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For October, 2018


Welcome to October, the tenth month of the year, month of alchemy and transformation. In Cosmic Consciousness, the 10 o’clock hour is represented by Scorpio, sign of Physical Love, where we bring our focus to our higher consciousness and visualize our world from there. As we envision what we want to create from that highest perspective, we manifest it into being through the energy of Love.

As the Divine Feminine gathers itself and grows stronger, it is vitally important to take responsibility for what we envision from our deepest heart’s desire and allow it its full expression, knowing full well we have no idea how it will manifest. It is time to accept the fact that we are co-creators of the world we live in. As creators we must search our hearts for the Truth that lives there, and allow it to shine forth. The Truth is, we are One with Source, there is no other. We are Unity ItSelf, undivided, whole and limitless.
The circle, the endless end and the beginningless beginning, represents this unity; it is pregnant with possibilities. The 1 is creator energy. Ten is the number of Divinity. We are each the seed of the Divine’s longing to know ItSelf. It is no coincidence that Haumea, the 5D planet representing wholeness and unity consciousness, is egg-shaped. We access unity consciousness from the unlimited Love each of us carries within our hearts; out of this unity we set our highest vision for the good of all.
Our task is to call on Source as a re-source to keep our hearts open and pure. This inner Light transforms us from within, en-Lighten-ing and freeing us to become conduits for Source to act through us. We become aware of our interdependence and connection to one another. Thus we are able to co-create from a pure mind/heart space for the highest benefit for all, reclaiming our power as physical expressions of Divine Source, which is pure Love.

Overview of the Month

This month the Black Moon Lilith enters Pisces for the first time all year before retrograding back into Aquarius and Capricorn. By the end of October, Black Moon resumes direct motion and enters Aquarius once again, where she conjoins the Earth Star (S. Node) for the 9th time. Venus and Juno also go retrograde, turning inward and Source-bound for upgrading and attunement of the heart and recalibration of our perception of unity consciousness. Both planets change signs on their clockwise journey. That makes 3 divine feminine planetary bodies going back and forth over certain areas of our consciousness, providing us the opportunity to integrate and master the divine feminine expression in those areas.
In October Mars recovers his shadow (arrives at the degree he began the retrograde), and Mercury begins his own shadow period (the degree he will retrograde back to, and begin direct motion). These are pivotal points, as Mars completes a cycle and Mercury begins another. In addition, there are 6 new cycles (new expression of the planetary energies involved) and 3 recurring conjunctions that are part of larger cycles.
While not as frantic as September, October’s energies are still intense. There are 5 planets in Libra, the sign of the Mirrored Self; MakeMake and Haumea are the 5D planets located here for the long haul. As we work with and integrate unity consciousness and the divine laws into our lives, we see them expressed through us in the world. This is the alchemy that ultimately changes everything. The Sun (our consciousness) and Ceres (the midwife who births something new) are here also, as well as Mercury (our mental and communication systems).
Mercury has just entered the Via Combusta, called the “fiery way”, a portion of our consciousness that runs from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio. It is considered to be an intense and difficult passage, yet it contains two very benevolent fixed stars, Spica and Arcturus, at 23-24 Libra. This month there is much activity in the Via Combusta as the Sun (10/8) and Ceres (10/9) enter and make their way through this passage; in fact Venus’ entire retrograde cycle takes place there (25 Libra to 11 Scorpio). We are coming to know what we truly love, what we value, what opens our hearts and what closes it, moving from a comfortable, loving place to learn how to love those who hold different views or who make us angry or uncomfortable.
The Sun, Mercury and Venus each travel through the Portal of Strength (formerly cusp) between Libra and Scorpio this month. This is where we learn to apply the realization that everything is our own reflection to the act of envisioning (and thus creating) a world that manifests this realization. Mind and heart come from different directions to create a new balance in consciousness as the energies shift between these two signs.
The chart for 10/1 shows Sirius rising, reflecting the multidimensional energies that surround the month. Our hearts have access to knowledge of our souls’ immortality with a Venus Orcus resource; due to Venus’ retrograde, this resource remains in effect until 10/12. The Neptune Sirius manifestation continues all month (exact on 10/5), with Mercury creating a grand manifestation on 10/19; this makes the very high consciousness of enlightenment available to our higher minds.

