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As the 4th month, April affords us the energies of a new foundation upon which to build new, more sustainable structures for a brand-new world. Yet we know that sometimes a building has to be demolished before a new foundation can be secured in order to build something more solid and stable. We began that process last year, and there is still much work to be done.
The energies of ‘4’ bring stability and order, such as the 4 elements that make up physicality (fire, air, water, earth), and the 4 sacred directions that orient us in space. In Cosmic Consciousness, the 4 etheric bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) form the essential components of our existence (see the Lower Body System in the CC Corner). The '4' represents the building of new structures, and the presence of doors opening (and closing) everywhere. To build these new structures, the foundation must be balanced and even.  Just as the 4 corners of the square form the base of a pyramid upon which the triangular energies of manifestation rests, the creative manifestations of the ‘3’ ground and stabilize with each decision and action resulting from the gathering of our intuitive ‘4’ energies.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the 4 o’clock hour of Conscious Obedience to our inner guidance system, which guides and protects us, providing the stability we need whenever we follow it. It can only be heard when the mind is calm. Venus is the dispositor of Taurus; it is in our heart center that our inner guidance is found, and when we connect with it we expand our capacity to Love with the higher mind. When we resonate with the Truth of this guidance there is no doubt or fear; we Know what to do.

April Energies

This is one of those months where there is so much astrological ‘news’ that it is difficult to get it all in. There is lots of activity, with the personal planets Sun, Mercury and Venus making important new cycles and interacting with each other, all in Aries and Taurus. Suffice to say, we will be experiencing major awakenings, revelations, and new beginnings all month as they affect our awareness and mental and emotional processes. This is not a prediction, the personal planets all make new cycles with both Eris and Uranus, and we must allow that to manifest in any way they can.
Fully 6 planets change direction: Quaoar, Juno, Pluto, Astraea go retrograde, and Vesta and Varuna go direct. We don’t feel the 5D planet retrogrades as much as the solar system planets, which are more personal. Since February we have been moving forward at warp speed as all the 3D planets have been in direct motion. With Pluto going retrograde things will seem to slow down.
Along with long-haulers Salacia, Chiron and Eris, 3 of the 4 personal planets (Sun, Mercury and Venus) as well as Ceres and the Black Moon are traveling through Aries. The heart is a big player as Venus leads the way, entering into her home sign of Taurus and eventually meeting up with Mercury, who then takes over the lead. This is part of the 2-month-long pas de deux that brings balance and equality to mind/heart masculine/feminine energies that are sorely needed now.
Albion, the vibration of the universe, sits at 10 Taurus, and will merge with the new cycles created by Uranus, Black Moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury as they speed through Taurus. There might be the thunder of sudden awakening, or the subtle song of Love if we’re paying attention.
Ceres makes new cycles with all the lower body planets in Aries (she made a resourceful connection with Mars in Gemini on 3/25), and they all commune with Eris (and the Black Moon) in new cycles. The Sun, Mercury and Venus all meet with Uranus as well. That’s 7 new cycles with the Great Awakeners, not to mention that the Aries New Moon also conjoins Eris! All told, there are 17 new cycles this month. To say that April will be a game changer is an understatement! Doors will be closing and opening everywhere!

Venus Leads

Venus is the planet that presides over the emotional body. Her domain is the heart and the Divine Feminine Self, the part of us that just allows it all to be what it is; the heart-centered part of us that lets it all be, without needing to fix anything or bring it into alignment with what the head wants.
Venus sets the tone for the month with a new cycle to Ceres (4/3) and Eris (4/9) before entering Taurus, her own sign, on 4/14. Once there, she conjoins with Uranus and Albion 4/22 and Mercury on 4/25. The Sun and Mercury follow suit, making the same connections. But what does it mean?
It means that what we want deep within our hearts is the Truth of who we are, and it must come first. We must trust our emotions and access what we truly value, what makes our hearts sing. We have to know ourSelves. As the heart enters a new chapter it gets shaken and awakened by the pain of past wounds that come up for healing.
When Venus comes home, so to speak, our hearts are grounded, and our focus becomes one of letting go of attachments and listening to the gentle guiding voice within. From this state there are more awakenings in store.
Newly energized, Mercury and Venus commune together, balancing mind and heart, making ascension possible.

