Cosmic Consciousness for November 2019

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November 2019 Monthly Cosmic Consciousness

November is the 11th month, and 11 is a karmic number of mastery representing the higher octave of 2. As a higher vibrating energy it raises consciousness by taking polarities and revealing the connection (bridge) between them. It signifies mastery over the lower self, intuition, visionary consciousness, enlightenment and higher manifestation.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius represents the 11th hour on the Cosmic Clock. Beginning at the Portal of Knowledge, it is where we take all we have learned since the beginning of the year and apply it to areas where we are still out of integrity with our highest Truth. Jupiter disposes the Sagittarius hour, and all month we tap into and apply wisdom and expanded consciousness to clearing the obstacles to our connection with our Higher Self. We must be fearless and scrupulously honest with our Selves, as we bravely face those obstacles presented by our lower selves in preparation for the new cycles to come.

Whenever we reach a pinnacle in our evolution we are tested with the debris of old responses from the consciousness we left behind. Here we do battle with our lower selves to end the ego games once and for all, and align with the Truth of who we really are. We are seeing this play out collectively, reflected in the slow but widespread awakening and elevation of consciousness. When we express our highest Truth, an expression that always includes the voice of the heart, we triumph over our lower selves and bring wisdom and a higher vibration to the physical plane.

November Energies

During the month most of the personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) spend time in the physical signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. We have been feeling the energies shift and quicken, as more of the collective begins to awaken while others dig in their heels against the coming changes. Where do we resist connecting with our higher Selves?  As the planets move closer together we can feel the energies building, especially within the Capricorn field. Issues of power, authority, integrity, systems of all kinds, organization and structure come into play.
There are many new cycles this month, almost all of them in Sagittarius and Capricorn; and 3 involve the Galactic Center, the Source and heart of this galaxy, located at 27 Sagittarius. According to Cosmic Consciousness, that degree begins the Portal of Truth connecting the physical and spiritual realms, stretching to 0 Capricorn, and that space is where one cycle ends and another begins. Unsustainable systems are falling apart, yet new beginnings are starting to emerge, pointing the way to new ideas, solutions, new purpose, and total transformation.
 The Galactic Center is where our crown chakra resides, and through it we receive downloads of cosmic information. Whenever a planet moves over that degree, a direct line to higher consciousness becomes available to us, expressed through the unique energies of the transiting planet. We just have to be aware of it and allow it in. This month 3 planets journey over the Galactic Center: Ceres, Venus and Jupiter, followed by new cycles with Ixion (our purpose in this incarnation). Let’s take their journeys one at a time:
The Ceres Jupiter new cycle occurred on 10/25, birthing the beginnings of a new social consciousness. Now Ceres leads the way, with new cycles on the Galactic Center and with Ixion on 11/8. We are being downloaded with superconsciousness and new purpose as the energies shift upwards to a higher frequency.
On 11/16 the Great Midwife enters Capricorn, where she will bring new life to each planet in the stellium for the next 2 months. Her first connection is with Quaoar, where we access new and unprecedented intuitive perception. Brand new modes of thinking are on tap.
In mythology, Ceres longs to be with her daughter Persephone (as represented by Venus), and when they are united she makes things grow again. As Ceres moves through Capricorn, Venus catches up to her on 11/30, in a great eliminator with Astraea. When we choose to claim the sovereignty of our hearts, we are infused with a new sense of Self-esteem.
Venus is very active in November, beginning with her entry into Sagittarius and manifestation with Astraea in Leo on 11/1. As she travels through the sign of highest victory over the lower self, our hearts gain an elevated perspective and insight into how our values raise our vibration. Our social interactions are becoming more heart-centered.
The Sun represents our consciousness, and when a planet travels outside the ecliptic (which defines the Sun’s journey), that planet can be said to be in another dimension. This month Venus is that planet, and she is out of bounds from 11/13 to 12/13. That means our hearts have access to uncharted territory while integrating the frequencies of higher Love, all in preparation for the changes to come. True Love can be a disruptive force, awakening and changing everything. It is time to remove obstacles to keeping our hearts open.
On 11/23 Venus conjoins the Galactic Center and Ixion in new cycles that bring high frequencies and new purpose to what we value and how we Love. At this point we are ready for the expansion and wisdom at the heart level that the 11/24 Venus Jupiter new cycle brings. This is the last aspect before Venus enters Capricorn on 11/25, adding heart energy to the 6 other planets there.
Once in Capricorn, Venus connects with Quaoar (11/27) and Ceres (11/30) shifting the way we think of, feel and conceive of Love; a rebirth at the heart level. There is more to come as Venus moves through Capricorn in December. The heart must lead the way if we are to ride the high frequencies pouring into the planet.
Jupiter signifies the great expansion of consciousness to come, and the Jupiter Galactic Center new cycle on 11/19 greatly expands the downloads coming from Source itSelf. What an opportunity! On that day we might feel spacey, or tingling or pressure at the top of the head as our bodies receive the cosmic frequencies. Jupiter’s new cycle with Ixion on 11/21 brings changes to the social experience and the interaction of the Self with the outer world.
Mars has been busy as well, traveling through the sparky energies of the via combusta, coming together with Arcturus (11/10) and Haumea (11/14). This could indicate a scientific breakthrough, or that the physical body is undergoing reconstruction and wholing. On 11/19 Mars enters Scorpio, where we get the chance to go within and explore subconscious blocks to health and harmony. The 11/24 Mars Uranus bridge brings revelations regarding health issues or some kind of change to the environment.

