April 2020 Cosmic Consciousness

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It is hard to know where to begin. As I write this many of us are in lock down, unable to get together physically, in our effort to slow the spread of disease caused by the Covid-19 virus. This situation is forcing all of us to rethink how government, healthcare, financial and social systems are operating. The Saturn Pluto new cycle is dismantling these systems in a very visceral way. Our day-to-day lives are disrupted. As the 4th month, April affords us the energies of a new foundation upon which to build a different structure for a brand-new world. Yet we know that sometimes a building has to be demolished and a new foundation secured in order to rebuild an even more solid structure. We are in that process now.
The energies of ‘4’ bring stability and order; for example, the 4 elements that make up physicality (fire, air, water, earth), and the 4 sacred directions that orient us in space. In Cosmic Consciousness, the 4 etheric bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) form the essential components of our existence (as described in the Lower Body System in the CC Corner).
In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the 4 o’clock hour of Conscious Obedience to our inner guidance system, which guides us and provides the stability we need whenever we follow it. It can only be heard when the mind is calm. Venus is the dispositor of Taurus; it is in our heart center that our inner guidance is found, and when we connect with it we expand our capacity to love with the higher mind. When we resonate with the Truth of this guidance there is no doubt or fear; we Know what to do.

Last month we examined how we manifest and demanifest situations, events, people and things into and out of our lives. We saw where we put our attention and thus our energy. This month we go within, reflecting on what is new and what has gone and what remains, making decisions about and building upon those manifestations. Just as the 4 corners of the square form the base of a pyramid upon which the triangular energies of manifestation rests, the creative manifestations of the ‘3’ grow roots and stability with each decision and action resulting from the gathering of our intuitive ‘4’ energies. To be sure, we are always manifesting with every divine spark of thought, and we strive to be conscious and intentional Creators; this month we tweak our creations, eliminating those with negative roots and false starts, nurturing those that call to us to be expanded and expressed.

April’s Foundational Energies

According to Cosmic Consciousness, when vertical and horizontal polarities (bridges) intersect, they create 90-degree angles, (or squares, in 3D), requiring a higher perspective to bring the energies together. This higher perspective results in stepping stones that elevate our consciousness up beyond 3D conflicts and stresses, becoming a strength for us to use, allowing us to integrate and apply these energies to any experience. The intersection of 2 bridges formed by 4 or more planets creates a planetary picture called a Grand Crossroad, where, standing in the center, we can access any and all paths to get where our soul needs to go.
The ongoing Grand Crossroad in Power (formerly cardinal) signs at the later degrees include Jupiter, Pluto, Pallas and Chariklo in Capricorn, Eris and Black Moon Lilith in Aries, Astraea in Cancer and Arcturus and Haumea in Libra. While there is great disruption and transformation of our daily lives, there is also plenty of wisdom in finding ways to connect with each other non-physically. We are being forced to slow down and reevaluate how we run our lives and what’s important in the larger scheme of things. Such reevaluation will ultimately provide a stable new foundation as we seek to bring order into our lives.
The other Grand Power Crossroad in early degrees includes Quaoar, the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) and Ixion in Capricorn, Salacia and Chiron in Aries, the Soul Star (N. Node) in Cancer and MakeMake in Libra. This configuration will soon change, but this month we are collectively at the place where we must learn to align with the higher laws of nature, love and karma in order to rise to meet our evolution. The capacity for higher thought and ideas and new purpose is at our disposal. The key is to come from the heart center, which automatically quiets and opens the mind, allowing new solutions to percolate. Both of these configurations provide the groundwork for the new cycles and energies to come.