October Highlights

10/1              Today, at 12:52 pm, Black Moon Lilith enters Pisces for the first time since 2/2010, resourcing Quaoar and making a stepping stone with Juno. Our collective access to the divine feminine entering into the realm of spiritual wisdom creates unlimited possibilities in the way we see our Selves and each other. Black Moon resources Quaoar and Saturn, and all 3 archetypes form a Finger of God, with great eliminators to the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) and Varuna. By choosing to incorporate the divine feminine into a new, more authentic way of thinking we are evolving towards a higher, broader vision of our Selves as spiritual beings having a human experience.
10/3               Black Moon goes retrograde at 01 Pisces 45, resourcing Uranus.  Any sudden revelations can be used to connect our inner intuitive Knowing with Source.
10/5               On 9/2 Venus, dispositor of our emotional body and our heart center, entered her retrograde shadow at 25 Libra. That means every transit up to that point will be revisited 3 times. Today, at 11 Scorpio, Venus begins her retrograde journey, moving clockwise towards higher ground for the next 6 weeks. Her first transit is a resource with Orcus (on 10/9; the 1st resource occurred on 9/30), bringing our hearts to the invisible realm. Pluto, representing our ability to transform, is the dispositor of Venus in Scorpio, where she is most uncomfortable. From now until the end of the month we get to reevaluate and clarify the stuck places in our hearts, face and clear them.  We have the opportunity to focus on the higher perspective to manifest Love into the world.
The lesson of the Venus retrograde is to open our hearts so wide that we can put Love in the darkest places within our Selves and in the world in order to love the unlovable. Since we are all One, we must find some small commonality, the uniting thread, to begin to establish connections to those who seem so foreign to us.
Also on 10/5 Black Moon Lilith reenters Aquarius, once again bringing the consciousness of unconditional Self-Love to the divine feminine within each of us, we are so in need of it.
10/6               The Mercury Haumea new cycle occurs at 25 Libra, conjunct the fixed star Arcturus, and bridging Eris. This speaks to the deep healing of the wholeness of unity consciousness and the awakening that results.
10/7               Today the Sun and Ceres begin a new cycle of bringing forth new consciousness to all who are ready. This new cycle occurs just outside the Via Combusta and it resources the Great Attractor, forms a great eliminator with Neptune, and a stepping stone with Sirius. This new consciousness is multidimensional, requiring an open heart and a disciplined detachment, coupled with the choice to take the road less traveled, rather than holding on to and protecting our illusions.
10/8               The divine feminine is very active today as the Black Moon makes a stepping stone with Sedna, resources the Galactic Center, and manifests with Mercury.  Also on this day Mars, co-dispositor of the divine feminine, recovers his shadow, beginning a new cycle of physical expression in the world. The first aspect Mars makes is a stepping stone on 10/10 --to Venus, the other co-dispositor of the divine feminine! What a great opportunity to rise above the emotions caused by her emergence, and integrate her into our lives.
At the end of the day, both the Sun and Moon enter the Via Combusta, meeting at 15 Libra 48 for the New Moon cycle. The Sun and Moon are co-dispositors of our spiritual body and represent the two aspects of our consciousness, which reflect each other. A New Moon in the sign of the Mirrored Self, conjoined with Ceres, is the perfect vehicle for taking to heart (pun intended) the realization that I am you and you are me, and we are One.  When we choose this perspective, we bring enlightenment and greater consciousness to our Selves and the planet.
10/9               Our mental operating systems enter a new quality of consciousness when Mercury enters Scorpio. In this energy field, things change, they transmute, so it’s best to drop any preconceived ideas or attachments and allow the heart to lead. We put our higher minds to better use by giving it over to Source, envisioning our heart’s desire and following it up with heart-felt thoughts, words and actions. These create a frequency that eventually shifts the energy: alchemy in motion.
10/10            The Mercury Uranus bridge occurs at 01 Scorpio/Taurus, giving voice to our intuitive perceptions.  Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, taking our mental operating system to a higher level, sparking new insights. The Varuna Soul Star new cycle in Leo forms an intersection (formerly T-square) to this bridge, giving us another much more elevated observers perch from which to gain perspective, and another road to take to help us cross this bridge. The Soul Star Chakra moving towards and conjoining with Varuna reflects how we are evolving towards a higher view. This new cycle manifests with Salacia, a new 5D archetype that speaks to the divine feminine essence of the ocean, which relates to our emotions.
