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 January 2019

Welcome to 2019! This is a ‘12’ year, which contains the vibration of divine order, and universal consciousness, the next level up from the world of duality. We live our lives in 12-year Jupiterian cycles, and the archetype of expanded consciousness is powerful in his own sign this year, bringing the promise of expanding social consciousness and wisdom. The ‘12’ gives rise to the ‘3,’ the energy of manifestation. These two frequencies are connected in the same way that we are individual aspects (or manifestations) of the One. This year the New World is coming into being as we witness the old world falling apart. As it arises out of universal consciousness, all the chaos we see is in perfect divine order.

There are many manifestation cycles this year. For one thing, 2019 begins with our current wormhole, a passage of disrupted energy that can take us anywhere, which opened with the Sagittarius New Moon on 12/7/18, and will close with the Aquarian New Moon on 2/4. Another wormhole opens on 6/3 with the Gemini New Moon, closing with the 7/31 Leo New Moon (and there are 3 lunar events in July.) The year ends with yet another wormhole, opening with the 11/26 Sagittarius New Moon and closing with the Aquarian New Moon in January 2020, delivering us to 3 monumental new cycles. This year we are preparing for those new cycles, which will change everything.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius represents the 1 o'clock hour, the place within our energy fields where we learn--and remember--to love our Selves unconditionally, as Source ItSelf does. It is the hour of Spiritual Love, where the heart opens and we take down the walls that prevent us from loving our Selves. In January the Sun, the seat of our consciousness, reflects the Source energies of Capricorn, which are then stepped down into each of us individually when it enters Aquarius on 1/20.  When we are free to Love our Selves unequivocally, shadows and all, we open to the joy of being seen as we really are.

Blueprint for the Year

The January 1 chart reveals the themes for this year as well as for the month. As the New Year kicks in, MakeMake is rising at 6 Libra. As the Mirrored Self, Libra signifies the Highest Realization that everyone is a facet or reflection of our Self. Everything we are in relation to exists because it is a part of us. MakeMake represents cosmic order, and so whatever comes up, each person or artifact we meet or let go of, manifests according to the Law of Spiritual Attraction, to name one of the cosmic universal Laws. When we hold Love in our hearts we will see it reflected in others; it is the Law of Love.
Quaoar, Saturn, Pluto and the karmic Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) spend the entire year in the Capricorn quality of consciousness.  With new awareness that precedes thought, we are in the process of taking down old, unsustainable systems, paradigms, beliefs, definitions, laws, and structures of all kinds, transmuting and resurrecting them into higher vibrational forms that reflect the Truth of our Oneness.
There is a grand water manifestation between the Moon, Ceres and Vesta in Scorpio; Chiron in Pisces; and the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) in Cancer. Although it doesn’t last beyond the month, it bodes well for the coming year. We are meant to master our emotions, responding from the heart in new ways that will manifest a new future for us all. We are ready to do this. The Juno Pluto manifestation guarantees a resurrection in the way we view our Selves and others that is more aligned with this Truth—that we are not separate from one another, we are each whole within our Selves and energetically connected to one other.

January Energies

In the 1st month of the year, it is fitting that there are 12 brand new cycles, not counting those involving the Great Attractor and Galactic Center (there are 3 of those), and 4 conjunctions, meaning that those conjoinings will be repeated. We are in a new world, uncharted and full of possibilities. 
A Mystic Rectangle forms with manifestations (trines) between Saturn and Orcus, and Neptune and Sirius; and resources (sextiles) between Saturn and Neptune, and Orcus and Sirius. This activates the old Neptune-Orcus Lightbridge as well as a Sun Saturn Lightbridge with Sirius. This year we are called to step into our personal authority, standing up for our Selves and others, being beacons of integrity and clarity; we have multidimensional assistance from the Masters and our Higher immortal Selves. Jupiter’s upcoming manifestation with Neptune expands these energies. There can be much confusion, some of it on purpose; the observer’s perspective will allow us to see the larger picture, detach from the drama, and act with clarity and compassion.
The Moon’s nodes (Soul and Earth Star Chakras) are very active this month, interacting with the eclipses. They remain at 26 Cancer/Capricorn for the next 2 months, resourcing (sextiling) Sedna at 26 Taurus. When Venus and Ceres reach 26 Scorpio during the month they form another Mystic Rectangle, whose very feminine energies provide balance to the masculine Rectangle above. Since mid-December Haumea has been intersecting the nodes as well, and this intersection lasts through February. An intersection produces a third road to take to approach a bridge, after we've come to a higher perspective regarding the stepping stone issues (squares) that for us were once conflicts. From this higher perspective Haumea provides another ramp for us to use on our evolutionary journey towards wholeness.
Our own consciousness (the Sun) leads the way through the sign of Spiritual Power, connecting with Saturn (1/2), Pluto (1/11) and the Earth Star Chakra (1/17).  Mercury has his own new cycles with these archetypes on 1/13, 1/18, and 1/22 respectively. Since the Sun and Mercury are co-dispositors of the divine masculine, all these new cycles in Capricorn serve to restructure, transform and clear karmic debris associated with our personal masculine energies (regardless of gender). There will be greater connection to Source as we renew our personal authority and claim our power as spiritual beings, free of baggage from the past.


