you. If you need to pitch an idea about your brand, or make choices about your identity, image or body this day is important for you.

The 7th will take you out of this arena a bit and turn focus to home, family, real estate, moves, roommates, or mom. You will have a lot of active energy here motivating you to make things happen, amping up passions or anger, and spurring you on to do it now. Saturn will be in the mix however so you may feel overburdened or down, or your ambitions that are related to you or your body, brand or identity will be a sombering mix in an otherwise active day. You can look for ways to work through this as long as you don’t wear yourself down or let depression get to you. On the up side these challenging squares can help you to urge more leadership and ambition to the forefront and you may achieve a great deal, just don’t exhaust yourself.

Back to your communications and transportations. The 8th and 11th will be important turning points for you. The 8th is when Venus moves here and kicks off a new LOVE CYCLE. Venus also has a hand in your personal income. In both she will help you to smooth out dialogues with people and may bring good news. She will help you charm them in meetings and pitches, interviews and auditions, she will make the local activities and short trips more enjoyable and it is here that you will attract your greatest suitors or income potentials, she will smooth things out with siblings or neighbors and they may lead you to love or income opportunities, she will help you find a lovely car or computer to buy, and help you make decisions that are best for your love life or income. You need to be vocal now. This helps you get the attention you want.

The 11th is your NEW MOON here so it brings your best 2 week window of the year to start a new writing project or sign a contract, to pitch that idea or propose, to make a big sale or get into sales, to buy a new vehicle or electronic or start some new project involving them, to get your fresh start with siblings or neighbors or start new projects or interests with them, to get your merchant interests out there, to schedule a short trip or sign up for something to do locally, and to share your ideas with whomever you feel can help you move things forward in your life. There is something unexpected or exciting, changing or surprising in this fresh start so be willing to try new things and go with the flow.

The 19th is big as 2 energies will shift into Aquarius and your thoughts will turn to home, family, roommates, moves, mom, real estate deals, or renovations in the weeks ahead. This will be where you will have more talks, meetings, agreements, sales, decisions, and where you will be pouring more of your personal and physical energy during this period. If you have been waiting to hear about the sale of a property or wanting to buy or lease a home this will be when you may hear about it or will want to get out there locally to see what is out there. If you want to hold meetings in your home or have a talk with mom, advertize for a roommate or get busy with these topics or people, this will be the time.

The FULL MOON on the 26th is bringing a peak for you on the career front. This is a high point when you are either wrapping up the past year’s influence on your career or celebrating some achievement you’ve reached. You may have fame court you now, your reputation climax in some way, or there could be a big goal or ambition that reaches a high point. If you are dealing with an authority figure, the boss, dad, this may be some peak with them as well. This Full Moon is very lucky or expansive for you so whatever happens will be big and favor you now or shortly up ahead. Aim high.

Jupiter has been Retrograde since Oct. 4th of last year. You’ve been either in a releasing stage or tweeking things having to do with big financial interests, divorce or your sex life. He goes Direct on Jan. 30th and you will feel this as things are now ready to move forward in big ways. This is your best growth and luck spurt you will have on the career front, with reputation, fame, father, the boss, authority figures, goals, ambitions, leadership, and status in 12 years and it lasts until June 25th. Seize the day. The only challenge today as this shift occurs is that the Sun squares Saturn. This means you will need to deal with some personal limit, commitment, responsibility, or ending around your identity, image, brand, body, or ego. In some way here you are being pushed to look at where you are here in the home, with family, roommates, moves, or real estate needs. Get serious about this, work through it, so much awaits you. A look into the year ahead or into the heart of your chart is available via a private reading with Zoe. If you are ready to look deeper and want answers to what is going on around you now, you can write to schedule a reading or inquire about the process of setting one up



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