Changes in Consciousness

Five planets change signs this month, shifting the focus of our consciousness. On 11/1, Venus enters Sagittarius and Astraea enters Leo, manifesting the Light and heartfelt wisdom of the divine feminine. Each will form a Grand Fire Manifestation (grand trine in fire signs) with Chiron and Salacia, bringing mastery and alignment to our hearts and emotions through the mechanism of surrender and letting go.
After spending nearly all year in Sagittarius, working with fears around birthing a new world, Ceres enters Capricorn on 11/15, preparing to midwife the re-structuring of the new world that is manifesting physically. And Mars, representing physicality, enters Scorpio on 11/19, as the Ceres Chiron stepping stone becomes exact. We have a leg up available to whole our Selves by choosing to align our highest vision with our actions.
Our consciousness shifts towards the benevolence, wisdom, and kindness of the holiday season with the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius on 11/22. There is a desire to speak the Truth, clear the air and come together. The Sun bridges Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades, offering some very high multidimensional energy and an ability to see things in a new way. And after clearing our hearts of misqualified energies, we are ready to reclaim the heart’s authority when Venus enters the Capricorn stellium on 11/25.

Changes in Direction

Mercury began his 3rd retrograde of the year on 10/31, right after the Mercury Venus new cycle of mind/heart recalibration. This retrograde cycle begins with a bridge to Sedna, the record keeper for all the wisdom of the cosmos. The Great Messenger, one of the divine masculine archetypes, also conjoins Pallas, who holds the wisdom and detachment of the divine feminine. These aspects point to an integration of deep, intuitive wisdom into our connections and communications systems during the retrograde.
On the 11/11 stargate, Light codes are downloaded and activated that will awaken those ready for it, raising the frequencies of consciousness for the collective. This coincides with the Sun Mercury inferior conjunction at 19 Scorpio, when Mercury and the Sun come into alignment and Mercury is situated between the Earth and the Sun--the midpoint of the retrograde cycle. However, this conjunction is unusual: Mercury passes in front of the Sun, called a transit, appearing as a black dot which will be visible on the east coast of the United States, lasting for 5 1/2 hours. It happens 13 times per century, and won’t occur again until 2032, making this event quite special. That the downloads of high frequency sound/light codes occur on the same day that Mercury makes himself visible gives it even more import, representing a new chapter for the inner workings of the mind.
Mercury reenters the via combusta on 11/14, aspecting Saturn, Neptune and Orcus before going direct on 11/20. It’s as though the mind needs to go back and review what it missed before, to get a higher perspective within all the intensity. He leaves the via combusta for good on 11/27, which should go a long way to calming the mind and provide clarity and structure to our thinking processes.
On 11/4, Varuna (the widest cosmic perspective) shifts direction, traveling retrograde towards Source at 4 Leo, conjunct Astraea in a grand fire manifestation (trine) with Venus and Chiron/Salacia. In order to align and master ourselves we need to be able to see the bigger picture, the broader perspective. Varuna’s breadth of vision includes the realization of the implicit sovereignty and royalty of the Divine Feminine Self (Astraea), and this realization brings a whole new level of wholing to the heart. The first of 3 Astraea Varuna conjunctions becomes exact on 11/17; these meetings form the highlight of the entire Varuna retrograde cycle.
Neptune, retrograde since June, goes direct on 11/27 at 16 Pisces, manifesting with Mercury and resourcing Vesta. In Cosmic Consciousness, direct motion is focused on the physical realm. We have learned much during the Neptune retrograde, and with the higher perspective provided, things are becoming clearer day by day. Watch for more clarity in interactions, more compassion and a willingness to work together.

