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For December 2018:

Here comes December, the last month in another extraordinary year! December is always very powerful. The number '12' is in itself a very significant vibration in 5D... it is the number of universal consciousness, and it delivers us to the Christed Self. The combination of ‘1’ and ‘2’ creates the ‘3’ vibration of manifestation. We need the creative force (Spirit), combined with the balance of polarities (expressed in Love) to bring something new into physicality.
According to Cosmic Consciousness, the 12 o'clock Capricorn hour is where we connect with Source energies. Our task is to accept and align with the new beginnings that are the result of our past actions and intentions. From here we allow Source to direct us. We learn to tap into our higher authority through stillness, meditation and an open heart, working to strengthen the quality of our connection to Source. This hour is disposed by Saturn, at home in his own sign, where he will remain for the next 2 years. Our social identities have changed, and will continue to change, as we find the courage to look within, claim our inner authority and redefine our Selves.


Galactic Consciousness

As we move through the Sagittarian field of consciousness, we have the opportunity to clear away old habits, beliefs, attitudes, reactions and thought forms, and start again. We reset our compass, create new intentions and promise to be our best Selves, and consciously or not, reconnect with our conception of Source. It is no coincidence that the Galactic Center and Great Attractor are both located in Sagittarius. This month, as always, the Sun (our consciousness) goes over both points.
Located at 14 Sagittarius 12, the Great Attractor is defined as a massive galactic anomaly that warps time and space, whose gravity is so massive that it bends Light. Much, much larger than the Galactic Center, it is extremely magnetic and pulls in everything around it. Whatever falls on this degree, by birth or by transit, is drawn inexorably towards some of the highest Source consciousness possible for us to achieve. The only way to work with its energies is to keep our frequencies high, mind clear, and to feel beyond the senses, with unwavering surrender to Source. The Sun makes a new cycle with the Great Attractor on 12/6.
The Galactic Center, at 27 Sagittarius 06, is the black hole that sits at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Every galaxy has a black hole at its center that is its Source, and this is ours. Everything we experience manifests out of this place; it is the Creator force, the multidimensional center of transformation. Since we all carry the cosmos within us, each of us has this point in our birth chart somewhere, allowing us to access Source at any time. When a planet moves over that point, it’s as though we have a direct line to higher consciousness available to us, expressed through the unique energies of the transiting planet.  We just have to allow it in. The Sun reaches this point, with Ixion, on 12/18, connecting our higher consciousness with a new soul purpose.


December Overview

This month all 4 lower body planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars), along with Vesta, change signs; Mercury straddles the generic Portal of Wisdom between Scorpio and Sagittarius as he reenters Scorpio 12/1, completes his retrograde cycle and goes direct on 12/6, ingressing into Sagittarius on 12/12. Each of these events marks a change in the expression of the energies of each of these planets.
In addition to Mercury, Chiron and Juno also end their retrograde cycles, preparing to resume counterclockwise motion, and Mercury, Venus and Saturn each recover their shadows, which constitutes new beginnings in their cycles. Mind and heart are ready to start anew, as we prepare our Selves to redefine our social consciousness through the acceptance of our new sense of inner integrity and authority.


The Divine Feminine

Black Moon Lilith now represents the access point within each of us for reuniting with the divine feminine. It is where we can let life be exactly as it is. Having this perspective, we can open up and be receptive to seeing the dark places she brings up from the depths of our being, allowing us to accept them for what they are. The Black Moon oscillates, dancing back and forth, interacting with the same archetypes over and over and bringing up the shadows and sleeping parts associated with them until we open to and assimilate their energies into our consciousness. With the capacity to allow the part of us that trusts enough to surrender to what is, we can face those shadows and become fully whole.
The Black Moon begins and ends the month conjoining with Pluto. She also conjuncts the Earth Star Chakra, enters Aquarius (again!), and conjoins Vesta before going retrograde (again) into Capricorn. She spends the rest of the month making more conjunctions to Vesta, Earth Star and Pluto before going direct. Black Moon moves between Saturn and Uranus’ signs, in the Portal of Strength, between the old paradigm (patriarchy) and the future that awaits. She moves 32° in 3 weeks and creates a new cycle with Pluto, fittingly on the last day of the year. We are now ready to resurrect empowered divine feminine energies into our lives. We don’t know what that would look like, but we will feel it as it manifests if we allow it.


