March kicks off with a NEW MOON that is all about pushing you out into new territory or taking you to the next level in love, with creative projects, children, or recreational interests. You have 2 weeks to pursue your aims here, know that what you set in motion now has momentum for the rest of the year and that you should shine romantically, artistically, spiritually, or show your healing, research or intuitive side to further these goals.

Mars Retrogrades on the 1st which is big for you since Mars co-rules your sign. This is going to play out over slowing down any action on new ventures while taking you back over actions, passions or anger focused on things already in play or from the past. The focus will be on film, music, art, poetry, spiritual interests, clandestine romance, healing, hospitals, addictions, research, investigations, or projects in development. So, what do you need to do about it, is there something you didn’t get to that you want to do now on these themes, do you need to address that passion or anger? You have until May 19th so gear it up and get it done.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 2nd and the tests and responsibilities you have had on your shoulders, focused on you, your body, image, brand, identity, name, or title will slow down as far as advancing those themes into new territory because you need to get very serious about what is still left unfinished here. So look at your commitments, what needs to end, any limits, ways you can restructure things, losses, or ambition in play over you and your needs and then see how you can deal with the finances, sex life, divorce proceedings, mortality issues, reproductive needs, or third party situations, so you are ready to leave this behind you after July 20th. It is so serious because you will get one other mini do-over between June-July next year, 2015, and that’s it. You will then be on your road for the next 29 years so you want to get real and make this count.

Venus moves into Aquarius on the 6th bringing more of a focus on women, love or income that revolves around home, real estate, moves, renovations, roommates, family, or parents in the weeks ahead. Things should start to smooth out and you should be able to attract what you need here, it will definitely add some spontaneity and excitement if not change to the situations, smile.

Jupiter has been Retrograde for months and on the 6th finally goes Direct. That means you are in the last leg of a big push to expand your horizons, find happiness or prosperity, through legal means, travel plans, educational pursuits, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, publicity, weddings, religion, or politics. From now through July 16th the growth is on here so partner with this lucky energy, you won’t have this much working for you for another 12 years so you want to put things in motion that can grow over these next dozen years. In the sign of Cancer, look to see if any Cancers can help, if home, real estate, family, parents, roommates, moves, or renovations can support what you are doing.

The FULL MOON on the 16th brings a climax for you with an aspiration, friend, group, the internet, astrology, charity, cause, your freedom, invention, or original ideas. This is a high point you want to work for in the days leading up to it so you can enjoy what comes through now or wrap things up, mark endings, or celebrate achievements. It’s all in the details, being of service, the work you do, how you approach the health or animals, paperwork or organization.

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 17th and thoughts turn to your New Moon topics from the 1st. That means that now you may get the offer or hear the news, get your meeting, have the talk, negotiate terms, make the sale, sign agreements, or make the decision focused on the creative projects, children, love life, lover, or recreational pursuit. Bring your imagination, let them hear about your artistry, spirituality, romance, healing modalities, and research.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 20th illuminating work, health, paperwork, animals, co-workers, and people you hire for the next 30 days. You will now want to pour more personal and physical energy into these topics and you may find that your name, brand or image is also more involved here. It’s time to take the lead, stand out, shine your light, and put it out there. The NEW MOON on the 30th amps it up even higher as it arrives in the same zones, opening up a 2 week window that helps you launch into new territory or take things to the next level with jobs, health, paperwork, animals, co-workers, or hired help. Be proactive!

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