Lunar Matters and a New Wormhole

Taurus is the polar sign to Scorpio, and the Full Moon in Taurus on 11/12 brings to fruition what was envisioned at the Scorpio New Moon. Our heart-centered guidance is what leads to manifestation. When we resist surrendering to Source we get in our own way, and cannot create the experiences we want to have. We have the power, but can’t use it properly. By consciously connecting with our inner guidance and letting it lead without attachment to the results, we allow Source (Love) to take over. Then things become effortless. This Full Moon reminds us to ground our Selves, focus, and obey that inner guidance.
This lunation follows the 11/11 stargate and Sun Mercury conjunction and transit, which itself is unusual and powerful. The Moon conjoins Vesta, adding passion to our emotions. We need to remain grounded in how we respond. Venus (what we value) and Pluto (transformation) dispose the Moon Sun bridge, signifying how our values are indeed changing. Now more than ever we need to trust our intuition and let it inform every action.
Most years there are 2 sets of eclipses, but this year there are 3! On 11/26 the New Moon at 4 Sagittarius opens a new wormhole. It is no coincidence that it begins in the Sagittarius energy field, where we seek the Truth, and wrap up karmic loose ends. A wormhole is the sideways elevator that moves us through time/space and delivers us to places we haven’t yet conceived of. Jupiter is the dispositor of this wormhole, imparting wisdom, Truth and an expansion of consciousness. It could not have come at a better time. Our social interactions are about to be upgraded, and for the better in ways we have yet to realize.
Venus entered Aquarius the day before the New Moon, leading the way into the new age. The wormhole closes with an Aquarian New Moon as well, so Venus’ ingress into Aquarius is significant. It means that Self Love is a vital part of this entire wormhole experience.
This New Moon forms a great eliminator with Uranus, along with a Ceres Uranus manifestation. As with the previous New Moon, sudden realizations are part of the picture, but now we have a choice: we can run from it in fear, or approach it with curiosity and a sense of adventure. The Chariklo Pluto new cycle brings stability and a sense of equilibrium to the transmutations we are going through, especially useful now as the Sun, Ceres, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto come together in the next few weeks.

Black Moon

Ever active, the Black Moon, traveling retrograde, squares Ceres and Jupiter on 11/1, on her way to meet Neptune for their 12th conjunction on 11/8. Two days later she goes direct, and conjoins Neptune again on 11/12 (#13). With these energies we have the opportunity to face fears around becoming enlightened as Lilith works to lift the shrouds of confusion.
On 11/15 Black Moon enters Aries for the 3rd time, moving from the collective back towards the individual experience.   She conjoins Chiron and Salacia (#5) on 11/16, intersects the Moon’s nodes (11/17) and makes it all the way to 18 Aries before going retrograde again. It will take 10 days for Black Moon to meet up with Salacia and Chiron again (11/30) and reenter Pisces. Every time she conjoins those planets we learn a little more about our core wounds of separation, and how to reframe the way we think about it. It is, after all, why we’re here.
Last month we manifested changes according to the highest vision each of us was capable of. This month we take a good look at our manifestations, where we fell short, what we created, where we stand. Where can we apply more wisdom, more compassion? Where are we still holding on to misqualified beliefs, rigidity, self-righteousness? Not all parts of our consciousness grow at the same pace; where are we still hanging back, fearful, immature?
When we clear obstacles to our higher frequencies, we become clear and transparent; our inner Light can shine that much more brightly, like beacons in the night, and we can recognize that clarity in others. The quickening frequencies of evolution reveal the incongruence of untruth, of misuse of power, of mind or emotions not grounded in Love.
We can feel the energies ramp up as this cycle ends. Whatever isn’t cleared now will come into the new cycle to be resolved. This is the month to tie up loose ends, strengthen our resolve to clear old habits and surrender to our Higher Self. What we focus on will grow, so this month, let’s place our focus on growing more Love.
Victory belongs to the most persevering.     Napoleon Bonaparte
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