Highlights of the Month

12/1    The first day of the month proves to be a huge one as the transformational energies of Pluto comingle with Black Moon Lilith at 19 Capricorn, bringing up the shadows of the patriarchy once again.  On the same day, retrograde Mercury backs into Pluto’s sign, Scorpio, giving us a few more days to review where we focus our thoughts. We can manifest more Love if we put our minds to it; it’s as simple as that. Vesta also changes signs, entering Aquarius, changing the nature of what we are devoted to. For the next 2 months we have the opportunity to remove the obstacles to showing the world who we truly are, and commit to loving our Selves wholly and unconditionally. While Vesta travels through Aquarius she dances with the Black Moon 4 times. This is a call to honor and protect the divine feminine in each of us, regardless of our gender.
12/2    Venus, fortified in Libra, reenters Scorpio today, resonating with Ceres and Mercury. She is in the Via Combusta, with its intense energies, in a sign where she is most uncomfortable. Our hearts must navigate the deep emotional waters, rocky though they may be, knowing that transformation and new life will be the result. Venus spends the rest of the year in Scorpio, leaving the Fiery Way on 12/23 en route to a meeting with Ceres.
Black Moon Lilith has a busy day today, aspecting Haumea, Sedna, Chiron, Mercury and Uranus. She also conjoins the Earth Star Chakra for the 11th time at 28 Capricorn. These transits speak to the bringing up of more shadows, leading to further awakening, clearing and wholing of the divine feminine.  In addition, the Sun Mars stepping stone reflects the conscious heart-based action we can take in response to what presents itself today.
12/3    Aquarius is the part of our consciousness where we must learn to let the world see the Truth of who we are. Until we are ready to be seen, there are shields and guards and defenses that have to be dealt with and taken down. The Black Moon enters Aquarius again today, squaring Venus and making her first conjunction with Vesta, all within the 1st degree of Aquarius. Today is a good day to commit to opening our hearts to our own shadows, honoring and loving them anyway. Throughout the next few months Black Moon and Vesta will dance together, clarifying our dedication to removing the obstacles to fully loving our Selves.
12/6    The divine masculine (disposited by the Sun and Mercury) gets an upgrade today as the day begins with a new cycle between the Sun and the Great Attractor (see above). A few hours later, Mercury (the way we think and communicate) stations direct, the perfect time to help us process these high frequencies. Our mental and spiritual Selves get quite a recalibration.
12/7    Today’s New Moon at 15 Sagittarius is a whopper as it is infused with the energies of the Great Attractor. It forms a stepping stone with the Mars Neptune new cycle at 14 Pisces, as well as resourcing the wisdom of Pallas. Sagittarius is the quality of consciousness where we triumph over the ego with the realization that the physical body and experience are illusory; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. This realization frees us of karmic debris accrued over eons of being unaware of the true nature of physicality. We are meant to see that physicality is part of a game (known as leela or maya), and today’s New Moon begins a new cycle of wisdom, Lightness and joy in the knowledge that we exist in spirit, matter, and beyond.  The Mars Neptune new cycle as part of the New Moon is no coincidence. It speaks directly to the limitless nature of our being contained in physical form, and also refers to enlightened action. The stepping stone between these new cycles provides a heightened perspective that lifts us up over any fears preventing us from triumphing over the lower self.
12/8-9     Once again Black Moon Lilith goes retrograde (19 Aquarius) as part of her dance towards Source. A few hours later, on 12/9, Chiron, representing the bridge to our higher Self, stations direct at 28 Pisces. We are preparing to wrap up lessons connected with all the suffering on the physical plane. We can be the masters of our experience with the understanding that we are and always have been whole, and apply that mastery to Self-realization. We will have until 2/18 to align our Selves before Chiron enters Aries for the next 7 years.
12/12     The number ‘12’ represents universal God consciousness, the next level of consciousness from the world of duality. Today the 12:12 stargate is activated with these higher frequencies. The Moon conjoins with Black Moon, opening a way for us to respond from the depths of self-love. Saturn recovers his shadow at 9 Capricorn, clearing the way to his eventual meeting with Pluto. And Mercury enters Sagittarius, bringing lightness to our thinking, and an opportunity to clear away negative habits of thought and speech. For the rest of the month our capacity to share ideas, wisdom, and joy is enhanced.
12/17    Venus recaptures her shadow at 11 Scorpio today. She has gone over all previous connections, including a resource with Saturn, manifesting new Self-esteem and integrity. Ixion arrives at the 27th degree of Sagittarius, resonating with the Source energies of the Galactic Center.
12/18     The Sun is our Self-awareness, and where it shines we open to new consciousness. Today the Sun resources Haumea and forms a great eliminator with Sedna before making new cycles with Ixion and the Galactic Center. If we are receptive we can receive some very high frequency downloads all day long.
Ixion represents the promise the soul makes to itself when it chooses to embody. This promise speaks to events in the past that we did not complete or manage properly. The theme of clearing karma arises with these new cycles, and it relates to the emergence of the Divine Feminine and its part in the wholeness of universal consciousness. The Sun Soul Star Chakra great eliminator underscores the evolutionary path of these energies. Personally and collectively we are raising consciousness, just by Be-ing here on the planet.
12/19    Black Moon makes her 2nd conjunction with Vesta today at 8 Aquarius. The Sun Chiron stepping stone represent the last quarter of the cycle that will begin again in the spring, bringing discipline, alignment and mastery to our consciousness. For now we are stepping up to recalibrate and realign our Selves as we finish this chapter of our journey.
12/21   Mercury and Jupiter came together twice before, in October and November, and now, just before the Sun enters Capricorn, they conjoin for the last time, at 9 Sagittarius, manifesting a new cycle of expanded mental and social consciousness. This is a new beginning in the communication of ideas, learning from one another, and perceiving each other in broader, more positive ways. Black Moon enters Capricorn today also, tapping the energies of Christ consciousness. Both aspects bode well for the new season.
According to Cosmic Consciousness, the Portal of Truth between Sagittarius and Capricorn is the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. It is the place where death and rebirth occur, the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another up the spiral of consciousness. Since the Galactic Center IS Source, the area between 27 Sagittarius and the World Axis solstice point (0 Capricorn) constitutes this Portal of Truth. Our crown chakra resides here, and through it we receive downloads of cosmic information. The crown chakra connects us with the higher Self and Source, and all new consciousness comes into us through that part of our Being.
The Winter Solstice (or Summer in the southern hemisphere) is the time when the Sun passes over the Galactic Center and the World Axis point and enters Capricorn, affecting everyone on the planet, conscious or not, moving us into a new part of the journey around the Sun. It marks the beginning of the New Year according to most calendars. On 12/21, when the Sun enters Capricorn’s quality of consciousness, our awareness naturally begins to turn inward, towards Source and our connection to our Higher Self. Any new year’s resolutions we make are really intentions or agreements with our Higher Self; we fulfill them only when we remember to turn them over to Source without condition or attachment, with joy, trust and Love. Once the Sun enters Capricorn, he resonates, and eventually makes new cycles with, Quaoar, Saturn, Pluto, the Earth Star Chakra, and Black Moon Lilith.
The chart for the Winter Solstice reveals a Grand Manifestation between Venus, Neptune and the fixed star Sirius in water signs, signifying a rebirth of enlightened Love from the ascended realms that is available to us if we keep our hearts opened. Ceres has already prepared the way for this rebirth a week before, waiting for Venus to take her place. The 3rd Mercury Jupiter conjunction occurring today creates a new cycle that promises to manifest expanded wisdom in the way we think, communicate, and connect. It finds resource (sextiles) with Vesta, the inner fire of devotion; we are committed to nurturing and protecting this emerging new consciousness. Together these aspects point to the balancing and engaging of higher mind/heart energies throughout the season.