Black Moon Dancing

In January Black Moon Lilith dances in and out of the final degrees of Capricorn; she conjoins the Earth Star there for the last time in a new cycle (1/1), revealing the last shadows connected with the divine feminine that need clearing this time around.  Black Moon travels almost all the way through Aquarius for most of the month before going retrograde (1/13) and reentering Capricorn for the last time, resuming direct motion there a day later and heading into Aquarius again (1/29). During this month’s dance Black Moon finishes with the old world and takes us into the new. She conjoins twice with Vesta, and begins the first of several meetings with the co-dispositors of the divine masculine, the Sun and Mercury. It will be interesting to see what Truths Lilith unearths (pun intended) from within our individual and collective consciousness and mental operating systems.

Highlights of the Month

1/1       The 1:1 stargate opens the year and the month with the promise of new beginnings. Eris begins her storm period at 22 Aries 59, where she will remain even after she goes direct on 1/10. Uranus also enters his storm period today, and will remain at 28 Aries 36 for 2 weeks. A stationary planet is very powerful and the next few weeks could produce shake-ups bringing new awakening and needed change. Pluto enters his shadow zone at 20 Capricorn 38; every aspect from here on in will be revisited when Pluto comes back to this point in October. But the big news is the Black Moon Earth Star new cycle at 27 Capricorn, the 13th and last conjunction they make. What a way to start the year!


1/2       The 2nd day of the year opens with a Sun Saturn new cycle at 11 Capricorn that manifests with Orcus, the portal to the invisible realm. This marks a new beginning in claiming our inner authority and creating a new structure in our lives. Today also Black Moon Lilith enters Aquarius again, resourcing Mars and Salacia and forming a Light Bridge with Varuna. (She will make the last 2 aspects again at the end of the month.) We can witness what plays out in the physical from a very high perspective. It’s a good day for that too, as Mercury goes beyond the ecliptic to uncharted territory for the next 2 weeks.


1/3       The new year is only 3 days old and already there are 5 (!) new cycles, 3 today alone!  Mercury is especially busy as he reaches the Galactic Center, producing a new cycle of downloads from the Source energies of our Milky Way galaxy. The Mercury Ixion new cycle occurs afterwards, with the Mars Salacia new cycle sandwiched in between. We have the opportunity now to ‘change our minds’ and so redirect them to fulfill a better purpose. Self-realization is possible when we remember to act from Love when observing the kaleidoscope of light and shadow as it plays out in our lives and in the world.
As if that wasn’t enough, MakeMake goes retrograde today at 6 Libra for the next 5 months. We have seen how the rule of law has been decimated; we have until 6/19 to internalize the divine immutable galactic, cosmic, natural universal laws that operate whether we are aware of them or not. These Laws reflect the divine order of all energy, frequencies and dimensions. When we are conscious of them they bring order and perspective into our lives.


