This month may be a life-changer, it will at the very least have a powerful impact on you and this is in high gear as April begins. It means that from day one you will be moving forward on some deeper level that is about evolving a situation through breaking it down to it’s core and rising out of that reborn in some way. It will focus on your shared financial arenas like loans, inheritance, insurance, taxes, investments, commissions, alimony, child support, settlements, debt, bankruptcy, or a partners money.

It will also focus on the more personal side of the deepest part of your chart so you may also be moving forward into new territory or to the next level when it comes to sex, reproduction, birth, mortality issues, divorce, or third party situations. News, offers, talks, meetings, agreements, sales, siblings, transportation, short trips, or decisions that have impact on these new beginnings will start to become apparent from the 7th onward. Note that it will be these themes you are pushing forward on this month that will be part of the climax at the Lunar Eclipse on the 15th and part of the changes at the Grand Cross on the 20th-23rd. You may have a woman showing up around the 5th onward involved with you as a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, or other key relationship that is here to benefit you in some way. You may also see that the love or income matters smooth out a bit with these people or are easier to access now. You have been moving in one powerful direction when it comes to your love life, children, creative projects, and recreational needs and on the 14th there will be a shift around these matters. Things may slow down or you may return to the past to work something out, an easement may occur or you may just see that the big financial, sexual, divorce, or third party matter playing out around these themes is shifting, creating a new paradigm for you with them. This will be part of the decisions or talks going down on the 15th as you look at any changes, issues or ambitions in the matter. This is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your 2nd house so today there will be some climax around income, possessions, purchases, or values. It is a time when things finally come through, wrap up, end, or are achieved/celebrated. Expect something to be ‘eclipsed’ out to reach this summit. From the 19th forward you will be drawn to participate more in the legal, travel, educational, media, wedding, political, religious, or marketing side of things. This is a 30 day cycle kicking off and you will want to pour more personal and physical energy into these matters, take the lead and shine your light. Offers, news, agreements, talks, meetings, and decisions join in on these topics from the 23rd onward. If you have a sibling, neighbor, vehicle, short trip, or electronic interest in the matter then they too will come on board from this date forward. By the 29th there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in these broader arenas of law, education, travel, media, religion, weddings, marketing, politics, publishing, and broadcasting, this is a very powerful push for you to launch into new territory now or take things to a much bigger level, again expect something to be ‘eclipsed’ out to make way for this start. There are positive alignments today involving your lover, child, creative project, or recreational interests in what you move on, open up communications, make decisions. So, your Grand Cross between the 20th-23rd is going to be about the growth around aspirations, friendships, group affiliations’, the internet, astrology, charities, inventions, or your freedom, sudden changes or excitement around your sex life, divorce needs, reproductive matters, mortality issues, or major financial interests, and deeper changes or evolution around your love life, lovers, children, creative projects, and recreational interests. Please read the general overview up top since it breaks down the Grand Cross for everyone in more detail and will give you added information about this month. For a direct look into your unique astrological blueprint and how this important month may affect you on a more specific level, email Zoe at to inquire about a private reading and the going rates and dates that are available.


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