10/12             Juno, our capacity to perceive unity with everyone and everything in the world 'out there', entered Gemini on 9/29. Gemini is the quality of consciousness that seeks to connect, gathering information and ideas and connecting them, bringing them to the world. With Juno here we have the capacity to share unity consciousness. Juno goes retrograde today at 00 Gemini 39, making a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Quaoar before dipping back into Taurus 10/24. During this period we get to apply mental wisdom to our relationship with everything by choosing a new awareness of unity consciousness.
10/13            Once again our inner divine feminine nature is making itself felt in the world and in our bodies as Black Moon Lilith joins Mars at 12 Aquarius for conjunction #6. This conjunction is another step in delivering us to the new feminine way of allowing the heart to move us into action.
10/15             Today brings Mercury and retrograde Venus together at 9 Scorpio for a new cycle, the only aspect that occurs once within Venus’ retrograde.  Black Moon and Vesta connect with the new cycle, bringing clarity and devotion to this new beginning.  When mind and heart are balanced, ascension occurs. Things can change in a heartbeat.
10/18            Our consciousness gets to shine on the Lightbridge to Awakening Unity Consciousness with a Sun Haumea new cycle (25 Lib 35). Haumea is the 5D representation of our Oneness and how we all fit together to make the Whole. More and more we are awakening to that knowledge.
10/20            Today is conjunction #8 for the Black Moon and Earth Star Chakra. Black Moon is traveling towards Source; our divine feminine is focused inward, clearing old attitudes and beliefs that created the karma we are now collectively dealing with. This conjunction forms a bridge with the Varuna Soul Star new cycle, resourcing Salacia. As we clear the old energies we are becoming more aware of how we create shadows in our lives, which we can now face and correct.
10/21             It has taken the Black Moon only 15 days to cover Aquarius. Today she reenters Capricorn, sign of spiritual power, accessing the highest authority of the Divine Feminine Creator.
10/23            Sun, dispositor of the spiritual body, enters Scorpio today, resourcing Quaoar and bridging Uranus. New thoughts create new realizations. Scorpio provides the vision necessary to see beyond the physical, to get inside one’s soul and see what’s there, bringing up any shadows to be cleared in the light of Love. Right now, many shadows are coming up for clearing. With the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio the way we think and feel is changing, and with that, so is our social consciousness.
10/24              Retrograde Juno reenters Taurus, where she will remain for the rest of the year. Here we review our practice of perceiving the underlying unity in all our relationships by following our intuitive guidance and looking out for ideas and emotions that separate us. Today also, the Black Moon goes direct at 23 Capricorn, in a stepping stone with Eris. Intuitive guidance and practicing stillness would certainly be helpful now.
Today’s powerful Full Moon occurs at 01 Scorpio/Taurus 13, with Venus conjoining the Sun, and Uranus conjunct the Moon. The Full Moon forms a crossroad in Love signs with Varuna and the Soul Star/Earth Star nodal bridge. Venus resources Saturn as well, bringing up issues of Self-esteem and heart-based authority. When we stand at a crossroad, a higher perspective and an open heart will help us intuit the path that’s right for us.
10/25            Jupiter forms a bridge with Sedna today, providing a 5D perch from which to observe how the remembrance of the Divine Feminine is altering social consciousness and cultural patterns around the world, and especially in the United States. Limited ideas and beliefs around divine feminine attributes are falling away as a new social order comes into view.
10/26            The Sun Venus new cycle (03 Scorpio 06) shines a light on the transmutation the heart is currently undergoing. We are coming into alignment with our heart’s greater Truth, taking responsibility for how we want that Truth to manifest in the world.
10/27            Another 5D Lightbridge is created today between Ceres and Eris. This is a good place to practice non-attachment and observe the birthing of the new world, along with the disruption it brings.
10/28            Mercury enters his shadow at 27 Scorpio 16, in preparation for his last retrograde cycle of 2018, which begins in November. Every aspect that occurs from this point through mid Sagittarius will be repeated 3 times. A triple transit is a repeated event that will ultimately manifest something important, because the number '3' is the number of manifestation.Our mode of thinking and communicating will be transmuted and upgraded by the end of the year.
10/28             As the apogee (furthest point) of the swiftly moving Moon, Black Moon Lilith bounces back and forth across qualities of consciousness. Today she enters Aquarius for the 2nd time this month, immediately conjoining the Earth Star Chakra once again (#9), at the all important 0 Aquarius degree. This conjunction forms a stepping stone to Uranus, dispositor of Aquarius.  With each Black Moon Earth Star conjunction we take down the shields and defenses around the divine feminine part of our Selves.