The Full Moon energies are beginning to reverberate, creating a crossroad (formerly grand cross) in very early degrees of Power (aka cardinal) signs between the Sun Quaoar new cycle (new thoughts entering our consciousness, creating a new world), the Moon, Salacia, and MakeMake. As we become capable of perceiving higher thought and the universal order of things in new ways, we become more aware of the light and shadows we create in our minds and how to respond to them.  There is another crossroad between the Earth and Soul Star Chakras (the Moon’s nodes) and the Uranus Haumea Light bridge at later degrees of the Power signs. We can use the capacity to send our consciousness down each and any of these roads, clearing karma, facing our future, awakening to the part each of us plays in the evolution of humanity. Quite a beginning to an empowering season!
12/22    When the Moon enters Cancer, the Sun Moon bridge that is the Full Moon becomes exact at 0 Cancer 49, energizing the grand power crossroad of Quaoar, Salacia, the Super Galactic Center (SGC) at 1 Libra, and Makemake.  Just as the Galactic Center is the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, the SGC is the black hole at the center of our home cluster of galaxies (of which the Milky Way is a part), named Laniakea. This is an even larger Source energy, promising some incredible high frequency downloads. We are becoming capable of seeing and intuiting so much more now. This lunar event is similar to the Cancer Full Moon of 2015, which occurred at 3 Cancer on Christmas Day. What has changed or grown since then?
12/23      Today is another active day.  To start off, the Sun joins Quaoar in a new cycle (2 Capricorn). This signifies our ability to bring consciousness to our capacity to use our intuitive faculties (through balancing of mind/heart energies) in order to perceive a new world that exists outside of the old paradigms. Right after that the Black Moon Earth Star conjunction #12  (27 Capricorn) occurs. While clearing old karma and beliefs around the divine feminine, we are in the process of consciously producing new ways of thinking about it, and what it means to each of us.  In addition, Juno, representing our capacity to recognize ‘you’ and ‘me’ as One, stations direct at 20 Taurus today. When we’re grounded in Love, we can think with our hearts and call upon its wisdom to guide us.
12/24-25     When Mercury went retrograde on 11/16 at 13 Sagittarius 30 he refrained from squaring Neptune and conjoining the Great Attractor. Today Mercury recovers his shadow and makes a stepping stone with Neptune. On Christmas Day the Mercury Great Attractor new cycle occurs, at 12:03 am. With our newly reoriented and enlightened mental capacities we are poised to receive multidimensional downloads from the greatest Source energies in the cosmos.
12/26     Black Moon makes another conjunction with Pluto (20 Capricorn), this time by dancing retrograde as she moves further into Capricorn. She goes deeper within our own private underworld, seeking to uncover and transform what she finds.
12/27     At this point, Venus and Ceres are the only planets in Scorpio, and their new cycle at 19° in the alchemical sign of Highest Vision brings new life to how we love. This marks a new beginning in our capacity to lift and transmute stuck emotional energies, allowing Love to flow freely. This new cycle forms a resource with the Black Moon, a 5D bridge with Juno, and a stepping stone with Pluto (exact 12/28). The heart is rebirthed, unified and whole.
12/29     Chiron personifies the process of bringing our four lower bodies (mind, heart, body and spirit) into alignment. Because we live in the 3D (physical) realm, we need to fully inhabit our bodies for Chiron to facilitate the connection between our higher and lower Selves. Mars represents physicality: our bodies, homes, and environments…and our actions. The Mars Chiron new cycle takes place today at 28 Pisces, renewing our appreciation of our bodies, homes and the environment (including the planet), reminding us to treat them with respect or we will lose them. Heartfelt action in alignment with this Truth will go a long way towards healing and wholing the Earth and all She sustains.  In addition, Black Moon, having danced across 32° and 2 qualities of consciousness this month, goes direct at 17 Capricorn.
12/31    We finish out the month, and the year, with a new cycle and a sign change. Now direct, Black Moon Lilith completes her dance with transformational Pluto in a new cycle at 20 Capricorn, which promises to unearth more shadows hidden in the depths of the patriarchy. Black Moon has been interacting with Pluto on and off for a year, and in that time we have learned to tap into the higher energies of the divine feminine and redirect them to balance us. This new cycle marks a resurrection of the divine feminine as the feminine counterpart of Divine Creator energies.
After spending 6 months in Aquarius and 6 weeks in Pisces, Mars enters his home sign of Aries, finishing out the year with 4 planets comfortable in their own signs: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and now Mars. Mars is the co-dispositor of the divine feminine (along with Venus), the divine spark that activates the energies of the higher mind, bringing thought into form through action in the physical plane. For the first 6 weeks of the new year we have the opportunity to practice the conscious discipline of bringing the Light of Love into our thoughts with diligence and intention. With this practice alone we can manifest the new world.


With Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius, there is a sense of an expansion of mental energies. At some level we wish to grow beyond self-imposed boundaries and divisions. We seek the Truth, and when we catch glimpses of it, we may become disillusioned as we see what the shadows brought to light reveal. Speaking Truth becomes important now, but if we are not careful, our Truth-telling may be harsh and cold.  Yet emotions may run deep and, while they need to be expressed, they also need to be contained and channeled properly.
Mercury and Jupiter require communication and connection. This month we will need to nurture and protect our Selves emotionally privately, while engaging with each other thoughtfully. The sharpness and clarity of the energies will best be used and balanced through laughter, kindness, lighthearted sharing of ideas, and discovering the universal Truths of our experiences. As we see and connect with each other from the observer’s perch, we can find ways to lighten our hearts through kindness and humor. People can be critical, or take things the wrong way. Look for ways to soften and offer gentleness. Keep an open mind; be curious. Through mindfulness we can share the beauty of ideas and revel in the beauty of the season.


"The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy." ~Proverb


Namaste! From my heart to yours, I wish each and every one of you a holiday season and New Year filled with joy, peace, blessings and Love.  ❤❤❤

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  1. Thank you, Shelly, and best wishes to you for joy, peace, blessings and love this holiday season. I love the quote at the end which sums things up: “”The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy.” I think those are 3 different definitions of lived beauty in our lives, which are essential to a soul’s state of contentment, and I relish the means you have suggested to bring it into our lives this holiday season, and always. Namaste.

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