There will never be a more intense and revolutionary month meant to realign you with your spiritual path, Taurus, and the more committed you are to going within the better your awakening is bound to be. You are at the peak of the Uranus/Pluto square the begins on the 1st and spans the month until the 24th so let it open you up to any deeper understanding or changes you would like to embrace regarding meditation, yoga, the dream world, your psychic abilities or intuition, magic, art, film, music, dance, the way water moves you from long baths to swims in the ocean, healing and hospitals, Karma and the balance you seek, rest, research, retreat for romance, or developing projects. What do you belief in, really?

That question is key. Could you educate yourself or share your wisdom? Do you want to broaden your horizons, travel, embrace another culture? Is it time to broadcast your message, delve into media or market yourself in a new way? Does the adventure lie in a wedding? Is there an interest in law, politics or religion? I know these are all grand, sweeping themes but I truly want to emphasize how important this month is for you as you’ve arrived at the mountain top and are ready to stake your flag, look to these themes.

The NEW MOON on the 3rd is your fresh start with key relationships for the year. You can take a current relationship to the next level, start new projects with key people or meet some new people who will be important to you in the months ahead. Look to new beginnings with marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, opponents, advocates, and the like.

Your ruler, Venus, takes up new energy on the 5th, moving into those same higher minded arenas that are so full of hope for change right now: legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, political, religious, and wedding needs. Her presence here over the weeks ahead will make a woman important to what’s going on or help you attract love or money more easily through these realms. You should see things starting to smooth out and more enjoyment as well.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, Retrogrades on the 7th so all those big things you’ve been doing for your vehicles, electronics, siblings, neighbors, moves, writing, agreements, sales, community activities, short trips, or around big ideas or decisions will slow down now. In the months ahead you get to catch up to where you now find yourself and will fare better when trying to ‘grow’ what you already have in the works up to this point.

Mercury goes Direct on the 10th, ending his Retrograde and the do-over period you’ve had with those key relationships. So if you’ve been trying to finish up what was left undone regarding a partner, rep, client, competitor, or other key player, you should have that done by now. If you needed to reconnect with someone from the past to see if there was merit to the connection going forward, you should now have some idea regarding the status. If you met or made a new connection during this phase you will now be deciding if you really still feel like continuing. You are in the free and clear after today to move into new paradigms.

Neptune goes Direct on the 13th awakening from a long slumber and bringing more artistry, spirituality, romance, and behind the scenes energy to your social life. You may be getting out with friends more or joining a group, pushing things forward online again or tying these themes into charities, social networking or events you attend. There may also be something starting up with a hospital or dealing with an addiction now as well. Chiron goes Direct on the 19th in the same areas so you may be ready to move to the next level of healing or feel the need to be more vulnerable or expose a wound tied to these themes.

The FULL MOON on the 17th is in your sign so you are reaching a peak moment for your year now and it is about wrapping something up or celebrating the achievement. It will be about your name or identity, body or image, brand or personal goals, and you can rest assured you will be riding high at this point.

The month wraps up its major aspects on the 21st with the Sun moving into Sagittarius and putting a spotlight on your sex life, divorce, financial affairs, a death, birth, or third party situation for the next 30 days. Starting today you will be pouring more personal and physical energy into these themes and taking the lead in putting yourself at the helm.



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