So how are you feeling about Saturn these days Scorpio?  The tests of more responsibilities, some losses, limits, and discipline can be hard for some but the rewards by the end of this transit in the fall of 2015 will be a more masterful and authoritative you.  This rise of the phoenix is occurring involving your body, name, identity in life, image, and brand.  To that end, you’ve had much of this focused on what still had to be released from the past via the Scorpio field of sexuality, divorce, death, birth, and shared finances over these past months.  Come July 8th that changes and you are now ready to move ahead into new territory, to take the lead, to push harder into fresh arenas and learn what you’re made of, ready?

The 8th will important in another way as well, it is the NEW MOON in Cancer.  This opens up the best 2 week window for you to move ahead in new directions or take things to the next level in legal matters, with media, marketing, publishing, travel, import/export, foreign interests or people, educational pursuits, weddings, politics, or your beliefs.  Your home life, family, a parent, or any moves or real estate deals may color this for you.

If you need more of a push in these areas Mars moves into Cancer on the 13th and will add more mojo behind what you DO to make things happen legally, in media, marketing, education, weddings, or travel/foreign interests.  Mars may introduce some passion here, stir anger or give you more of a fighting spirit.  Younger males may come on the scene to stir the pot.

Uranus Retrogrades on the 17th and the unpredictable ups and downs that have been going on at work, with co-workers or employees, health, pets, services you provide, or organization, will ease a bit over the next months.  You are in a very original phase in your life through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, and charities tied to your work, health, pets, and services with Uranus here but now is a time to catch up to what you’ve created and do some behind the scenes work or internal processing to come up with the next round of visionary direction that will kick back off year end.

The GRAND TRINE that is infusing the summer with growth and solid foundations perfects between the 17th and 20th.  This will be a time of real expansion through legal, media, marketing, publishing, publicity, broadcasting, educational, wedding, or travel interests.  You will see true cementing of something long term involving your identity, body, brand, or personal goals that will involve financial resources, a divorce or your sexual interests.  There will also be potential for something inspired involving a creative project, children or your love life.

MERCURY goes DIRECT on the 20th so all your past focus with people, situations, and issues involving agreements, sales, writing, talks, and decisions will finally turn around.  You have been focusing on the legal, media, marketing, publishing, wedding, educational, or travel needs in this and reworking or releasing things.  Now you can make choices to move in the direction you’ve chosen after today.

The 22nd will be a big day with 4 energies active.  First, Venus moves into Virgo where she will smooth things out and help you attract more love or income through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, and the pursuit of your aspirations.  Women will benefit you here and you should exude more charm in these situations.

Next, the Sun moves into Leo where he will shine a spotlight on your career Midheaven for the next 30 days.  This is your time to shine, to take the lead, stand out, and pour more personal and physical energy into your personal and professional goals, step up over your needs regarding your body, identity or brand with authority figures, and bring your creative expression and love to what is achieved.

Third, Mars and Jupiter conjunct bringing big action for you over the legal, travel, wedding, publishing, marketing, media, educational, or expansive need.  Mars makes it happen and it’s a fresh start for you.

Finally, the FULL MOON in Aquarius occurs on the 22nd bringing a peak ending, celebration or achievement at home, with renovations, a move, real estate deals, property interests, family, a parent, roommates, or your security needs.  Aspirations are tied tightly to what culminates.

Venus is very active on the 26th so note that this day will be big for your interactions with women or in the pursuit of love or income.  It plays out today through what you do with friends, online, with group affiliations, astrology, charities, social networking, or in the pursuit of your aspirations.  You will be one-on-one with someone over creative inspirations, the kids or romantic ideals and the day will solidify something for you long term.

The last days of July are due to be wild ones.  Between the 27th and 31st Mars is gearing up the Uranus/Pluto square and amping up the action, passion, anger, or fighting spirit over legal matters, media, marketing or publishing interests, travel itinerary, wedding plans, or educational pursuits.  You can expect to be facing someone else over agreements, sales, writing, meetings, talks, offers, proposals, or decisions and that they will be powerful and possibly tied into your sexual needs, divorce or the financial picture.  Last minute changes or excitement will also be amping up regarding paperwork, your job, health, pets, co-workers, people you hire to help you, and services.  Set time aside to field all this energy at month’s end!  If you have reached the point where you want to know how all this is affecting your unique energy patterns in your birth chart and what that means for your opportunities and overcoming obstacles, you can email Zoe to get rates and dates for a private reading at



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