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For February 2019:

Welcome to February, the 2nd month of an already tumultuous year. February carries the energy of the ‘2,’ representing duality, polarity, reflection, and balance. Where the circle represents the ‘1’ primal force, the geometric symbol for the ‘2’ is a line connecting 2 points. The line was created by the first movement of consciousness away from the single point of Source, in its desire to know itSelf. The line divides the circle, just as a cell splits in reproduction, and creation begins. The 2 represents duality, the perception of otherness through which the One can understand itSelf.
Duality is what results when Source energies descend into the third dimension. Duality provides contrast and differentiation; there is no Light without darkness, up without down, and so on. Electricity is the positive Male (yang) principle, and magnetic attraction is the negative Female (yin) principle. Both are necessary for creation. Balance between masculine and feminine energies produces ascension, which brings us back to Source.

February, with its frequencies of the “2”, brings to us the feminine energies of compassion, balance, service, diplomacy, receptivity, adaptability, courage, and unconditional love. It resonates with partnerships and relationships of all kinds, including those we have with all parts of our Selves. It can reveal polarities that separate us, or offer us ways to build bridges across those differences through awareness, higher perspective, intuition and heartfelt love. It resonates with the Moon, feminine co-ruler (with the Sun) of our individual Spirit.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents the 2 o’clock hour of Spiritual Wisdom, where we go beyond (imagined) limitations imposed by the ego in order to ultimately realize our unlimited potential, our Oneness with Source, and our connection to one another. We face the fears and doubts thrown up by the ego’s desire to keep us separate. We master our Selves in the process; it is Divine Love activating through us. We move from unity consciousness to duality and back into Oneness again in a cosmic dance of love.

February Energies

As we know, Quaoar, Saturn, Pluto and the karmic Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) spend the entire year in the Capricorn quality of consciousness. With growing awareness of new archetypes, the Capricorn stellium is now far more populated. We can add Chariklo, Arawn, and Ultima Thule to the list. As Venus travels through Capricorn all month, she will connect with all of them.  With 9 new cycles and 6 with Venus, it’s easy to feel as if we’re in a new world emotionally this month.
Aside from the usual monthly sign changes by the personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars), February features Vesta and Juno entering new qualities of consciousness. But the big news of the month-and the year-is the long-awaited entry of Chiron into Aries for the next 7 years! Chiron represents our capacity to bring our Selves into alignment and wholeness through Self-mastery. In Aries we will learn to master our thoughts to gain Self realization.
January’s grand crossroad in Power signs (formerly a cardinal cross) continues throughout February. It combines the Uranus Haumea Lightbridge and the natural bridge created by the Moon’s nodes, which reside at the 26th degree all month. Mars enters the crossroad with a bridge to Haumea (2/9) and a new cycle with Uranus (2/13). Pallas Athena joins in with a bridge to Mars and Uranus (2/14 and 2/21) and Venus connects with a new cycle to the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node). All month we have the opportunity to stand in the center and direct our attention down any and all paths that enable us to explore where our individuality and our collective I AM intersect.
The long-standing Finger of God (FoG) between Haumea and Ixion pointing towards Sedna continues, with the Venus Ixion new cycle (2/2), Pallas retrograding over Haumea and repeatedly bridging Uranus, and Juno briefly traveling with Sedna. Our mission in this lifetime is to access and integrate the energies of the Divine Feminine in order to achieve a balanced unity conscious-ness; now it is aided by the application of intuitive wisdom and strategic diplomacy, doing what needs to be done.
Another FoG, in effect all month, has the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) resourcing Sedna (and Juno), with both forming great eliminators to Ixion.  The transiting Soul Star is a collective point that is related to our connection with the higher Self and Source. By choosing to connect with the energies of the universal Divine Feminine and go where they take us, we are fulfilling our evolutionary mission.

Black Moon Dancing

This month the Black Moon moves through Aquarius, conjoining with the Sun and Mercury before heading into Pisces for the 2nd time and connecting with Vesta once again. She then goes retrograde and repeats those same conjunctions. The co-dispositors of the divine masculine and the asteroid representing the sacred fire of devotion are the only archetypes the Black Moon touches this month before going direct on 2/26. Where Lilith dances she brings up shadows; there promises to be much uncovered regarding our awareness of, and the way we think about, the divine masculine that will ultimately bring healing.