1/4       Today Mercury enters Capricorn, where he will spend the next 3 weeks. Mercury’s entry into the sign of Spiritual Power means there are 7 planets in that quality of consciousness, with many new cycles to come. The way we think and communicate, already infused with Source energies, will undergo quite an upgrade all month.
1/5       The first lunar event of the year is a New Moon partial solar eclipse in Capricorn. This New Moon, a Supermoon, occurs at 16 Capricorn, right in between Saturn and Pluto. Eclipses are sideways elevators that take us to places we had no idea existed. The way to deal with them is to know they are coming, and enjoy the ride. With 6 planets and the Earth Star Chakra in Capricorn, our consciousness gets a major reboot of Source energies. To get more information on this eclipse click on the link:
 There are so many extraordinary aspects to this lunar event. The Sun Moon new cycle conjuncts Saturn (our inner teacher), manifesting with Orcus (our immortal Selves). It also bridges the God star Sirius (7D energies) and resources Neptune, (our capacity for enlightenment) who is in a stepping stone with the Great Attractor (highest Source energies). Haumea, the consciousness of unity and wholeness, is exactly intersecting the Moon’s nodes (evolution and karma, past and future), with Uranus (sudden awakening) forming the 4th leg, creating a grand crossroad (formerly cardinal cross) in Power signs. Collectively we are absolutely awakening to the need to see our underlying connection to each other and how each of us belongs to the whole. Faith and acceptance of this Truth is the balm that will raise consciousness for everyone, leading to unity of spirit. This crossroad is active all month and into February, and is part of the Full Moon eclipse as well.


1/6       This is yet again another busy day, with many aspects. The Quaoar Varuna great eliminator affords us the choice to use our capacity to see from the highest perspective to create a new world view. Mercury conjoins Quaoar in a new cycle, bringing this expanded vision to our higher minds. And Black Moon Lilith conjuncts Vesta for the 4th time. Our inner devotion to the Truth is a necessary component to Lilith’s dance as she uncovers more shadows for all to see.
The big news is Uranus stationing direct today at 28 Aries. We are still in the energies of the sideways elevator, and Uranus’ station in the sign of Self-realization promises to deliver us with unforeseen shortcuts to the new world. The flash of insight or revelation could come at any time. Uranus brings the future into the present, making it feel like we’ve always known about it. With all the disruptive energies we may feel uncomfortable, but the Great Awakener always delivers us to our higher Self when we are ready—and we are! When the wormhole closes on 2/4, Uranus will sit at the master degree of 29 Aries, wrapping up the lessons of bringing Love into our thoughts, before moving into Taurus on 3/6.


1/7       Venus enters Sagittarius today, where she will remain until 2/3. This is the opportunity to find our heart’s Truth and expand it, letting go of misguided ideas, attachments, relationships, and anything else that interferes with our capacity to love and value our Selves. Our social consciousness is infused with more loving and compassionate energies, opening the way to build bridges of connection.
1/9       The Mars MakeMake Light bridge at 6 Libra provides the perspective for us to see how divine order makes itself known in the physical world. When we apply the universal laws to our actions, life is so much more simple, effortless and magical.
1/10    Eris stations direct today, one minute shy of 23 Aries. She reached this degree on 1/1, and remains here until 1/20. Coupled with Uranus’ stationing energies, disruptions caused by sudden realizations, or by the awareness that a long-standing situation cannot go on any longer, is on tap, leading to the need for change. With Eris going direct, there are no retrograde planets at all, save for 4 5D planets. The energies will pick up speed.