10/29            The first aspect Mercury makes since entering his shadow is a conjunction with Jupiter, at 28 Scorpio. There will be another one next month and a new cycle in December. Jupiter represents the part of us that is the Truth Seeker. Jupiter expresses as wise, optimistic, expansive, aware, abundant and benevolent, seeking growth in an outward expression. Where Jupiter is, that’s where our consciousness expands. This conjunction with Mercury speaks to our expanded capacity to speak the Truth in accordance with our highest vision.
10/30-31      Venus intersects the Earth and Soul Star Chakras with stepping stones to both, and then bridges Uranus, continuing the same Love-sign crossroad as the one at the Full Moon. Venus has been going deep within, and the insights received are revealing what the heart is made of. We stand at the crossroad of past and future, this world and the next, and only Love can show us the way.
10/31            All month the dispositors of the divine masculine (Mercury) and divine feminine (Venus) have been moving in opposite directions. They came together on 10/15 (see above). Today both planets move into different qualities of consciousness:  Mercury enters Sagittarius, and Venus reenters Libra. Mercury crosses the physical Portal of Knowledge into a sign he is uncomfortable in. Sagittarius is where we clear habits that prevent the expression of our higher Selves.  Being in our heads too much and not in our hearts is a long-standing habit we must continually work on. Mercury aspects Uranus (sudden intuitive insights) and Quaoar (access to new thought patterns), as well as the Moon’s nodes, which serves to bring all levels of the higher mind into alignment with our evolutionary purpose. Venus leaves Scorpio, a difficult placement for the heart, and crosses the physical Portal of Strength back into Libra, her classical sign. Here the heart can be more objective, processing deep Scorpionic emotions and calibrating them to the highest realization that we are not separate from anything else 'out there'.
Every new thought, realization or event brings transformation: an ending and a new beginning at the same time. When we transition to a new state of being we are no longer in the old state, it is done, ended.  The “death” we fear is attachment to what no longer exists. Non-attachment frees us to welcome the next moment, which provides the potential for anything to manifest. Suddenly we are in the state of being totally new, reborn, with no preconceptions, expectations, or roadmaps. We are in a new world.
October is all about alchemy, transmutation from one state to another. Life flows in cycles; we are always in a state of transition from birth, growth, death, and regeneration. As we change within, the world reflects that change. The divine feminine teaches us to accept the transmutation, bless the old and let it go, creating space to welcome and allow the new into our lives.
Last month we nurtured and grew our relationships, forming stronger friendships, being supportive to those around us. We focused on being our best Selves. This month the focus is on social activity; people coming together working for a common goal. As reunification of the extreme polarities begins, we must keep remembering that we are made of love and everyone around us is trying to remember their love in their own way. It is vitally important that we pay attention to what we have in common with others. A practice for this month is to set the intention each day to be kind and friendly with every person we encounter. We can start with a genuine bond of caring for someone, and find something that we have in common, like a favorite food or similar experience. That small commonality can expand the territory of common ground until a true sense of understanding is reached. We are all made of Love, and the Universe supports that Love. We came here to shine our Light and hold it in the darkest places. By be-ing Love, we can help others to discover their own Light.


Remember that what unfolds is illusory. That doesn’t mean it is useless. Everything here matters. Everything here is MATTER. But it is also transitory. It’s vital to observe from a higher vantage point to be able to recognize which path is going to serve your purpose best.  ~~Stephanie Azaria


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  1. Thank you beautiful Shelly for sharing your amazing gifts brining the truth to the light of my awareness. The blending of the mystical housed in a practical application is nirvana to my soul making my heart very happy!

  2. Thank you, Shelley, for sharing your insights. As I look to gather information for the full moon in Scorpio, this is what stood out to me in your writing: ” Here we review our practice of perceiving the underlying unity in all our relationships by following our intuitive guidance and looking out for ideas and emotions that separate us”. This resonates with me, as Scorpio’s house is secrets, and a lot of the time secrets are negative things…hiding things we are not proud of, which would include negative thoughts of others. While it is sometimes a struggle to resist that behavior, understanding deeply that those types of thoughts have a serious impact on our sense of unity makes it much easier to pass over them and release. Thank you for bringing me again to this realization.

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