Highlights of the Month

2/1       The first day of the month is an active one. It begins with a Venus Galactic Center new cycle at 27 Sagittarius.  The Galactic Center is Source ItSelf, and our hearts receive a major download of Source consciousness. We are clearing the decks at the heart level in preparation for the deep new cycles that will occur in Capricorn throughout the month.
Vesta moves into Pisces today as well, elevating our devotion to facing our fears and realizing the unlimited possibilities that lie beyond. We have been learning to love our Selves unconditionally, and now we can apply it in the world through acting with faith in the divine wisdom of our Higher Self. The Mars Pluto stepping stone at 22 Capricorn gives us a leg up on any empowerment issues at the physical level. Transformation can occur if we stay out of emotional waters.
2/2       Today’s 2:2 stargate is the bridge to the 8:8 Lion’s Gate that occurs in Leo in August. It opened with the 1/21 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and closes today. On this day also the Venus Ixion new cycle occurs, connecting with the Pallas Uranus bridge in a resource and manifestation respectively. Love is the awakening force and the reason we are here. Black Moon Lilith makes her 2nd conjunction with the Sun at 14 Aquarius, signifying the reengagement with the co-dispositors of the divine masculine and precursor to her involvement in the Aquarius New Moon.
2/3       Venus and Chiron come together in a stepping stone at the master degree of 29 Pisces, before the archetype of our heart energies enters the consciousness of connection to Source (Capricorn) later today. This is the last dynamic (formerly major) aspect for both planets before they change signs.
It is now possible to lift our Selves up to bring our hearts into alignment with the infinite possibilities for wholing that are available.
Mars, the co-dispositor of the divine feminine (along with Venus) conjoins Eris, the feminine great awakener in a new cycle at 23 Aries. Self-realization is on tap through some physical manifestation: through an action, an event, from within our bodies, or even the Earth. This new cycle squares Pluto, requiring our conscious attention to whatever shows up. Practicing loving kindness in thought and action, along with remembering our Oneness with Source, will do much to support this new beginning.
2/4       Only 4 days into the month, today is yet another powerful day as Black Moon and Mercury conjoin for the 2nd time, at 20 Aquarius, making them a part of the New Moon at 16 Aquarius. This New Moon occurs on the World Axis, at the midpoint of the winter/summer season, and will be felt by everyone on the planet. It also marks the closing of the wormhole that began 12/7. Seems like eons ago!
With Black Moon and Mercury conjunct the New Moon there is sure to be some kind of activation or unearthing of divine masculine energies for healing and recalibration. We cannot love our Selves as Source does until we address the misqualified energies of the divine masculine in each of us and the way we think about it. It is time to take down the barriers that prevent us from being truly seen.
Saturn reaches the degree of last month’s Capricorn New Moon eclipse and resources Neptune, reflecting our need to bring integrity and clarity into our hearts. Chiron is sitting on the master degree of Pisces, preparing to move out of the limitless realm. Here we are working through our core wounds and sorrows, surrendering our fears with faith, trust and forgiveness, taking responsibility for all of it.
2/6       The Venus Quaoar new cycle at 3 Capricorn marks a new beginning of bringing the energy of what and how we Love to the awareness that precedes thought. This awareness, as signified by Quaoar, arises from the balancing of male/female aspects of our Selves, which takes us beyond the mind, producing an intuitive function that perceives a higher Truth.  Mercury’s new cycle with Quaoar occurred on 1/6, and now it is Venus’ turn, balancing the mind with an infusion of heart energy.
2//7      Black Moon enters Pisces for the 2nd time today. In Cosmic Consciousness the passage between Aquarius and Pisces is the Portal of Wisdom. Lilith will dance between those 2 qualities of consciousness for the next 6 months, bringing up shadows that need to be explored and cleared around allowing our Selves to be truly Loved and dealing with the fears of our own limitless beauty and wisdom.
2/8         The day begins with a Pallas Athena Uranus bridge (29 Libra/Aries), which is really part of the Lightbridge of Awakening Unity Consciousness with Haumea. Since Pallas goes retrograde in a few days, she will be making this aspect again later this month, awakening us to a new kind of feminine wisdom.
Mars enters the Lightbridge as well when he bridges Haumea on his way to a new cycle with Uranus in a few days. Mars also intersects the Moon’s nodes, becoming a part of the grand crossroad in Power signs. The Venus MakeMake opening square reflects the open heart we must access to be able to connect with the higher universal laws.
Sedna has been motionless at 26 Taurus 18 since 1/29, and she stations direct today. It will be another 11 days before she begins to move; these stationary energies make her very powerful, holding at a very high frequency the collective remembrance of the Universal Divine Feminine that is now grounding itself into our energies as our consciousness expands. Sedna is resourceful with the Soul Star, manifesting with the Earth Star, and in a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Haumea, indicating the evolutionary and wholistic nature of her presence.
2//9      Black Moon comes together with Vesta for the 6th time, at 4 Pisces, the 1st time they meet in the sign of Spiritual Wisdom. In the limitless realm the Black Moon Vesta dance takes on a different character, bringing devotion and faith to act upon what Lilith reveals. As part of the Grand Power Crossroad, the Mars Haumea Light bridge is exact today, bringing unity consciousness to our physicality, where we can observe it and put it into action.
2/10      Mercury changes signs today, moving into the Pisces quality of consciousness, where he resonates with Vesta, the Black Moon, Neptune and Chiron. Neptune disposes Pisces, and both Mercury and Neptune will conjunct a few days later. Both planets enter their retrograde shadows this month. With Mercury in Pisces we expand our capacity for compassion in our thoughts and speech, even as we face our fears about speaking our Truth. We get to face our fears and trepidations, and even get to the place of gratitude for them, because they help us break through to the Love that waits on the other side of fear. Fear is generated by the lower mind; Love is generated by the higher Mind, which is Christ Consciousness. Mercury will retrograde in this sign next month, extending his visit into April. With Mercury in the limitless realm, our capacity for communication and connection expands exponentially.
2/11    Juno, the asteroid representing the wholeness that is inherent in all relationships, enters Gemini today. Juno’s energies work in a similar fashion as Haumea, but on a more personal level. Through her archetype we can see how the frequency of two becomes one. At a lower vibration Gemini represents duality, but in Cosmic Consciousness it signifies the transcendence of duality, resulting in a high observer’s perch. Gemini is multifaceted, and Juno reflects how all the facets relate to each other. Juno will travel through Gemini until 4/20.