1/11    The Sun Pluto new cycle at 21 Capricorn provides new life to our personal Self-empowerment. Now is a good time to examine what empowers us, and how we give our power away.
1/12    The Great Attractor (GA), as the Source (black hole) of billions of galaxies of which we are a tiny part, transmits some of the most magnetic, highest frequency multidimensional energies there are. Where Jupiter is, consciousness expands. Today Jupiter moves over the Great Attractor degree, bringing a new cycle of expansion of social consciousness. Imagine how our expression of Self changes with the infusion of such high energies, how much wisdom we have the capacity to receive!
1/13    Mercury follows the Sun with a Saturn new cycle at 13 Capricorn. The co-dispositor of the divine masculine connects with the Great Teacher, bringing a new authority and integrity to our thoughts and the way we communicate. We can trust our inner guidance to say what matters. The Black Moon goes retrograde near the end of Aquarius on her way to touch base with Capricorn once again. Meanwhile Jupiter squares Neptune for the 1st of 3 times, signifying that there’s work to be done to allay the confusion that can result from those GA energies. We must keep our frequencies elevated by focusing on Source.
1/14    As if on cue, Jupiter enters his shadow today, at 14 Sagittarius 30, conjunct the GA. All Jupiter aspects from now on, including yesterday’s square with Neptune, will be repeated. Jupiter will go retrograde in April for 4 months, affording us the opportunity to process the multidimensional energies and find the wisdom within.
1/16    Now moving backwards, the Black Moon conjoins Vesta at 22 Aquarius for the 5th time in her ongoing dance. Our divine feminine renews her devotion to removing the barriers that keep us from loving that part of our Selves fully and unequivocally. The Sun Earth Star Chakra new cycle (27 Capricorn) underscores this by shining a light on the karmic debris that needs to be cleared.
1/18    The personal planets are active today, as the Mercury Pluto new cycle at 21 Capricorn occurs right before Mercury returns to the ecliptic. While in uncharted territory our higher minds are recalibrated, empowered and transmutated. We have much information to integrate. Venus manifests with Mars, connecting the co-dispositors of the divine feminine. The newly resurrected Christed mind balances with the capacity for right action that comes from the heart.
1/20    The Sun changes consciousness today, entering Aquarius, the sign of Divine Love. In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is the place within each of us where we must learn to love the Self so unconditionally that we are willing to allow our True Selves to be seen by all. Until we are able to do this we have to go through a process of facing and removing the shields we erect to hide our Selves from the world. This month, the process will include facing the part of us that holds our own divine feminine energies and letting them shine forth.
Today also features the Venus Great Attractor New Cycle. Although the GA is so vast that our minds cannot conceive of it, our hearts have a way of Knowing beyond what our minds can hold. By surrendering to Source we can expand our hearts’ capacity to hold Love.
1/21    Just as the Cancer Full Moon took place the day after the Sun entered Capricorn, producing the Solstice, the Full Moon in Leo occurs the day after the Sun’s ingress into Aquarian consciousness. The nodes are in Cancer and Capricorn now, making this lunar eclipse on the 1st degree of the Leo/Aquarius axis the last of its kind. The Moon is closer to the earth and the nodes are only 5° away from the Sun Moon bridge, producing a Total Lunar Eclipse Super Wolf Blood Moon. On the east coast we will be able to see the entire eclipse, which reaches its maximum at 12:12 am on 1/21. Please check the link for more information.
This lunar event is breathtaking in its scope. Pluto, Mercury and the Earth Star lend their energies to the Sun, while the Moon conjoins the Soul Star and Varuna. That alone is quite a Light Bridge, providing an observer’s perch of the highest order. For more comprehensive insight, please read Stephanie’s daily and weekly blogs and Vivian Small’s Moon Report.
In addition to all this energy, Mars manifests with the GA. On some level these frequencies will be expressed in the physical realm. We may find that we are very ungrounded or fatigued. Today is a good day to practice Self Love by listening to the body’s messages and lovingly providing for its needs.


1/22    Newly imbued with GA frequencies, Venus conjoins Jupiter (at 16 Sagittarius) in a new cycle, bringing Love to the collective social consciousness.  There’s no telling how this will play out but it’s sure to lead to positive results. Pallas Athena and Haumea make their 1st conjunction, bringing wisdom to the forefront of today’s energies. And Saturn enters his shadow period at 13 Capricorn 55, preparing to go retrograde at the end of April for 4 1/2 months. Saturn conjuncts the Earth Star Chakra while stationing making for a powerful retrograde cycle, which begins now.
1/24    Mercury makes his own entry into Aquarius today, following the Sun. This quality of consciousness is where the future meets the present. During Mercury’s sojourn here, he will play tag with the Sun and Black Moon. There is much we are going to learn. Now more than ever it is so important to think and speak lovingly to our Selves.
1/24-1/25       Also on 1/24 the 1st conjunction between the Black Moon and the Sun at 4 Aquarius occurs. The part of us that accesses divine feminine energy becomes prominent in our consciousness today. The following day she meets with Mercury, the other holder of masculine energies within us. These conjunctions bring up shadows and misqualified energies in our thought processes for a recalibration in our consciousness. This new dance with the Black Moon continues into February.