Sun and Moon Events

The Sun met with Venus, Salacia and Chiron in March and he communes with Ceres on 4/7. Our life force, our very consciousness, begins a new chapter of awareness of choosing Love over fear with every thought and decision.
In between the Sun’s new cycles with Ceres and Eris, the 4/11 Aries New Moon occurs, with Mercury, Ceres, Eris and Venus all a part of its energies. This is an active, creative, disruptive new beginning in Self-Realization that calls for awareness and presence of mind. Aries is Mars’ domain, and Mars and Mercury are in a mutual reception: that is, they are in each other’s signs, and they can be interchanged where necessary. Mars resources the New Moon (and Eris), providing impetus for action. The phrase ‘Think before acting’ comes to mind, as well as a strong mind-body connection.
The stationing Juno bridges Mars, providing an avenue to seeing our relationships to one another, motivating our responses with Love. Jupiter manifests with Mars, and his resources with the Full Moon, Eris, and Venus serve to bring wisdom and expansive social consciousness to our sense of Self. It can be disruptive as we become more aware of our connection to each other, revealing where we need to change how we respond to one another going forward.
Pluto forms a stepping stone with the New Moon, and especially with Venus; new ideas and creations must feel right, and Pluto will let us know if they are viable. Orcus adds his multidimensional energies, intersecting (a T-square) the Moon’s nodes. Saturn aspects the nodes as well, resourcing the karmic Earth Star Chakra (S. Node), and manifesting with the Soul Star Chakra (S. Node). All of which is to say that our social awareness is changing, and while some may resist, this is evolutionary in nature. We are waking up to the realization that this is a turning point, and we are all entering a new world. This is a good day to make a new vision board for the rest of the year.
The 4/13 Sun Eris new cycle reinforces the New Moon energies, and focuses our attention on our intentions for this time of awakening, and what we can offer for ourSelves and to the world.
The Sun and Mercury, co-dispositors of the divine masculine, come together in a superior conjunction on 4/18 while Mercury is direct. It is a kind of reset, a mingling of mind and consciousness, and from here on in thoughts come to us before we are aware of them. When the Sun enters Taurus on 4/19 Venus and Mercury are already there to greet him.
On 4/26 the Full Moon in Scorpio occurs.  Eris the female awakener was a huge part of the Aries New Moon, and Uranus, her counterpart, conjuncts the Sun in this lunation. That means there is a different kind of awakening that can happen with this Full Moon. Once again Orcus intersects the Earth and Soul Star Chakras, reminding us that our true home is not here but in the invisible realm. Black Moon communes with Mercury and Venus, revealing blockages to mind/heart unity, and Jupiter manifests with Haumea, expanding our ability to create easily. The Salacia MakeMake bridge is open for us to practice riding the waves of joy and sorrow, knowing that they are all part of the cosmic order. One invariably becomes the other, and both are perfect.
Venus and Pluto have domain over this lunar event, and Venus communes with the Black Moon, who always uncovers some kind of hidden truth. Stationing Pluto is very powerful, resourcing Eris and Ceres. We are transforming, and whether we enter a new chapter happily or in fear, it is disrupting nevertheless. The Black Moon/Pallas/Venus resource uncovers untapped wisdom and strength to deal with these disruptions.
The Sun’s (4/30) new cycles with Albion and Uranus mark the end of the month and deliver us to fresh new awakenings, which can be felt on many levels and in many areas. They may have something to do with our environment, with finances, or with intuitive hits that render solutions. It is a good day to let things be and allow what wants to unfold.

Mercury Joins In

When Mercury enters Aries on 4/3 he joins 7 other planets including the Black Moon. Traveling much faster than Venus and the Sun, he makes new cycles with Salacia (4/7), Chiron (4/9), Ceres (4/14) and Eris (4/16), and by 4/18 he is ready for a superior conjunction with the Sun. Now Mercury moves ahead of the Sun, although they both enter Taurus on 4/19.
The heart and our consciousness have already been through the Aries new cycles. Now the higher mind gets a chance to think about and calibrate these new energies, lifting up our mental systems, wholing them, inviting new ways of thinking which can be disruptive to us and others.
Only 16 days after Mercury enters Aries he changes signs again, ingressing Taurus, where he communes with Uranus and Albion (4/24). He gets there after Venus, but before the Sun, helping us make sense of the revelations, intuitions and awakenings that occur.
As mentioned, Mercury and Venus, having been through the same cycles all month, conjoin in Venus’ sign on 4/25, bringing the mind into the conscious path of non-attachment. If we can let go of the things that irritate us, we can open to our heart-center and find refuge there, loving with the mind. Mercury and Venus will meet again next month, this time in Mercury’s sign, creating a new beginning of mind/heart balance and perhaps a merging of masculine/feminine energies that will last all year.

