The first week of April is yours for motivating on things at home, with real estate, family, roommates, moves, renovations, and any writing, agreements, talks, meetings, decisions, sales, or ideas you can put forward. The opportunities abound so take advantage of the flow.

Late on the 6th/early on the 7th Mars and Venus embrace so you should note that this weekend holds some real magic for fresh starts with love and passion or action and income. For you it conspires while at work, with co-workers, with or through people that work for you, over paperwork, around health interests and outlets, or while tending to animals. With that in mind you may want to hire a cute pool man, walk the dog in an upscale hood, or get to the gym in your best workout ensemble! Just saying…

The NEW MOON on the 10th starts your best 2 week window of the year to start new work, introduce new ideas on your job, launch new services, hire people to work for you, get new co-workers or start new projects with co-workers, get your paperwork out the door, start a new health regime, see doctors, trainers or specialists for your health, adopt a pet or get involved in animal interests. Get organized!

Pluto Retrogrades on the 12th and will remain in Retrograde through September 20th. Pluto is your signs ruler so you will feel this personally and it may affect your identity, image, brand, or physical presence on the scene. It will play out over news, offers, agreements, writing, sales, meetings, talks, siblings, neighbors, electronics, vehicles, and decisions. You should see things ease a bit where any power struggles, triangles or upheavals have been going on here but it is an important period for you to tie up loose ends, backtrack and revisit anything you still need to purge, revise or empower here so you are ready when the next level of evolution begins in the fall. Today will point out any adjustments you need to make regarding all of this and your work, paperwork, health, co-workers, employees, or animals.

Mercury moves into Aries on the 13th bringing more news, information, talks, meetings, writing, sales, agreements, and decisions about that New Moon opportunity. In the weeks ahead you will be thinking and communicating a great deal more about the work, organization, health, paperwork, co-workers, employees, and animals. It’s time to present ideas, sign agreements, make sales, get out there locally or through short trips to move these things along, and involve siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics if need be.

Venus moves into your opposite sign, Taurus, on the 15th where she will begin to smooth things out with key people and help you attract love or income through or with these partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, advocates, or in the way you handle the competition. A woman may arrive that helps you in one of these areas. It’s time to include others.

The Sun follows Venus here on the 19th and will spend the next 30 days illuminating your key relationships. This will put you in the spotlight with these people, push you to step up, take the lead, tie in your image, brand, identity, or get more personally and physically involved with the partners, representatives, clients, competitors, advocates, and specialists during this period. You may get an answer today on what came up on the 12th or you will need to make an adjustment today over news, communications or decisions involving this key person and an income matter.

Mars moves into Taurus on the 20th joining the party and bringing his mojo, passion, action, and anger to your key relationship axis. This is going to amp things up, stir your passions, help you get in touch with your anger, and motivate you to do something with or about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, opponent, client, advocate, or other key relationship. Over the weeks ahead you will have the drive to make it happen.

On the 20th and 21st Mercury will also be quite active. He is going to bring the news, information, talk, meeting, agreement, offer, sale, writing, or decision about work, health, paperwork, or pets to the fore. Expect surprise and change as well as some powerful or transformational push involving third parties, financially shared agendas, divorce, and the agreements, sales, writing, offers, or decisions.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 25th brings a huge ending or peak achievement involving you. This is emotionally powerful and will be about you reaching something personal or seeing something climax involving your name, identity, image, brand, body, or ego needs. These Eclipse periods are 3 times more powerful than normal high points each year in your sign and come with trigger dates to watch for more information about what will transpire. Look to March 28th for part of the story and follow up on May 22nd for the rest. Since Mars is working opposite you during this peak a key person will be active, passionate or angry as things hit their stride. Wanna go deeper? The best way to understand your own potential and where the obstacles and opportunities await you up ahead is a personal reading into your unique birth chart. To inquire about dates or rates for a private reading with Zoe email



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