It’s time to go for it when it comes to your home and what you want to open up there or through a move to a new place. It’s your time for renovations, real estate deals, home events, property interests, doing things with roommates or family, focusing in on a parent, or setting up the foundations beneath your feet so you feel like you have a ground zero to launch from the rest of the year. This kicks in with real energy on the 6th and the New Moon that will bring about more creativity in these areas or allow for the love to shine through. You have 2 powerful weeks between now and the 20th to push ahead taking something to the next level or getting into brand new territory so use it well!

There will be an upsurge for you in these areas on the 8th and 27th. The 8th is when Mercury enters the game so from here through the 23rd you will have the communications ruler on your side over your interests here so expect to get into the sales, agreements, meetings, pitches, offers, proposals, writing, short trips, local activities, and decision making during this interim over home, real estate deals, renovations, family, roommates, moves, or the parent. Mercury rules your siblings, neighbors, electronics, and vehicles as well so you may have more coming up with them tied to home and property, family or moves, etc during this period. If you need to address something here do it now.

Mars moves into these topics on the 27th so from here forward you will see more action going on at home or over the move, real estate deal, family, parent, roommate, or renovations. Mars heats things up and brings passion into it so you may have something lighting up your world during this phase. Mars also stirs anger so if there is a fight to be had over any of this expect it to ramp up now. The best thing Mars will do for you is give you more energy and motivation to make things happen so if you have chosen your path with the New Moon and made your decisions with Mercury, Mars will give you the drive to implement it now. Mars may also bring a younger male onto the scene who is significant to the furtherance of matters in one or more of these areas.

The other area of life that will be kicking into high gear in August for you is in your fun zone. This include your love life, lover or pursuit of love, children, creative projects, and recreational activities. It may take until the last week of August for you to get into it with vigor but it is coming in strong then. You will have more personal or physical efforts as well as more meetings, agreements, talks, proposals, writing, sales, short trips, and local activities all about the love, kids, creative project, or fun from the 22nd and 23rd forward. There will be 3 key days this month when you will be one on one with someone over one or more of these topics and any issues, boundaries or wounding you have going on here. These arrive on the 1st, 25th and 29th and you should note what comes up for you on the 1st as a clue to what you will be working on with them. It’s important to trust the Karmic wheel with this one and listen to your inner guides to lead you.

Two days stand out this month when news or talks, agreements or sales, writing or decisions, will be vital. The first is on the 7th when you will be coming to terms with someone or having that one-on-one over legal, travel, educational, wedding, or media matters and the big changes or transformations in the mix. It may be tied to property or family in some way and seems very important. The other day will be the 21st when again you will be dealing with information, agreements, writing, sales, talks, offers, proposals, or decisions and something expansive around the home, property, family, parent, move, renovation, or roommate. Today it will involve healing of an aspiration or dealing positively with a wound tied to a friendship, group activity, the internet, astrology, or a charity. There will be something shifting behind the scenes and a new Karmic balance implementing, again for your sign, it’s important to tune in to your deeper needs so you are being true to what this potentially holds for you!

Your ruler, Venus, moves into Libra on the 16th and here she is going to be smoothing things out with your relationships on the job, in your healthy pursuits, with animals, and over paperwork. A woman may enter the picture now that is beneficial to your work, helps with the paperwork, organizes you, gets you on a healthier track, or benefits your pets. You should be able to express more love or attract income more easily during her visit here. There will be one period that may challenge when she comes up against Pluto. This occurs on the 23rd/24th and can be jealous, obsessive, deeply sexual, or about control and manipulation over something playing out legally, through travel or foreign interests, weddings, educational needs, media, marketing, or publishing deals, and will have a financial twist or tie into the divorce or some sexual need. Be the phoenix, not the snake.

The FULL MOON on the 20th will be a high point for you when a cherished goal is finally achieved or your career hits a high note, when you celebrate a boss or end something with them, wrap up an ambitious project or garner some recognition out in the spotlight. This is all about your wishes and hard work joining together to set you free in some way or help you find the praise you deserve for your originality or inventiveness. Note how far you have come since this time last year and make a mental note of who your true soul group is as you reach this summit and wrap up this chapter for now.

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