April is your super big month for work you are doing, pursuing or a job in the picture, for paperwork that holds some big potential for you, for any health matters you are getting moving in the right direction, and for any animal needs you may have. You will feel this from day one as you have New Moon pushing this forward for you, helping you take things to the next level or get your fresh start through efforts here. There will be offers, agreements, sales, talks, meetings, writing, or decisions starting to kick in around these themes from the 7th onward.

With all this momentum it is good to note that there will be some peaks around these themes later in the month on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th and on the Grand Cross changes of the 20th-23rd. When it comes to your kids, creative projects, love life, and recreational interests, things start to show promise from the 5th onward. You should see things begin to smooth out and an ability to attract the love or money in these areas more easily. A woman may show up on the scene who is beneficial for you in reaching love or creative needs, handling the kids or having fun. Your ruler will Retrograde on the 14th so it is likely that you will notice a shift in direction when it comes to siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, moves, short trips, local activity, writing, sales, agreements, interviews, auditions, pitches, offers, and decisions over the months ahead. Whatever it is you see shift today will also be part of that Lunar Eclipse on the 15th and Grand Cross on the 20th-23rd so things are going to hit peaks and turn corners in these areas. If you need to slow down, go back to past projects, or look at how communications or agreements are affecting finances, sex, divorce, or third party situations, this is your time to get in there and figure it out. If you had some outside financial interest in your writing or sales, it may come back around now. Look at combinations that fit your current paradigm. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a climax in the magical part of your chart. This is more powerful than a typical Full Moon, bringing any healing, hospital needs, research, investigations, spiritual practices, artistic projects like film, music, art, poetry, or others, romantic getaways or clandestine romance, or projects in development to a head. This is when things come through, wrap up, end, or are achieved/celebrated, and when something will be ‘eclipsed’ out to hit this high point. As mentioned before, a key person and the conversation, decision, sale, agreement, or meeting will play a part in this moment. Starting on the 19th these key relationships move into high gear, putting you in the lead or stepping up around something that is about you and your needs with these partners, agents, attorneys, clients, specialists, or opponents. You will have this in play for 30 days. By the 23rd the offers, writing, agreements, sales, meetings, and decisions about these people or with them will move into gear. By the 29th there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in your relationship zone. This is your most powerful period of the year with them, a time when you can launch into new territory or take things to the next level by ‘eclipsing’ out something/someone to make it so. Today this brings some of the more powerful decisions with or through them that can change things or help you reach terms regarding intimacy, divorce, finances, or third party situations. Finally, that means your Grand Cross is going to focus on the growth through travel, legal, educational, media, marketing, publishing, wedding, or political themes, sudden changes or excitement around work, paperwork, health, or pets, and deeper changes and evolution around offers, meetings, talks, ideas, writing, agreements, sales, and decisions. Please read the general overview up top since it breaks down the Grand Cross for everyone in more detail and will give you added information about this month. For a direct look into your unique astrological blueprint and how this important month may affect you on a more specific level, email Zoe at zoemoonastrology@gmail.com to inquire about a private reading and the going rates and dates that are available.


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