Personal Planet Movements

The Sun: As the Sun makes his way through Aries, he connects with Eris on 4/13 for their annual new cycle. Eris’ energies are feminine, and she works by awakening through internal disruption, through what has been brewing for a long time. After the Sun enters Taurus (4/19) the New Moon takes place on 4/22. Then the Sun makes a new cycle with Uranus on 4/26 for a different kind of awakening, one that tends to be more external. It might come from something someone says, or some life event. Either way, there is no turning back. Our new awareness will enable us to attune to the music of the cosmos with the Sun Albion new cycle on 4/29.
Mercury: Mercury finished his retrograde cycle 3/29, beginning a new chapter of communication and connection. Now he picks up the pace; traveling through Pisces, Mercury finally reaches Neptune on 4/3. This new cycle brings much needed clarity to our thinking, enabling us to face and master the fears arising from the corona virus. When we do this, we open to the unlimited potential that’s available to deal with the crisis.
On 4/11 Mercury enters Aries, where he becomes part of the Grand Power Crossroad with a Salacia new cycle and bridge with MakeMake 4/14, and a new cycle with Chiron on 4/15. Our thinking and communication processes are uplifted and aligned with the higher laws, made ready for the Mercury Eris new cycle of awakening on 4/24. How we think about our situation will dictate its resolution. The Great Messenger enters Taurus, Venus’ sign, on 4/27, creating a mutual reception where both planets are in each other’s sign (see below), working together. Here the higher mind finds grounding and inspiration.
Venus: On 4/3 Venus enters the quality of consciousness (sign) of Gemini, Mercury’s sign. In Cosmic Consciousness, Venus represents the divine feminine heart, and Mercury signifies the divine masculine mind, so having Venus in Gemini is a balance of sorts between those energies. Because of her retrograde cycle, Venus will remain in Gemini for 4 months, giving us plenty of time to practice thinking with the heart and letting love motivate everything we say and do.
The opportunity to step more fully into our personal authority and increase Self-worth gets a boost when Venus manifests with Saturn on 4/4, the same day as the Jupiter Pluto conjunction. This speaks to the transmutation of our social consciousness, infusing it with heart-based energies. Venus enters her shadow at 5 Gemini on 4/9; every connection from here on in will be repeated, including the 1st Venus Vesta conjunction on 4/14. We begin to explore our devotion to what we love and value; it will surely be changing in the coming weeks.
Mars: After a very active month, which ended with a Mars Saturn new cycle, the planet representing physicality and right action forms a bridge with Varuna (4/2), resources (sextiles) Salacia (4/6), makes a stepping stone with Uranus (4/7) and resources Chiron (4/8), Black Moon (4/10) and Mercury (4/19). Mars is such a big player this year. Physical life on the planet has changed, and it will require a higher perspective to put it all into context and gather the resources available to us. Healing and realignment are possible, along with energetic Truths about the creation of the Covid-19 virus, and a new mind-body approach to dealing with it.

Other Important Events

Quaoar, who fosters totally new thought from the depths of mind-heart balance, begins his retrograde on 4/3 at 5 Capricorn, for the next 5 months.  As the 5D octave of Mercury, Quaoar represents our capacity to move outside the confines of the lower mind and old thought patterns and find the capacity to manifest new paradigms. Throughout his retrograde he intersects the MakeMake Salacia Lightbridge; the higher natural laws cannot be denied in the new world we are creating.
On 4/4, the 4:4 stargate, Jupiter and Pluto come together for the 1st of 3 conjunctions. Jupiter expands our consciousness and brings wisdom and abundance. Pluto destroys or transforms and resurrects. Jupiter is a social planet, and it will take 3 conjoinings for Pluto to do his work in the social realm. These are the most expansive energies in the solar system, and their effects will be pervasive and long lasting. The divisive ways in which we interact with one another no longer work, the themes of new and expanded social interaction begin today. Already we are finding other ways to connect with each other besides being in the same physical space.
On 4/25 Pluto stations retrograde and for the next 5 months he moves backwards towards the degrees he went over in January. Since 3/9, when Mercury ended his retrograde, all the planets have been in direct motion, and though we have to slow down physically, the energies have been full speed ahead and changing rapidly. With Pluto’s retrograde things will feel like they are slowing down as we become more introspective, giving us the opportunity to review and integrate all the changes we have been through so far this year. In the months ahead we have the opportunity to review how we give away or misuse our power and how to reclaim it.
Astraea, Divine Feminine harbinger of the Golden Age, enters the Leo quality of consciousness on 4/7, where she will remain till June. Leo reflects the Light of positivity, focusing us on what is, rather than what is not, and finding blessings in any situation in whatever way we can. Here Astraea reminds us that all is perfect and to keep the space of gratitude in our hearts. The 4/13 Astraea Varuna new cycle provides the higher perspective needed to see this Truth.
Two other planets change signs (and consciousness) this month. On 4/23 Ceres enters the deep, expansive waters of Pisces, where anything is possible if we can let go of fear and let faith motivate everything we do. Ceres’ presence in this energy field helps us rebirth new life out of the ashes of the old. And Pallas enters Aquarius on 4/29, affording us the wisdom to remove the barriers to unconditional Self-love. When we Love our Selves we can be there for others.