1/25    Today features 2 feminine 5D planets as Haumea goes retrograde and Ceres enters Sagittarius. Haumea begins her journey towards Source at 26 Libra 48, with stepping stones to the Moon’s nodes, creating a perfect intersection that lasts for weeks. For 5 1/2 months we have the opportunity to reflect on unity consciousness and integrate it within our Selves.
Ceres is the midwife within. A midwife attends to the birthing one, nurturing her, helping her get through a (sometimes) difficult transition to bring in something new. In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the field where all karmic residue borne of old habits or thoughts that keep us from experiencing the highest version of our Selves is cleared. It is the sign of Physical Wisdom, and marks the end of a cycle in preparation for a new beginning in Capricorn. Ceres’ presence here insures that we are being supported as we engage with multidimensional Source energies to clear karma, toxins, and egoic beliefs. And the Inner Midwife will be in Sagittarius for most of the year helping us resurrect out of the ashes of the old life we have been living.
1/26-1/29    The Black Moon spends a very active few days as January winds down. On 1/26 she resources Ceres, newly entered in Sagittarius, just before Lilith herself backs into Capricorn for the last time. It seems that Ceres’ first task is to midwife our divine feminine through the last stretch of the patriarchy! Black Moon only spends a day in Capricorn before leaving for good, so this aspect is very significant. On 1/28 she goes direct at 28 Capricorn, with a stepping stone to Uranus and a resource with Chiron, a fitting send off for her final aspects in Capricorn. Black Moon enters Aquarius on 1/29.
1/29    Today’s Sun Mercury new cycle at 10 Aquarius is another chapter in the rebalancing of divine masculine energies with the divine feminine. There is much information and new consciousness to be had in regards to loving the Self.


1/30    Once again Black Moon resources Ceres, along with a bridge to Varuna and a resource to Salacia. Those 3 planets create a grand manifestation in Fire signs, with Black Moon as the kite that makes it fly. From the highest observer’s perch we are able to uncover new ways to relate to the divine feminine. These are the last aspects Lilith makes in Capricorn for the next 7 years!
Today’s Juno Sedna new cycle (26 Taurus) underscores our new relationship to the divine feminine, representing our capacity to perceive the unity in all aspects of Divine Feminine energies. This new cycle is part of a Finger of God created by great eliminators (inconjuncts) to Venus and Ixion (what we love; our life’s purpose) and Pallas and Haumea (the wisdom of unity consciousness). It also manifests with the Earth Star and resources the Soul Star making it part of our evolutionary journey.


1/31   The last day of January produces a Saturn Neptune resource, the 1st of 3 that completes in November, at 15 Capricorn. Both planets are dignified in their own signs, making this a powerful, creative connection, capable of bringing illumination to our social consciousness. What a great way to end the month.


The energies this month will feel very different from the sharp, clear energies of December. It may feel like we are cocooned or underwater, where we cannot hear or see anything and are very quiet inside. Like a newborn babe we are vulnerable and in need of much Self care and rest. Newborns require lots of sleep, and this month we may find ourselves easily fatigued and overwhelmed. We may feel spaced or sluggish, even amidst great activity surrounding us. We are processing huge amounts of downloads, multidimensional cosmic frequencies, sideways elevators and wormhole energies; we will need to be forgiving of our Selves if we can’t participate or be productive in the ways we are used to.


The month has a Neptunian feel to it. As the old paradigms dissolve, some folks will lose their bearings as things that once seemed certain are fading away, with nothing to hold on to. We are meant to witness this from the observer’s perch, without entering into the fray. Patience and faith are required. It will be useful to maintain regular spiritual disciplines and keep a steady, simple routine to get through each day. When we are overrun by emotion, we need to find the nearest observers perch and breathe in the safety of its higher perspective. Let the story unfold. Don’t analyze or try to understand. Things are being cleared and released on their own; we simply have to watch them go. It will also serve us to be kind and gentle with our Selves, allowing extra time, comfort food, massages and so on. If the inner critic rears its head, give it some Love, breathe deeply, and return to the higher perspective. After the wormhole closes on 2/4, we will emerge with renewed energy in a world in need of our Light.


The ultimate wisdom which deals with beginnings, remains locked in a seed. There it lies, the simplest fact of the universe and at the same time the one which calls faith rather than reason. ~~  Hal Borland


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  1. Thank you for helping me understand, Shelly, and for the solid instruction on how to move through this month of emotional tsunamis. It is greatly appreciated.

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