2/12    As she is wont to do, the Black Moon goes retrograde at 9 Pisces today, taking us back over all the degrees she traveled since the beginning of the month.
2/13    The mind/body energies are active as Mars and Uranus meet in a new cycle at the 29 Aries master degree and the Mercury Vesta new cycle occurs a few hours later (at 6 Pisces).  Watch for sudden revelations, intuitive hits, even jolts to the body or the planet. These are not meant to frighten us but to take us to the awareness of the presence of the higher Self.  We are meant to bring new passion to getting beyond the fears generated by the lower mind, and speaking Truth with wisdom and compassion. Whatever arises today and in the days following, we can be the wayshowers of faith in action.
2/14    Fresh from his new cycle with Uranus, Mars enters the Taurus field of consciousness, bringing groundedness to our physicality and our actions. It feels good to be present in our body, and the more present we are, the more we are open to its messages. Taurus is where we practice conscious obedience to our inner guidance system. Disposed by Venus, Taurus deals with the heart center, from where our inner guidance arises. If we’re listening, we can access our intuition through the vibrations of our body and environment, and follow it up with heart-based action. Mars will travel through Taurus until 3/31. With Mars in Venus’ sign, the co-dispositors of the personal divine feminine work together to balance and anchor those energies around us through the next 6 weeks.
With the Black Moon activity today, this is a day of taking the divine feminine to a very personal level, which will continue over the next few days. Black Moon conjuncts Mercury for the 3rd time, this time at 7 Pisces. Now the divine masculine gets to face and embrace its own illusions and fears of separation and move beyond them, into the ocean of infinite possibilities. Black Moon continues her dance with Vesta (for the 7th time) as part of the Mercury Vesta new cycle, bringing devotion to the faith in action that results from an open heart and a pure mind.
2/17    Black Moon dances back into Aquarius again today, and conjuncts the Sun for the 3rd time at the 29th master degree. It seems our consciousness is getting one more chance to master the lessons of unconditional Self-Love as Black Moon sweeps the corners of the dark places within and brings them to Light.
2/18    Chiron entered the Aries quality of consciousness 10 months ago, giving us a taste of what the journey through that sign feels like, before retrograding into Pisces again where he went direct in December. We got another opportunity to heal the deep sorrows within us, especially the fear of separation and loss, a core wound we all share living in 3D physical bodies. Today Chiron crosses into Aries for good at the 0 Aries world axis degree, which according to Cosmic Consciousness is the Portal of Truth connecting the spiritual body and the higher Mind. Spirit and mind are masculine, dynamic energies; Chiron’s presence here signifies alignment and healing of the divine masculine. This portal is also like a birth canal: we move from being one with the universal Ocean of Love to individual Self-realization. We have 7 years to work on our own stories, to heal and bring them to wholeness, writing new chapters with the higher Mind. Mars disposes Aries, making this journey a physical one. While Chiron delivers us to the Higher Self, our body is the vehicle in which we travel; it has its own intuition as well as needs that we do well to respect. In order to whole our Selves we must give it our loving attention and care, with gratitude for its healthy functioning.
Today also Venus and Saturn begin a new cycle at 17 Capricorn, resourcing Neptune who is about to get very active. By opening our hearts and assuming personal responsibility for what we love, we empower our Selves to direct our lives accordingly.
When the Sun changes signs, the vibration of our conscious awareness shifts to a new part of our energy field. That energy field gets infused with Light and new life force. Today the Sun enters Pisces, the limitless field of possibilities, joining Vesta, Mercury and Neptune. For the next 4 weeks we get to master living as faith in action, applying the spiritual wisdom of unconditional Love.
2/19    Each time any planet connects with Neptune (in his own sign), we gain a little more clarity and consciousness if we’re ready, or a little more confusion to be worked through if we’re not. Today Mercury conjoins with Neptune just before entering his shadow (16 Pisces 06), setting the stage for the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle, which occurs entirely in Pisces. The phase created by the triple conjunction of our higher Mind and the Great Enlightener promises to bring us to greater consciousness and compassion.
2/19    The Sun is barely in Pisces before the Moon enters Virgo at 10:53 am for the Snow Full Moon at 00 Virgo/Pisces 42. Vesta, Neptune and Mercury are also resonating with the energies of the Limitless realm, and the Moon swiftly bridges all of them as she conjuncts Orcus. The Vesta Orcus Light bridge gives us a perch from which to access that part of us that remembers its own immortality, bringing a kind of purity to the energies. The Virgo Moon is disposed by Chiron, whose great eliminator to the Moon and intimate aspect with the Sun provides a lens where we can focus on aligning our responses to what is going on around us and expand it into our consciousness. The Grand Earth Manifestation between Mars, the Moon and Quaoar suggests new awareness involving intuition, emotion and the body, which can yield new ways of Knowing.
2/19-2/20     On 2/19 Pallas, representing wisdom that comes from the divine feminine, goes retrograde at 29 Libra for 3/12 months, reviewing all the wisdom gleaned traveling through the sign of the Mirrored Self. The first planet she aspects is a bridge with Uranus, for the 2nd time (the first was on 2/8), re-energizing the Grand Power Crossroad with the Moon’s nodes. More awakening of the wisdom that can only be accessed by the divine feminine is on tap.
2/22    The heart center has been active all month as Venus makes her way through Capricorn, and it continues today with a Venus Pluto new cycle at 22 Capricorn 17. The heart goes deep into Source energies, becoming empowered, transformed and rebirthed anew, preparing for Venus’ closing stepping stone with Eris on 2/23. Newly transformed, the heart awakens to a higher vibration of Love, which disrupts the status quo. Nothing can withstand the power Love.
2/26    Newly empowered and awakened, Venus enters the grand crossroad in Power signs, connecting with the Earth Star Chakra at 26 Capricorn in a new cycle of clearing out the old energies that hold back the heart’s full expression. The crossroad provides us with any and all paths that take us where our hearts want to go to become whole and awakened, ready for the new world we are creating. Venus’ manifestation with Sedna connects the dispositors of Libra, reflecting our own connection with the Universal Divine Feminine. Black Moon Lilith goes direct at 11 Aquarius, bringing our personal access to the divine feminine into outward expression. So much Truth, awakening, and outpouring of Self Love is available now.
2/28    Neptune enters his retrograde zone today at 15 Pisces 56, marking the place where he will go direct following his retrograde in June. There are 3 other planets in Pisces, and each will make new cycles with Neptune next month, making for major enlightenment if we are ready. March looks to be a beautiful, enlightening month.