Mars Follows His Path

Mars, dispositor of all the action in Aries, enters Cancer on 4/23. The sign of Emotional Power is a difficult place for his energies, but it’s where mastery can be achieved. That means letting feelings be expressed before acting on them. It will prove especially useful as the Ceres Eris new cycle beings on the same day, promising shake-ups that will deliver us to a new way of being. As new realizations take hold, our ways of responding will change.

Ceres and Eris

Ceres is the nurturer who delivers us to a new chapter in our lives. In Aries we are primed for a fresh new beginning of Self-realization by utilizing our mental power to redirect our thoughts to reflect a higher way of being. When we do this we are reborn into a new way of thinking and manifesting. Ceres makes new cycles with Venus (4/3), the Sun (4/7), and Mercury (4/14), initiating us into a new chapter of loving, consciousness and connection in preparation for the disruptions that will happen as we expand our consciousness. We begin to realize that in order to create a new world we must first change our ideas, beliefs, prior learning and assimilated energies that are no longer in tune with who we are now, and who we are becoming.
The 3 personal planets are also engaged with Eris, the disrupter whose goal is to awaken us from within. The Venus Eris new cycle occurs on 4/9, Sun Eris on 4/13 and Mercury Eris on 4/16. We might be thrown into turmoil emotionally, mentally and/or consciously as we become aware of the discrepancies between where and who we want to be and where we are now. We see how the world is and how incongruous it is with our core values. It is painful, but the awakening it engenders will bring about needed change.
Finally, on 4/23 Ceres and Eris meet in their own new cycle, a portal that opens to a new chapter where everything feels disorganized and confusing yet hopeful, as this disruption shows us where to put our energies towards creating a world based in unity, compassion and Love.

Uranus and Albion

Uranus provides the lightning of sudden awareness and realization, and Albion imparts the reverberations of that aurally--the thunder, if you will.  The two are traveling together now, making  a new cycle together on 4/26. In the space of a week Venus, Mercury and the Sun form new cycles with both of them--6 new cycles relating to awakening on various levels.
Venus is the first personal planet to make a new cycle with Uranus (4/22), which ensures an awakening of the heart, and validation to trust the insights coming through. Mercury comes to his new cycle with Uranus on 4/24 signifying new inspiration and mental connections. The Sun makes his own new cycle with Uranus on 4/30, providing profound realizations for everyone. During this week especially it is important to allow time for Self-care and space to integrate the changes that are coming through.

Changes in Direction

Quaoar, who fosters totally new thought from the depths of mind-heart balance, begins his retrograde on 4/5 at 6 Capricorn, for the next 5 months.  As the 5D octave of Mercury, Quaoar represents our capacity to move outside the confines of the lower mind and old thought patterns and find the capacity to manifest new paradigms. Throughout his retrograde he intersects the MakeMake Salacia Lightbridge; the higher natural laws cannot be denied in the new world we are creating.
Juno is an asteroid fragment of divine feminine consciousness, representing the wholeness that is inherent in all relationships. She is the capacity to perceive unity, in a similar fashion as 5D Haumea, but on a more personal level. Her 3 1/2 month retrograde begins on 4/12, and it takes us within to reevaluate the Truth of our relationships with each other, our capacity to partner with ourSelves, and the ideas and possessions we cling to.
According to Cosmic Consciousness, when a planet stations direct, it expresses its energies into the physical realm. While a planet stations it is very powerful; Varuna, with his cosmic view of everything in all dimensions and frequencies, is no exception, stationing direct on 4/15. Varuna spends the entire month at 3° Leo, in a long-term Light Bridge with Chariklo. Five days later Vesta, holding the vibration of devotion and commitment, goes direct as well, in a Grand Manifestation in earth signs with Venus and Astraea. This signifies our newfound devotion to inserting Love into the frequencies of the divine feminine. Astraea herself goes retrograde on 4/28 in a stepping stone to MakeMake. Her retrograde lasts until August.
Pluto, though a much more collective force, also has a profound effect on each and every one of us personally, largely because it is such a huge force. It moves us all as one, and each of us has our own responses to those transformational events that Pluto brings.
On 4/27 Pluto stations retrograde, the only planet in our solar system to do so. In exactly 4 months he squares Eris for the 4th time in their 2-year dance of disruptive transmutation. With Pluto’s retrograde, things will feel like they are slowing down as we become more introspective, taking the time to review and integrate all the changes we have been through so far this year. For the next 5 months we have the opportunity to review how we give away or misuse our power and learn how to reclaim it. 