Lunar Matters

The 4/7 Full Moon in Libra bridges the stellium in Libra with the stellium in Aries. As such there are fully 10 planets and points involved in this lunar event: Salacia, Chiron, Black Moon, the Sun and Eris in Aries and MakeMake, Juno, the Moon, Arcturus and Haumea in Libra. Aries is the sign of Self-Realization, and Libra is the Mirrored Self. In Cosmic Consciousness, they comprise the horizontal relationship axis on the Cosmic Clock, where we access our individuality and see it reflected in the relationships around us. Alternately, relationships reveal what we need to change within our Selves. This is how we function in the world. A bridge allows access to two different experiences, making them one. This Full Moon brings our awareness of disruptive Truths, wholing and enlightenment together with emotional responses that are tied to the higher energies of wholeness and unity consciousness. Disposed by Mars and Sedna, this lunation brings the Divine Feminine energies of the ages into the physical realm.
The 4/22 New Moon in Taurus is not directly part of the Grand Power Crossroad at 0-6 degrees, but it does connect with it. The Sun Moon new cycle at 3 Taurus manifests with Quaoar, the karmic Earth Star Chakra and Ixion, forming part of a Grand Manifestation in Earth signs with the fixed Royal Star Regulus. It resources the dharmic Soul Star Chakra and intersects the Saturn Varuna bridge. It makes a stepping stone with Astraea. And it conjuncts Uranus. This lunar event is a wake up call to be present in our lives, grounding our Selves in Love. It is time to step up to the bigger picture and claim our authority. We are rising to a new level of consciousness. The promises our souls made have been fulfilled; we are ready for a new purpose and promise. The future is in our hands.

Black Moon Activities

This is an unusual month for the Black Moon, as she dances in Aries, reenters Pisces for the last time, and makes her way all the way through Aries and into Taurus for the first time in years. She begins and ends the month in a retrograde and conjoins Mercury 3 times in 2 different signs. That a lot of revelation!
Black Moon starts the month with a retrograde at 25 Aries, moving backwards over Eris on 4/2. As she moves through Aries, Black Moon conjoins the Sun (4/5), Chiron (4/10), Salacia (4/11) and Mercury (4/12) before reentering Pisces for the last time on 4/13. She only goes as far as 28 Pisces before stationing direct on 4/15 and entering Aries again on 4/17. Black Moon goes over 29 Pisces twice in as many days. This is significant for many reasons. The 29th degree of Pisces is a world axis point, and it holds all the sorrow Gaia has ever known. It marks the rebirth into a new world. It is the divine masculine Portal of Truth that leads to the space of the divine spark of creation (Aries) of the mental realm. Some final Truths are about to be revealed. We are finally ready to settle into the new world.
Back in Aries again, Black Moon continues her dance with Salacia (4/20) and Chiron (4/21) for the 15th time, moving on to conjoin with Eris (#3) on 4/26. Who knows what a Black Moon Eris communion will reveal? (There will be more.) Following that Lilith enters Taurus on 4/27 for the 1st time, running smack into Mercury there (their 4th meeting). It is significant that our communications and connection systems should meet the Great Unveiler in 2 different energy fields. We need to change the way we think of our Selves, and use the heart energy of our intuition more. As if to underscore the last point, Black Moon conjoins Mercury again in Taurus on 4/30. How is that possible? Lilith is slowing down to retrograde, and Mercury catches up to her and passes her. She begins moving backwards towards Source a few hours later on 4/30. It should be noted that both Black Moon and Mercury are 1° away from Uranus, still close enough to receive those energies, though a Black Moon Uranus conjunction won’t occur until the end of May.
The extreme divisiveness of the past few years has given rise to deep-seated fears of ‘the other,’ of infection or invasion. At a higher level we mourn the acute separateness we are experiencing in every part of our lives. The part of the body that stores grief is the lungs. The coronavirus attacks the lungs, and the disease has forced us to remain physically separate from each other.
Yet it has brought us together in the sense that it is a global event, and everyone on the planet is affected in some way. It forces us to be aware of where we are in space, in relation to others and in the way we handle our bodies. It forces us to slow down in time and go within, digging deep past ancient fears to find the strength inside our hearts. We find new and creative ways to communicate and help each other, which will continue when the pandemic is over. The energies of the 4th month speak directly to life on Earth; we are building a new foundation of social interaction that will reverberate for years to come.
The practice for this month is to ground our Selves in Love by practicing non-attachment. Attachment (resistance to what is) causes suffering because we don’t want anything to change, we don’t want to lose what we love. Non-attachment doesn’t mean being unloving, it means loving with all your heart and accepting that nothing is permanent. Non-attachment allows us to see where we are stuck, gently let it go, and follow the intuition that can then be heard. It requires presence, mindfulness and devotion. Nothing is permanent, not even the virus. This too shall pass.
Be well all, from my heart to yours.
You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather. ~~ Pema Chodron
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  1. Thank you Shelly, for this inspiration, especially ‘The practice for this month is to ground our Selves in Love by practicing non-attachment’. With Chiron actively involved this week, that was a big ask, or should I say dealing with an uncomfortable grab coming at me , until the moment came when it wasn’t, and in the end the exhale was truly liberating. I think knowing that when things seem to be not going the way you thought/wanted them to go is really the moment to wake up to the realization that something new is trying to come into one’s life…it just needs you to make a little room. Namaste.

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