Where we may have been feeling ‘foggy’ last month as the intense energies swirled around us, this month we are feeling more clarity and more energized—we are acclimating to the higher frequencies now. The wormhole closes, along with the sideways elevators, and we are in a new place.  As we flow with these new energies in these new spaces, we may find others there with us with whom we can play. We may find our Selves moving forward and seemingly backwards, but ever in motion. Like waves ebbing and flowing, like retrograde planets (or Black Moon Lilith dancing), we are not moving linearly but back and forth in a spiral that takes us ever forward. February’s energies will feel like that. The Divine Feminine has returned, and we are learning to play in her waters.
This month it will be important to journal what we are going through. With no retrograde planets things are moving so quickly. We must trust that every small action we take towards a goal will lead us there, even if we don’t know how, or it looks like it’s not happening. We must be open to new experiences and be patient with our Selves and others. Venus is very active this month; keeping a light heart and sense of humor will be helpful, as well as staying focused on the Now from our favorite (Light) bridges. Mars in Taurus assists us, grounding us into our bodies. The buoyant and loving frequencies of February require faith, patience, and a willingness to let our Selves be moved, gathering information as we go. Every day will bring new learning, new perspectives and a new way forward. We are all on this ride together.
Watch. Don't assume you know anything. It's not that you don't, it's that there's truly nothing to know. We are creating it. Creation is an act of BEING. Knowing something is in the response. Let it all unfold now. When it's fully manifested we will rejoice in the knowing. ~~~Stephanie Azaria 

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  1. So true, Stephanie, thank you for putting it into words ‘We are creating it. Creation is an act of BEING.’ The creating is intense, and organic, and all consuming. There really isn’t time to think ahead, to think it all through, though ‘fall-out’ was experienced in the past, and so all new experiences/creation must go through that gate of memory to manifest. This creation is meaningful, and the allowing flows as the moment arises. I look forward to the full manifestation! Namaste.

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