December kicks off with a NEW MOON on the 2nd that opens up a 2 week window involving your income, possessions, gifts, purchases, and what you are doing to feel valued. You should be proactive during this period to further your needs, launch new agendas or take things to the next level. Mercury joins in on the 4th and stays until the 24th so during this period there will be more offers, agreements, sales, writing, meetings, talks, and decisions focused on these themes. You may also see the siblings, neighbors, vehicles, local activities, short trips, or electronics figure into the equation.

Mars usually takes a little over 6 weeks to move through a sign but starting on the 7th he is going to enter Libra and tour here for over 8 months! That means that from now until next July you will have added mojo around what is going on at hospitals, with addictions, research, investigations, film, music, art, meditation, yoga, your intuition or psychic abilities, magic, romantic getaways or clandestine romance, projects in development, and Karmic balancing. Mars heats things up, gets you motivated, brings more passion to these themes, and will also bring up any anger that needs to be addressed about them. Younger males may figure dominantly in these matters. Note that the 25th and 27th will amp things up in these matters. The 25th will bring another person into the equation over health, work, paperwork, or pets and shake things up. The 27th will bring up any wounds or healing involving children, love, creative projects, or recreational interests.

The FULL MOON on the 17th brings a peak around a financial matter, divorce, mortality issue, birth, your sex life, or some third party situation. This is when things come through, end, wrap up, or are celebrated. Uranus goes Direct today bringing some surprise or change involving health, paperwork, work, people you hire, co-workers, or pets. You are back into new or different approaches around these themes moving forward.

The Sun marks the Winter Solstice on the 21st by moving into Capricorn and setting off a 30 day cycle that highlights more personal and physical activity for you in writing, agreements, sales, meetings, talks, auditions, interviews, with siblings, neighbors, over vehicles or electronics, with offers, proposals, pitches, and decisions. Amp up the ideas, put yourself out there, take the lead. Venus Retrogrades on the same day so heading back into the past over some money making or love need is indicated in these areas. A female from the past may return or a current one may disembark. It’s time to revise, revisit, reclaim, or release.

Mercury joins the Sun and Venus on the 24th and will bring things to a higher octave in these matters over the weeks ahead. It’s time to communicate what you want, ask for it, speak about it, and make your choices. Note that the 29th – 31st will amp this up as you deal with changes or surprise involving health, work, paperwork, or pets, look at wounds or healing with the kids, a lover, creative projects, or recreational needs, and do something about what is going on at a hospital, with an addiction, a romantic getaway or clandestine romance, artistic project or interest, spiritual pursuit, the research, or a Karmic matter. Give yourself a head start with what is coming up, schedule a private reading with Zoe based on your unique birth blueprint now!



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