Black Moon Adventures

The Black Moon entered Aries in September 2019, and her first communion with Eris occurred on 3/30/20, just about a year ago. Her first communion with Uranus took place on 5/28/20. On 3/30/21 Eris retrograded back into Aries for the last time, and she continues moving backward through the sign of Conscious Discipline until 4/4, when she goes direct at 22 Aries.
This April Black Moon’s last communions with Eris occur, one on 4/2 while retrograde, and the other in a new cycle on 4/5 (#21) as she goes direct. These final communions reveal more Truth, and the new cycle begins a new and better approach to handling these disruptive Truths while maintaining emotional balance. During the past year we have been tapping into our divine spark of creativity and the power of our higher Mind, to activate solutions to what appear to be daunting problems. Working with others and connecting in unity together, more creative energy is released, moving us forward.
On 4/7 Black Moon reenters Taurus, communing with Uranus on 4/9 (#15) and Sedna on 4/17 (#5). On 4/19 she barely enters Gemini, goes retrograde, and then backs into Taurus, all on the same day. Traveling backwards towards Source she communes with Sedna again. Every time she goes back and forth over the Portal of Knowledge between Taurus and Gemini she connects with the high frequencies of the Record-keeper, uncovering some of our ancient stories.
But before she connects with Uranus on 4/29, Black Moon conjoins with Mercury and Venus (4/26-7) on the World Axis degree of 15 Taurus, revealing blockages to mind/heart balance that affect the world on some level. On the same day she unites with Uranus, she also communes with the Sun, touching us on a personal level. Altogether Black Moon makes 9 conjunctions this month, and 2 of them happen twice. We must take these unveiled Truths to heart and allow our intuition to lead us.
We have come a long way since last year at this time. Then we were in lockdown as the pandemic raged. We were in new territory, feeling our way (and still are), setting up temporary structures to handle the unseen enemy that was disrupting our lives in every way. The flaws in existing systems were and continue to be exposed. Now, a year later, with changes in leadership, millions are being vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus, and we are feeling hopeful that we may eventually be freed from physical/social isolation. But things will never be the same.
We see some people laying down new foundations of voter suppression, knowing that it is unsustainable and must be dismantled. Yet new systems are waiting to appear and others are emerging, silently, out of the limelight. To ensure their viability will take effort on our part: vigilance, perseverance, a willingness to be engaged—and joy. Joy in knowing that we are never alone, that the Universe has our backs and that we are always supported.
As part of the unity consciousness that is growing stronger, we must stand in the knowledge of our power to effect change through awareness, higher consciousness, dedication and compassionate right action. Now is the time to bring the pioneering spirit of Aries together with the grounding intuitive guidance of Taurus, the power of the higher Mind with the power of intuition, to help cut down the house of lies and build a new foundation of Truth to support the emerging new world.
The practice for this month is Self-care. It means being aware of when you’re tired and need rest, when you are triggered or drained by what you see and hear and taking steps to ground yourSelf with support, engaging with the emotions arising from that in order to heal them. It means doing the things that bring you joy and that raise your vibration. It means listening to your intuition, guides, angels and your body, and trusting and following those messages.
It means remembering you are made of Love.
Impermanence is not just an illuminator of loss. It is an illuminator of newness, the ever-unfolding present moment and its creativity. ~~Pema Khandro Rinpoche
Your feedback is welcome! If you have any comments or questions, please send them to sleal929@gmail.com. Looking for Self-knowledge? I offer 5D spiritual astrology readings based on Cosmic Consciousness, please email for more information.




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  1. I like that you mentioned that new beginnings will be quite prevalent this month. I’m interested in learning more about cosmic consciousness because I’d like to have a lot more control about my fate. Perhaps by tapping into cosmic energies, I will be able to center my life better and make better decisions for myself and the people around me.

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