These are the months we look forward to because the potential for joy is at a higher level than at other times for you Taurus. You can chalk it up to the New Moon occurring in your house of true love, creative projects, recreation, and children on the 5th. This opens up your best 2 week window of the year to launch into new territory, to find that you are well received or having an easier time of it forging ahead, or when you can choose to start something with current love interests that will elevate your situation to another level, embark on new creative ideas, form new relationships with the kids, or finally find the time or energy to have some fun. Singles should make it a point to get out and about or start some new interest now that will lead to love up ahead. It’s your signs ability to notice the small details in these matters that is so impressive so choose your direction and go!

Energy begins to move into your work and health zone starting on the 9th and kicks off a new boost for you when it comes to meetings, writing, agreements, offers, sales, ideas, and more activity swirling around these subjects in your local scene or through short trips. From now through the 29th you are in a strong position to interview, deal with paperwork, audition, introduce new ideas on the job, get a new co-worker or start something up with those you work with, hire people to help, get hired, kick start a new diet or work out regime, get to the doctors or start some protocol to better your cure or recovery, and while you’re at it during this period you may take more of an interest in the animals or your environmental concerns. Expect that by the 22nd you will be all in on the job or with health interests, a trend that will get you more personally or physically involved for the following 30 days. There will be one point when you will have to deal with glitches in all of this or make adjustments and it falls on the weekend of the 14th/15th. At this point adapting around your aspirations or with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, party, event, or social networking will be important. It’s possible something wounding comes up or the need to heal matters is part of the situation, just give and take.

From the 11th onward key relationships will begin to smooth out and these people, be they romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or clients will help you more or get into the flow of your love or income needs. A woman may arrive on the scene that will benefit your aims now or you may just find you are attracting more good things through these relationships. Note that the 21st is a special day with one or more of these people, when your legal, travel, educational, media, publishing, broadcasting, wedding, or political interests are served. There is powerful change occurring now that opens something up for you in a long term or final way. Mercury will dip into this relationship zone on the 29th and bring meetings, talks, offers, sales, writing, and agreements with partners, reps, clients, and the like in the last few days of the month. It may interest you to start thinking about your next move with them.

There are 2 days that stand out as days when you will have something come up regarding home, moves, real estate deals, family, parents, roommates, or renovations. These days will challenge or motivate you and bring up any issues that are brewing. They fall on the 9th and over the weekend of the 14th/15th. On these days you should face any limits, structuring, authorities, commitments, endings, and the partners, reps, clients, competitors, friends, groups, internet issues, or social gatherings that are concerning you here. Again a bit of give and take wouldn’t hurt.

The 17th is a day of FATE. The North Node of Destiny moving clock-wise around the zodiac reaches a point in the sign of Scorpio after an 18 year journey. At the same time, Saturn moving counter-clockwise around the zodiac reaches the same point in Scorpio after a 29 year journey around the zodiac. They are running smack dab into one another and marking a moment in time when Destiny and commitment, endings, leadership, authority, structure, limits, and ambitions come together in the most powerful sign of the zodiac. So…what do you want? Is it going to be a long term commitment or an ending involving a marriage partner, business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, advocate, or other key relationship? Can you take on more leadership, join ambitions, set limits, become more intimately bonded, join sexually, divorce, or is the union about loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, settlements, investments, joint resources, alimony, child support, commissions, or some other shared resource? Destiny calls.

The FULL MOON on the 19th is bringing a climax for you with an important aspiration so you may have worked hard and are now reaching an achievement here, celebrating your dream coming true or you may be choosing to let go of one dream and walk away. This is also a high point with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, and your independence. You will note that this is a time of festivities, achievements, recognition, or endings in these areas as well.

Pluto has been Retrograde since mid-April so there has been a period of dealing with the past and deconstructing it in some way up until now. On the 20th Pluto goes Direct and you move into the next level of destruction and rebuilding on the ashes, empowerment, sexual prowess, divorce issues, financial matters, or third party situations. For you these are having a strong bearing on your beliefs. They will be playing out through legal arenas, wedding plans, media, marketing, publishing, travel, foreign interests, higher education, politics, or religion. You can expect to now set off in some deep evolving way through these arenas over the months ahead and come into a bit more of your power. Anything that needs to go down so that you can rebuild will play out through these areas. I already pointed out that the 21st is a special day when some of these areas will be aspected via a partner, rep, client, specialist, competitor, or other key relationship, opening up new pathways. Shall you use the power of attraction and your ability to manifest fully armed WITH the available knowledge of the cosmos to make your moves up ahead? If you are ready to avail yourself of that personal knowledge and delve into your own unique chart a private reading with Zoe will give you an amazing jump on what is there. Email for more information about rates and available dates to get started!



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